Daily Bamboo Innovator Insight: Fri 21 Nov 2014 – Passion for Reality: The Extraordinary Life of the Investing Pioneer Paul Cabot


The tyranny of the long term: Let’s not get carried away in bashing short-termism: Economist

How A Top Creative Director Learned To Embrace The Chaos Of Creativity And Make Great Work: FastCo

Boxing: Pacquiao, the street kid who conquered the world: AsiaOne

SEC official: Stop spending time writing rules to protect millionaires: Reuters

Quantum biology: Nature, the physicist; How quantum theory is helping to explain the mysteries of life science: Economist

5 Books Celebrity Life Coach Tony Robbins Thinks Everyone Should Read: BusinessInsider

What It Was Like To Hear Jeff Bezos Pitch Amazon In 1994: BusinessInsider

The Secret To Creating A Huge Company, According To Peter Thiel: BusinessInsider

Warren Buffett Had An Epiphany At Age 10 That Set Him On The Path To Being America’s Second-Richest Man: BusinessInsider

Jim Parsons, ‘Big Bang Theory’ Star, to Promote Intel as Innovator: NYTimes

Love and Gravity: Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” illustrates how modern science has changed the way we look at love, philosophy and religion: NYTimes

The Art of Not Working at Work: Atlantic

Stop Worrying About Making the Right Decision: HBR

For Any Product to be Successful, Empathy Is Key: HBR

How to Improve Your Business Writing: HBR

What Net Present Value Can’t Tell You: HBR

The Container Store’s CEO on Finding and Keeping Front-Line Talent: HBR

Half of Employees Don’t Feel Respected by Their Bosses: HBR

Saving SeaWorld: “Performing for food is the worst option of all captive environments.. When you have an entertainment-driven business model, you cannot afford to have a whale not performing up to par. You’ll lose business.”: BW

Sotheby’s Surges As Chairman and CEO Ruprecht Steps Down Amid Board Pressure; Sotheby’s shares surged over 7% in after-hours trading on its announcement of a pending CEO change.: Forbes, WSJ

Lavish Perks Spawn New Job Category; At Tech Companies, Aim-to-Please Specialists Provide Yoga Classes, Jell-O Shots: WSJ

From bottom to top: Turning around the top team; A case study of change at Philips illustrates the importance of the “soft stuff.”: McKinsey

The Common Traits Of The Most Successful People; Do you have a routine for focus and a feeling of connectedness in your work? These great innovators had these traits in common: They are emotionally committed: FastCo


Passion for Reality: The Extraordinary Life of the Investing Pioneer Paul Cabot: Amazon

400 Things Cops Know: Street-Smart Lessons from a Veteran Patrolman; ‘400 Things Cops Know’ Is the New Bible for Crime Writers: Amazon, WSJ

When Books Went to War: The Stories that Helped Us Win World War II; How Paperbacks Helped the U.S. Win World War II; Armed Services Editions created a new audience of readers back home: Amazon, WSJ

Investing Process

Tiger Global used shell company to short sell Quindell: FT, ValueWalk

Ebola becomes latest stock scam, SEC says: Reuters, CFO

Why Should an Investor Consider International Small-Caps? A conversation between David Nadel and Francis Gannon: Royce

Blowing the whistle on Sinoref: Webb

When Activist Investors Target Strong Companies: NYTimes


Half of Chinese provinces deserve junk ratings, S&P warns: FT

Distressed Debt in China? Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet, Buyers Say: Bloomberg

Aldi plans China move: Guardian

Rich values, poor rules dog Hong Kong-Shanghai stock volumes: Reuters

Ghosts Create Bargains in Hong Kong Housing: BW

Google Looks to Get Back Into China; Company Hopes to Unveil New Store in Country It Mostly Exited in 2010: WSJ

BMW Plays Catch-Up in China; Despite Good Reputation, Car Maker Faces Strong Competition From VW’s Audi: WSJ

Hong Kong-Shanghai Stock Connect Needs China Reforms; Simply Opening the Gates to Shanghai Doesn’t Guarantee a Flood of Investors: WSJ

Hedge Hunters Double China’s Default-Swaps as Views Split: Bloomberg

China Starts $2 Trillion Leap Forward to Slash Pollution: Bloomberg

China’s Financial System Shows Fresh Signs Of Stress; Banks Charge Sharply Higher Borrowing Costs Ahead of Share Offerings, Tax Payments: WSJ

PBOC Targets Bad Loans With Rate Cut as Property Slump Deepens: Bloomberg


How GIS mapping could end corruption in India: e27

Drinks groups push for inclusion in simplified India tax system: FT

Modi Presses Reform for India-But Is it Enough? WSJ

Modi Races to Give Indians Biometric IDs in Graft Fight: Bloomberg

Japan & Korea

Japan’s stimulus plan is not courageous but foolhardy; Abenomics in Peril; Japan’s No. 1 Reflationist Does a Victory Dance: FT: BW, WSJ

Deregulation at heart of Japan’s new robotics revolution: Reuters

Weed out ‘zombie firms’: Korea’s currency crisis in the late 90s was attributed partly to the government’s failure to deal with nonviable companies: KoreaTimes

AB InBev seizes full control of its Korean unit Oriental Brewery OB: KoreaTimes

Outside directors face tougher regulations in Korea; Korea adopted the system of outside directors in 2000, following the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis in order to keep management in check: KoreaTimes

Getting crafty with ideas at Maker Faire Tokyo: JapanTimes

Japan needs to begin thinking outside the box: JapanTimes

Temp workers’ strike halts school meals in Korea: AsiaOne

Japan Should Be More German: Bloomberg

Korean Unification Costs Clouded by Dearth of Data on North: Bloomberg


The Singaporean government has won praise for good administration but it seems to have lost the ability to sense the pulse of the people: TheStar

‘Hunger Games’ Keeps Inspiring Coup Resistance in Thailand: Bloomberg

Malaysia Scraps Fuel Subsidies as Najib Ends Decades-Old Policy: Bloomberg

Vietnam’s state firms: Excess baggage; The 400 firms the government wants to part-privatise are mostly unappealing: Economist

Jokowi Raises Hackles With Choice of Attorney General; Just a Pawn: Critics say the new attorney general will be beholden to party interests and is hardly thebest person for the job; A Clean Attorney General’s Office Is Now Just a Pipe : JakartaGlobe

‘Batman’ Jokowi Inaugurates ‘Robin’ Basuki as Jakarta Governor: JakartaGlobe

TDSR running out of steam in bringing down housing prices in Singapore?: TODAY

Electronic products from Malaysia may face restrictions in entering the United States should the country be placed on a watch list by the US authorities on Dec 1. TheStar

Tony Fernandes to play bigger role in turning AirAsia X around: TheStar

L&H eyes Bt10-billion hospitality REIT in 2015: Nation

Indonesia Rally on Fuel Masks Dim Profit Outlook: Bloomberg


Government-controlled firms: State capitalism in the dock; The performance of state-owned enterprises has been shockingly bad: Economist

FX War Reaps Collateral Damage Across Asia; South Korea, Taiwan on alert as Japan and Europe battle to weaken their currencies. Exporters set to profit.: Barron’s

Thinking outside the Bank: Powerful central banks are subject to their own biases and failings: Economist

Business-development companies: Shadowy developments; In the gap left by embattled banks, an alternative emerges: Economist

Cool watches, real jobs: How makers are reshoring American know-how: Quartz

EM corporate hard-currency debt: a bank run in the making? FT

Concern rises as cracks appear in Nordic model; Cracks are beginning to appear in the vaunted Nordic model. FT

The Stockpicker’s Last Stand; After suffering outflows of $250 billion from 2008 through 2013, Capital Group is trying to regain investor confidence.: BW

Smaller companies are not keeping up with larger rivals in adopting new internal controls framework, known as COSO 2013, as the first line of defense against fraud and financial misstatements as the Dec. 15 deadline approaches. WSJ

Pentagon Presses Contractors to Innovate; U.S. Defense Department Worries About Loss of Military Superiority: WSJ

Winner Take All in Asset Management


Mobile telecoms: The endangered SIM card; Moves to reinvent, or even abolish, the SIM card could have big consequences: Economist

Mobile payments: The cheque is in the tweet; Sending and receiving money on your smartphone is getting easier: Economist

Analytics Meets Mother Goose; Want to get your point across about data? You’d better learn to tell stories. MITSloan

Catching Up with Scantily Clad Analytics Emperors: MITSloan

Practically Every Notable Founder In Silicon Valley Just Invested In This Payroll Startup: BusinessInsider

Intel CEO: We’re ‘Not Ashamed’ Of How Far Behind We Are In Mobile: BusinessInsider

Apple is already using one-fourth of the world’s sapphire supply: Quartz

Inside Elon Musk’s $1.4 Billion Battery Plant in the Nevada Desert: Fortune

EBay retools local delivery push in renewed bet on retail: Reuters

Blockbuster military shooter video game “Call of Duty” has blasted past US$10 billion (S$13.01 billion) in lifetime sales, propelled by demand for the latest instalment in the 11-year-old franchise: AsiaOne

Will Microsoft’s ‘Productivity’ Mantra Prove Counterproductive? Microsoft’s new CEO appears to be making good on his mobile-first promise. Now he has to persuade people to care. BW

Targeted Ads? TV Can Do That Now Too; Data That Combine Viewing and Shopping Habits Help Marketers Zero In on Hispanic Bacon Lovers: WSJ

Startups Mine Market-Moving Data From Fields, Parking Lots-Even Shadows; Firms Seek Exclusive Insights on Business Outlook for Investors Seeking an Edge: WSJ

Uber’s legacy hangs in the balance: Digital robber baron or respectable innovator?: WaPo


Antibodies v bacteria: Making resistance futile; A new way to fight bacterial infections: Economist

Alex Abrahams and Alison Hughes, the two suburban dentists who founded Pacific Smiles in 2003, saw market value of firm climbed to $267m on debut; Pacific Smiles has preferred-provider agreements in place: TheAge

Health Care Needs Less Innovation and More Imitation: HBR

Energy & Commodities

Food supply: Uncharted waters; Consumption of farmed seafood grows amid sustainability concerns: FT

Sashimi Trend Helps Edge Pacific Bluefin Tuna Towards Extinction: JakartaGlobe

Oil Tankers: Ahoy, China! With oil prices off about 30 percent since June, China is importing record amounts of crude to build up a strategic reserve. Cheap fuel is giving tanker companies their best profits in years.: BW

Oil at $75 Means Patches of Texas Shale Turn Unprofitable: Bloomberg

Consumer & Others

Fund managers buying Middleby, heat behind the fast-casual trend: Reuters

Don’t blame a change in shopping habits, Britain’s supermarkets just got it so wrong; strategic blunders, rather than a change in shopping habits, is at the centre of their problems: Telegraph

The Big Business of Ugly Christmas Sweaters; Novelty holiday apparel is helping entrepreneurs pay college tuition and quit their jobs as lawyers and endodontists. BW

Heineken Wants to Play Santa With an At-Home Beer Tap; Heineken is rolling out an elegant $314 home beer tap in Europe. It can be used to serve nine different brews. BW

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Daily Bamboo Innovator Insight: Thurs 20 Nov 2014 – Barefoot to Billionaire: Reflections on a Life’s Work and a Promise to Cure Cancer; Why True Entrepreneurs Go Down ‘and Still Come Back Fighting’; Jon Huntsman Sr. discusses how he built a successful business


The Way Warren Buffett Sold Gum As A 6-Year-Old Reveals A Trait That Made Him A Billionaire: BusinessInsider

How A Top Creative Director Learned To Embrace The Chaos Of Creativity And Make Great Work: FastCompany

Marina Mahathir: Warriors who lack vision: TheStar

How Humans Learn to Communicate With Their Eyes; Human understanding of expressions and what they mean emerges very early: WSJ

This Insight Helped Kobe Bryant Become A Better Leader; “People carry emotions with them. They have lives off the court. That helped me communicate better.”: BusinessInsider

Gregg Popovich Shares His Philosophy On Handling Failure: BusinessInsider

Invisibility lens creator to talk about his work; A Korean-American physicist made headlines in late September when he proved that Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak can exist in the real world: JoongAng

Singapore-Listed GLP Co-Founder Jeffrey Schwartz Dies at Age 55: Bloomberg

7 Successful People Share The Defining Moments That Shaped Their Careers: BusinessInsider

A Programmer Describes How He Nearly Went Insane Learning How To Code, And How To Avoid His Mistakes: BusinessInsider

The 5 Best Ways To Start A Presentation: BusinessInsider

Millionaire YouTube Star Bethany Mota Shares The Secrets To Being Successful Online: Be real and be yourself. Be consistent and upload videos as often as you can. You have to have passion, and refuse to coast. Stay connected with your audience: BusinessInsider

Avoiding the dark side of creativity: TheStandard

Simplify Your Life: FarnamStreet

Family business needs equality not hierarchy: Tim Slattery of Slattery Auctions: BRW

How Do Asia’s Rich View Succession Planning? Forbes

Finding innovative ideas in unexpected places; Looking far outside your own industry can yield surprising solutions to tough problems. Fortune

Why Japan And China Cannot Compete With America in Entrepreneurship: Forbes

A List of Goals Is Not a Strategy: HBR

A corporate balance sheet with a little added love: FT

The Post-PC CEO: No Desk, No Desktop; Starwood’s Frits van Paasschen Turns to Smartphones, Tablets as Primary Work Tools: WSJ

Former Billionaire Batista Faces Insider Trading Trial as Brazilian Middle Class Watches: Bloomberg

Voo Soo Sang, managing director of Woodlands Transport – Singapore’s largest private bus operator with annual revenue of $130m – has not forgotten his humble beginnings.: AsiaOne

The Latest Innovation: Redesigning the Business Model: K@W


Best Business Books 2014: Strategy&

Barefoot to Billionaire: Reflections on a Life’s Work and a Promise to Cure Cancer; Why True Entrepreneurs Go Down ‘and Still Come Back Fighting’; Jon Huntsman Sr. discusses how he built a successful business.: Amazon. K@W

Accelerate: Building Strategic Agility for a Faster-Moving World: Amazon

The Moment You Can’t Ignore: When Big Trouble Leads to a Great Future: Amazon

Joy, Inc.: How We Built a Workplace People Love: Amazon

It’s Not the How or the What but the Who: Succeed by Surrounding Yourself with the Best: Amazon

The Moment of Clarity: Using the Human Sciences to Solve Your Toughest Business Problems: Amazon

Romancing the Brand: How Brands Create Strong, Intimate Relationships with Consumers: Amazon

Business Strategy: Managing Uncertainty, Opportunity, and Enterprise: Amazon

Fewer, Bigger, Bolder: From Mindless Expansion to Focused Growth: Amazon

Tilt: Shifting Your Strategy from Products to Customers: Amazon

The Art of Asking (Signed Edition): How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help: Amazon

Amanda Palmer on expanding her TED Talk into a book and getting a lesson in vulnerability from Brené Brown: TED

Investing Process & Research

Muddy Waters is Short Superb Summit (1228.HK); Muddy Waters Strikes Again, Says HK-Listed Superb Summit Uses M&A To Fake Books: MW, Barron’s

China’s NVC Lighting ex-CEO, bankers investigated for suspected $100 mln fraud: Reuters, SCMP, IBTimes

McLaren Group has signed an alliance with KPMG to apply the same predictive analytics and technology it does to its Formula One team to KPMG’s audit and consulting clients: FT

What is Special About Hedge Fund Activism? Evidence from 13-D Filings: SSRN


Distressed Debt in China? Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet, Buyers Say: Bloomberg

How China Is Disrupting The Mobile And CE Markets: TechCrunch

A conversation with a Melbourne billionaire real estate developer turned unexpectedly to his dislike of Chinese investors. What? Surely he’d welcome Asian buyers? TheAge

Demand for a new stock trading scheme linking Shanghai and Hong Kong has fallen sharply just three days after launch, prompting the head of the Hong Kong exchange to admit that the project was overhyped; Enthusiasm for China Trading Link Fades Further, Exchange Chief Says the ‘Market Is God’. FT, WSJ

What goes up must come down – even China; Regression to mean could spell trouble for Asian powerhouses: FT

Oaktree Capital to Exit Taiwan’s Fusheng Group at $1 billion; Oaktree owns a 48% stake in the conglomerate, which manufactures golfing equipment, industrial air compressors, and electronic products: WSJ

China Wages Policy Backfires as Costs Prompt Sock-City Blues: Bloomberg

Rule of law in China? Still a long way to go: AsiaOne

How China’s Economy Can Weather a ‘Long, Slow Fall’: K@W


Cheap Electricity for Poor Squeezing Out Solar in India: Bloomberg

Indian retailers hobble online as e-commerce firms race ahead: Reuters

India Regulator Approves New Insider-Trading Rules: WSJ

Japan & Korea

Takata’s Switch to Cheaper Airbag Propellant Is at Center of Crisis; Takata switched to ammonium nitrate, which is cheaper but is highly sensitive to temperature changes and breaks down over time: NYTimes

Big macro trade is way to profit in Japan; Stock-picking opportunities that are usual in these circumstances are hard to identify: FT

As Yen Slides, Investors Shun Other Asian Currencies: WSJ

Japan Consumers Feel Squeezed, and That’s a Problem for ‘Abenomics’; Big Challenge for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Is Restoring Confidence and Lifting Real Wages: WSJ

S Korea chaebol growth model hits limits: FT

AmorePacific rides high on China beauty demand: FT

The list of malpractices committed by a subsidiary of state-run Korea Electric Power Corporation (Kepco) underscores how corrupt a state entity can be when it is left unsupervised: JoongAng

Korea History Points to Samsung Reviving Failed Merger: Bloomberg


District Thai: ‘Hunger Games’ Comes to Life in Defiant Salute to Coup Leader: Bloomberg

Growth Isn’t God in Indonesia: Bloomberg

Indonesia Rally on Fuel Masks Dim Profit Outlook: Bloomberg

S’pore tops Asia-Pac in corporate governance: study; Recent revisions to the CG Code and the SGX Listing Rules have enhanced the CG landscape here; UK pips US to lead global ranking: BT

Bursa wants feedback on ACE Market to enhance competitiveness: TheStar

AirAsia X, the long-haul, low-cost affiliate of AirAsia, facing trouble paying staff salaries: AsiaOne


Buy Emerging Market Stocks Says Value Investor Rob Arnott; As money flows to America, Research Affiliates’ iconoclast Rob Arnott recommends heading overseas. Barron’s

Robert Horrocks on the Promise of Asia Markets; Matthews Asia’s CIO sees rising wages and reform helping Asian consumers. Some areas he likes now. Barron’s

In a City Wary of Skyscrapers, a New Tower May Rise; first skyscrapper in Paris in 40 years: NYTimes

Half of British people expect another global crash in next 12 months: FT

Sweden’s central bank: Stockholm syndrome; Swedish experience puts the Riksbank at the fore on crisis-fighting measures: FT

Fresh SEC crackdown on ‘flash crashes’: FT

Some business owners are rethinking how-and on what terms-they will sell their firms to employee-stock-ownership plans in the wake of a Labor Department crackdown on inflated valuations that could jeopardize worker savings.: WSJ

Irish Bubble Deja-Vu Again Unites Bankers, Politicians: Bloomberg


India’s Micromax Seeks to Challenge Samsung With Premium Unit: Bloomberg

‘People Don’t Tune In To FM Just For Music’: Forbes

Alibaba facing its ‘most dangerous’ moment says Jack Ma: TheAge

Tourists Discover German Legal Quirk Deters Free Wi-Fi: Bloomberg

Searching For Truths In Big, Enormous, Massive Data: TechCrunch

Google to launch its app store in China: The Information: Reuters

Inside Apple’s Broken Sapphire Factory; How $1 Billion Bet on iPhone Screens Failed; The ‘Boule Graveyard’: WSJ

MailOnline Wins Readers, Will Target Profit; Aggregation Approach, Focus on Scandal and Celebrities Pay Off: WSJ

Global Forum in China Examines the Web; Chinese Regulators, Executives Assert Rise of a Carefully Filtered Internet: WSJ


Drug summit aims to inject urgency into innovation: FT

Lambda promises to speed cloud software development to help Parkinson’s sufferers; Imagine a software platform so smart, it can take care of all the data analysis needed to allow Parkinson’s disease researchers to find a cure: TheAge

Energy & Commodities

Oil at $75 Means Patches of Texas Shale Turn Unprofitable: Bloomberg

Cheap-Oil Era Tilts Geopolitical Power to U.S.: Bloomberg

Iron Ore’s Rout Seen Relentless by SocGen as Miners’ Stocks Fall: Bloomberg

From Iron Awe to Iron Gore; Miners hurt as iron ore hits fresh five-year low. Will someone blink first and cut supply? Barrons

Petrobras May Write Off Up to $15 Billion on Audit: Bloomberg

Commodities catastrophes could cost banks up to $15bn: FT

Asian Rubber Producers Agree to Manage Exports to Fight Oversupply: JakartaGlobe

Plump profit margins in the US chicken business may be about to fly the coop, a top food and agriculture investor warned as he hinted at listing shares in a poultry producer he controls. FT

Goldman, Morgan Stanley Commodities Heyday Gone as Units Faulted: Bloomberg

Iron ore slump halves Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest’s fortune: TheAge

Consumer & Others

Exercise in a Bottle Is Next Food Frontier for Nestle: Bloomberg

Shariah Beer Thirst Shows Halal Stock Promise: JakartaGlobe

For Coke, Smaller Packages May Be Better; Soda Giant Increasingly Pushes Smaller Sizes as Consumers Fret About Calories: WSJ

Victoria’s Secret Has A Billion-Dollar Strategy For Casting Models: BusinessInsider

Cavernous Stores Wear on Forever 21; Teen Retailer Faces Challenge Filling Expansive Floor Space With Right Merchandise: WSJ

Will Tesla have to franchise? Elon Musk has said that Tesla may be easing up on its franchise policy. Here’s what it means for the company. Fortune

Where Wal-Mart Can’t Beat the Dollar Stores; Dollar General and Dollar Tree are better alternatives for exposure to the lower-income consumer. Barron’s

Daily Bamboo Innovator Insight: Wed 19 Nov 2014 – PayPal’s Peter Thiel: “Most people think originality is easy, but I think it’s actually really hard, and when you find it, it’s really valuable”


PayPal Cofounder Peter Thiel Loves This Job Interview Question; “Most people think originality is easy, but I think it’s actually really hard, and when you find it, it’s really valuable” BusinessInsider

How music education influenced Larry Page; The importance of timing in music has come to define the Google CEO’s approach to his company’s products: Fortune

How To Deal With Anxiety, Tragedy Or Heartache – 4 Steps From Research: Barking up the wrong tree

14 Quotes That Show The Ambition And Genius Of Google’s Larry Page: BusinessInsider

A founder’s epitaph: he was vitally engaged in his pursuits; The late retail designer Rodney Fitch embodied the greatest qualities of an entrepreneur: FT

Contemporary art is judged by its price tag not by aesthetics; We have lost the ability to assess art for ourselves and on its own merits: FT

The Purpose Driven Marketer: How Patagonia Uses Storytelling to Turn Consumers into Activists: FastCompany

6 reasons why everyone loves Big Hero 6: TODAY

10 Million Child Deaths Attributed to a Lack of Toilets: Bloomberg

Robert Shiller: Creativity, Corporatism, and Crowds: ProjectSyndicate

Why early-stage investing works for people and technology; The temptation to cut long-term investment in economic hard times stalks the private and public spheres: Guardian

A Successful M&A Considers the Human Element: HBR

How to avoid becoming a workaholic: Fortune

Advice from women in tech: ‘Be yourself and you’ll be legend’: Fortune

Ancient Prophecies Motivate Islamic State Militants; Battlefield Strategies Driven by 1,400-year-old Apocalyptic Ideas: WSJ

The Science of Slacking at Work: WSJ

Corporate fraud: rewards for whistleblowers make sense: TheAge

The trouble with mergers: Our advice from 1994 to lustful companies: Economist


The End of Copycat China: The Rise of Creativity, Innovation, and Individualism in Asia: Amazon, FT

Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software: Amazon

Critical Mass: How One Thing Leads to Another: Amazon

Curiosity: How Science Became Interested in Everything: Amazon

Investing Process & Research

Deal Tips From Buffett and Berkshire’s Other Managers: NYTimes

Rob Terry’s exit from Quindell has called into question the judgment of several high profile City fund managers who repeatedly defended the entrepreneur. FT

An intriguing question for investors is whether any reliable link can be made between capital expenditure and share price performance. FT

The Three Factors That Make Corporate Fraud More Likely: ValueWalk

The Folklore of Finance: How Beliefs and Behaviors Sabotage Success in the Investment Management Industry; Active Managements Fees Top $600 Billion A Year: State Street: ValueWalk, PDF

The John Malone Complex – A Study in Financial Brilliance: ValueWalk, PDF

Is Historical Cost Accounting a Panacea? Market Stress, Incentive Distortions, and Gains Trading: SSRN

Unleashing Innovation; Using a sample of venture capital (VC)-backed initial public offering (IPO) firms, we study the effect of financial intermediaries’ tight leash on entrepreneurs’ innovation productivity: SSRN

Greater China

RMB1.3tn robotics market has China teeming with competition: WantChinaTimes

Reform Hiccup Leaves Some Classrooms in Guangzhou Sitting Empty: Caixin

Head of Troubled Li-Ning Co. Hands Baton to Company’s Founder; Jin-goon Kim, of investment firm Texas Pacific Group, steps down as Li Ning himself announces a new chief executive will be named in near future: Caixin

Why Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect Was One-Way Road; The start of Hu-Gang Tong saw Hongkongers much more interested in mainland stocks than the other way around. Here is why: Caixin

Shanghai Stock Link Flows Plunge as CLSA Sees Ghost Train: Bloomberg

At Factory Waste Ponds, Fumes Choke Fantasies; Northwest China factories with wastewater evaporation ponds pledged zero-emissions and then failed miserably: Caixin

In Hong Kong, One-Bedroom Apartments That Could Fit in a Bedroom: NYTimes

China’s robust economic activity is only an illusion: Forbes

Many of China’s TV shows, films are rubbish, minister says: Reuters

Jack Ma Challenges China Stigma With Alibaba Bond: Bloomberg

China’s Gift-Bearing Evokes Ancient Ritual: WSJ

Mining’s $120 Billion Ore Bet Sours as Peak Steel Looms in China: Bloomberg

HK student opens yellow umbrella at graduation, is refused diploma: AsiaOne

Chinese Dream for IC Powerhouse Is Coming True: EETimes


The certainty of taxes would benefit business investment in India; Selective levies have deterred overseas companies considering doing deals in India: FT

In space-starved Mumbai, docklands provide room for a view: Reuters

Japan & Korea

Japan at the Brink; Japan’s multinationals adapt even as Abenomics falters. WSJ

Could This Be the End of Reform in Japan? Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s policies may be coming undone, and with it Japan’s last chance at saving itself from national decline. WSJ

Better Economic Policy Won’t Save Japan: Bloomberg

Japan Inc. Still Has Its Head in the Sand: Bloomberg

Why Japan’s 8% Tax Mauled Economy as Europe Tolerates 20%: Bloomberg

Is Sony Too Big to Succeed? EETimes

‘Zombie companies’ crimping employment and investment in Korea: Maeil

Mobile game companies have become one of the biggest beneficiaries of the widespread use of phablets and tablets, with soaring stock values on the Kosdaq boosting the wealth of CEOs: JoongAng

Samsung axes $2.3bn shipbuilding merger amid shareholder pressure; Cancellation could complicate power transfer by founding family: FT, Bloomberg

Is CEO’s moonlighting hurting MCM? “MCM seems to focus on developing products for Chinese customers. For example, the company increased the production of gold or red bags, two colors favored by Chinese people” KoreaTimes

Hong Kong billionaire bets on Incheon Free Economic Zone: AsiaOne


Thai Exchange Plans Curbs on Speculation After Small-Cap Surge: Bloomberg

Tycoon Dhanin weighs buying back Tesco’s $10 billion Thai unit: Reuters

Jokowi’s Achilles Heel Found in Bumi to Berau Debt Stress: JakartaGlobe

How a late booking jammed the brakes on Trans-Cab’s IPO: BT

Medical Tourists Flock to Thailand Spurring Post-Coup Economy: Bloomberg

Suu Kyi Faces Extra Myanmar Election Obstacle; Myanmar parliament chief throws doubt on Suu Kyi’s presidential chances: WSJ, Reuters

Widodo Subsidy Cut Seen Threatening Fuel Profits in Asia: Bloomberg

S’pore investors settle Morgan Stanley rigged financial products law suit; “I was told by the agent that Pinnacle has issued so many series already, so what’s to worry?”: AsiaOne


FASB Weighs Delaying New Revenue Rule; Accounting standard setters may push back the effective date of new revenue recognition rules, says a FASB assistant director: CFO

Brazil vs Mexico: a tale of two scandals: FT

The curse of weak global demand; Feeble economic performance has occurred despite the most aggressive monetary policies: FT

Jeremy Grantham Calls the Next Market Top; The investing legend writes that the S&P 500 could gain another 10% before “crashing at it always does.” Barron’s

An Offshore Swan: Could the next financial crisis be sparked by China being pulled into the Currency War? SoberLook

Seven big U.S. companies paid CEOs more than Uncle Sam in 2013: Reuters

Hedge fund operator and currency mavenStephen Jen has developed a loose Ratio of Words to Actions (RWA) to apply to the world’s big-three central banks. WSJ

Russian Accountant Loses Tooth in Ruble Devaluation: Bloomberg

Anti-HFT Revulsion Grows: IEX Ties For Fourth In Dark Pool Trading Thanks To World’s Largest Wealth Fund: ZeroHedge

Flash Boys Raise Volatility in Wild New Treasury Market: Bloomberg

Cayman Islands Are Now America’s Biggest Foreign Investor: ValueWalk

Blackstone chases Buffett with ‘core’ private equity: Reuters


Peter Thiel: Uber is ‘most ethically challenged company in Silicon Valley’; Uber, a Start-Up Going So Fast It Could Miss a Turn: CNNNYTimes

Nine Entertainment boss David Gyngell has put regional TV stations on notice, saying their big-city counterparts won’t be needing them within five years. TheAge

Technology groups in a war to dominate the world of work; The war between the giants of the technology industry for the attention of the world’s office workers look like it is about to take an unexpected turn. FT

Why Silicon Valley Shouldn’t Be the Model for Innovation: HBR

Who could buy Netflix? Fortune

A Bend in Amazon’s E-Commerce River; Online Retail Giant Faces Tougher Growth Hurdles: WSJ

Software-Defined Networking Will Take Off in 2015: Verizon Enterprise CIO: WSJ

Soon to Be Single, eBay Gets Back to Shopping; President of eBay.com Marketplace Says Split with PayPal Will Reap Benefits: WSJ

Apple releases WatchKit for Apple Watch: TheAge

Encrypting Web site traffic could become easier next year: WaPo


Cost to Develop a Drug More Than Doubles to $2.56 Billion: Bloomberg

Tragedy highlights India’s fake drug crisis: FT

Beating Ebola Means Drinking,  Last Thing Patient Wants to Do: Bloomberg

A digital prescription for pharma companies; Pharmaceutical and medical-device companies have been slow to adopt digitization. Here are five reasons they should get moving. McKinsey

This Indian start-up could disrupt health care with its powerful and affordable diagnostic machine: WaPo

Energy & Commodities

Oil price rout to curb U.S. drilling costs even with mega merger: Reuters

Oil Below $80 Yet to Upset Bond Market Seeing Arab Wealth: Bloomberg

China Home Price Slump Sends Iron Ore Plunging To 2009 Lows (-50% In 2014): ZeroHedge

What Bourbon Producers Can Teach the Oil Industry: NYTImes

Iron Ore Bear Market Deepens as China Home Prices Spur Concern; “Construction accounts for about 50 percent of China’s steel demand, reflecting the importance of China’s property market to iron oreprices” Bloomberg

Consumer & Others

Urban Outfitters CEO Reveals The Brand’s Biggest Problem: BusinessInsider

In Overhaul, Pizza Hut Tries Adventurous Menu Offerings and a Dash of Irreverence: NYTimes

Winemaker Without Vines in View as Treasury Emulates Coke: Bloomberg

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Bamboo Innovator Weekly Insight – Buffett’s (Non)Cash-Hitter and the Wide-Moat Asian Beauty Creator

 “Bamboo Innovators bend, not break, even in the most terrifying storm that would snap the mighty resisting oak tree. It survives, therefore it conquers.”
BAMBOO LETTER UPDATE | November 17, 2014
Bamboo Innovator Insight (Issue 59)

§  The weekly insight is a teaser into the opportunities – and pitfalls! – in the Asian capital jungles.

§  Get The Moat Report Asia – a monthly in-depth presentation report of around 30-40 pages covering the business model of the company, why it has a wide moat and why the moat may continue to widen, a special section on “Inside the Leader’s Mind” to understand their thinking process in building up the business, the context – why now (certain corporate or industry events or groundbreaking news), valuations (why it can compound 2-3x in the next 5 years), potential risks and how it is part of the systematic process in the Bamboo Innovator Index of 200+ companies out of 15,000+ in the Asia ex-Japan universe.

§  Our paid Members from North America, Europe, the Oceania and Asia include professional value investors with over $20 billion in asset under management in equities, some of the world’s biggest secretive global hedge fund giants, and savvy private individual investors who are lifelong learners in the art of value investing.

 Dear All,

Buffett’s (Non)Cash-Hitter and the Wide-Moat Asian Beauty Creator

“Instead, our problem has been that we own a truly marvellous collection of businesses, which means that trading away a portion of them for something new almost never makes sense. An example from sports will illustrate the difficulty we face: For a baseball team, acquiring a player who can be expected to bat .350 is almost always a wonderful event – except when the team must trade a .380 hitter to make the deal. Because our roster is filled with .380 hitters, we have tried to pay cash for acquisitions, and here our record has been far better.”

- Buffett in his 1997 Annual Letter to Shareholders

“I will be on the phone and out there on a regular basis to convince them that we’re still a very good investment.”

- P&G’s CEO A.G. Lafley at the analyst meeting after the Duracell divestment to Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway who paid for the deal using P&G shares instead of cash

Is Buffett partly defeated by the “Water Sleeping Pack” and “Cushion Compact” when he signaled that P&G (PG US, MV $238bn) is possibly overvalued by using $4.7bn worth of its stock to acquire P&G’s Duracell business into Berkshire Hathaway (BRK/A, MV $358bn) despite having accumulated a cash hoard of over $62 billion?

While the billion-dollar tax savings is an important factor in the deal since BRK’s cost basis of P&G was $336m and corporate capital gains are taxed at 35%, the beauty engine behind P&G’s growth, led by the billion-dollar Japanese cosmetics brand SK-II, looks to have slowed down. P&G’s beauty business contributed 24% and 23% of sales and earnings respectively in FY2014, flat since 2011 and down from 30-31% in 2007. In Korea, one of the largest beauty markets in Asia, the import of Japanese cosmetics had plunged over 22% since 2012 and SK-II is one of the brands hit hardest. SK-II is considered a must-have item among adult career women despite the relatively high prices.

Since the Fukushima nuclear incident in Mar 2011, savvy Korean and Chinese women have increasingly stopped using Japanese cosmetics due to safety concerns. The Kanebo incident in 2013 had also shattered some confidence after its skin-whitening products left ugly blotches on the faces of over 15,000 customers. Kanebo is Japan’s second-largest cosmetics firm with more than a century old history and was acquired in Feb 2006 by Kao Corp (4452 JP, MV $20bn) after the infamous Kanebo/PwC-ChuoAoyama accounting fraud in 2004-05 that was comparable to the Enron scandal in size and social impact. Amid falling sales in Korea, Japanese cosmetics firm Orbis (4927 JP, MV $2bn) has shut its Korean office in Feb this year. Japanese brand DHC has closed over 10 outlets in Korea.

The losers are Japanese cosmetics and P&G’s SK-II. The winner can be found in visa-free Jeju Island, 60 miles off the southern coast of South Korea. 2.3 million Chinese tourists have stomped the island this year, up by nearly 50% a year ago. At the Shilla Duty Free Jeju, the island’s largest duty-free store owned by Hotel Shilla (008770 KS, MV $3.3bn), they are snapping up Korean cosmetics that include the “Water Sleeping Pack”, a gel-like nighttime facial moisturizer and one of the hottest cosmetic products under the brand Laneige that is owned by Korea’s largest cosmetics maker AmorePacific Corp (090430 KS, $11.8bn) and the holding company AmorePacific Group (002790 KS, MV $8.1bn). Another hugely popular product is the world’s first “cushion compact”, a mixture of colored foundation, sunscreen and moisturizer that users apply by touching a foam pad to a spongy, liquid-filled air cushion that blocks UV rays and covers imperfections naturally. Unlike BB cream, it can be reapplied throughout the day. Developed by AmorePacific’s research labs in 2008, women around the world have snapped up more than 30 million of them. AmorePacific reported 1H14 duty-free sales in South Korea to customers from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong surged 184% versus 1H13. Korean cosmetics are arguably the hottest category in travel retail worldwide. AmorePacific has also entered the global duty-free market since May 2010 in Singapore’s Changi Airport Terminal 3 with the Laneige shop.

AmorePacific Group (KOSPI: 002790 KS) - Stock Price Performance, 1995-2014

AmorePacific Group

Value investors in Asia cannot look purely at quant “valuation” metrics since many business models are “permanently impaired”. Once-successful “Stage 1” entrepreneurs have scaled their companies by multiple-folds to say under a billion dollar in market cap in the past decade. But as a result of them mishandling risks, or preventing them in the first place through business model design, the companies fail to make the successful transition from a billion to $10bn in market value and are stuck. Often, these successful, achievement-oriented entrepreneurs start to “stray” as they find it easier to seek “growth” by engaging in private business interests outside of the listed vehicles, particularly in property development. Thus, under KB Suh’s leadership, AmorePacific is an exemplary example of a Bamboo Innovator who has been able to stay focused and give a good fight to the resourceful MNCs.

We often wondered aloud and lament at the low valuations in Asia as compared to the West. Alfred Chandler’s 1977 Pulitzer-Prize masterpiece, The Visible Hand: The Managerial Revolution in American Business, offered timeless practical insights and fundamental lessons for diligent value investors to stay ahead of the curve in Asia, uplifting us beyond the unsustainable realm of trading in and out and manipulating share prices and volumes in syndicates. Chandler narrated the emergence in 19th century America, the age of robber barons, of firms which transform themselves by “organizational innovation” and “managerial innovation” to generate and sustain competitive advantage – to become Bamboo Innovators like AmorePacific.

Besides GE in 1890s…

<Article snipped>

Warm regards,


Managing Editor

The Moat Report Asia


SMU: http://accountancy.smu.edu.sg/faculty/profile/108141/Kee%20Koon%20Boon

 To read the exclusive article in full to find out more about the story of AmorePacific and KB Suh’s leadership, and Alfred Chandler’s business wisdom for value investors in Asia, please visit:

·        Buffett’s (Non)Cash-Hitter and the Wide-Moat Asian Beauty Creator, Nov 17, 2014 (Moat Report Asia, BeyondProxy)

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The Lesson of Forex Trading: Learn From Your Losses: WSJ


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