A Dozen Things Charlie Munger has said about Reading; This single quote from one of Disney’s great innovators could motivate you to create almost anything – Bamboo Innovator Daily: 1 Aug (Sat)


  • A Dozen Things Charlie Munger has said about Reading: 25iq
  • This single quote from one of Disney’s great innovators could motivate you to create almost anything: BI
  • Malcolm Gladwell: More data doesn’t mean you know everything: Geekwire
  • Disrupting beliefs: A new approach to business-model innovation: McKinsey
  • What Emotions Are (and Aren’t); Most people believe that emotions are distinct, locatable entities inside us – but they’re not. No brain region is dedicated to any single emotion. NYT
  • Words, when selected carefully, can paint a unique picture for your business: FP
  • What Birds Understand That Einstein Didn’t; Quantum weirdness helps explain how plants make food, animals migrate and humans think. WSJ
  • How Shake Shack made a 70-year-old font Neutra hot again: Wired
  • 8 principles of 50 Cent’s business philosophy, according to the book he co-wrote about power: BI
  • Abdul Kalam, Indian aeronautical engineer and president, 1931-2015: FT
  • What students should really be learning; ‘By using the wisdom of cyber crowds, the hope is that we can all shape education in a way that reflects economic change’: FT


  • Dream It! Do It!: My Half-Century Creating Disney’s Magic Kingdoms: Amazon

Investing Process

  • Citic transparency falls short as Sino Iron swept under the rug; Transparency is lost as acquisition of parent eradicates mandatory disclosure requirements relating to stalled Australian mining project: SCMP
  • Toshiba’s accounting firm to investigate itself: Nikkei
  • Why investors employ smart beta strategies: top1000
  • How Warren Buffett Built His Empire – Forbes 1990 – Part One: Changing strategy: VW
  • SEC Charges CFO, CEO in Fraudulent Investor Scheme; The defendants induced unsuspecting investors to purchase their company’s stock and promissory notes with wildly optimistic projections.: CFO
  • 7 Messages Family Offices Give Emerging Managers: AA

Greater China

  • China’s Naked Emperors: NYT
  • “We Want The Names Of Anyone Who Sold” – China’s Market Witch Hunt Enters Twilight Zone; China watchdog extends pursuit of short sellers to HK, Singapore – sources: Reuters
  • BMW Revamps China Marketing to Focus Less on Status and emphasize its technology as part of efforts to target younger buyers, who care more about the latest features than the emblem as a status symbol. Bloomberg
  • China arrests 7 in 1:100 leveraged futures scam: SCMP
  • China’s richest man’s larger-than-Disney tourism dream may involve new airline: SCMP
  • The “whatever China needs” trade is over: FT
  • Tackling corruption China style: Star
  • Echoes of 1989 are bad news not just for China’s markets but the world: FT
  • Expressways around Beijing to add electric charging posts: WCT
  • Tricky task to tame the ‘North-west Wolf’ of China, Guo BoxiongTricky task to tame the ‘North-west Wolf’ of China, Guo Boxiong who tried to flee China in women’s clothing: ST, WCT


  • Sharekhan Causes Siva Group Loss Of Rs. 14.70 Cr In Shocking Front-Running Scam Exposed By SEBI: RJ

Japan & Korea

  • Lotte family rivals flock before vote showdown: JP
  • Feud in corporate dynasty; Lotte’s case reveals governance, succession problems : KT
  • Lotte stumbling on secrecy; Lotte succession war turns into family mudslinging: KT1, KT2
  • South Korean Tycoon Cements Power From Behind Bars; Legal run-ins have fanned the perception that South Korea’s chaebol are above the law; 5 Questions About SK Group: WSJ1, 2
  • South Korean billionaire Chung Mong-joon targets Fifa presidency: FT
  • Japanese robots have now figured out how to comfort sad humans: BI
  • Lotte Group family members held a memorial service for Shin Jin-soo, late father of Lotte Group founder Shin Kyuk-ho, on Friday, but Shin Dong-bin, chairman of Lotte Group and the second son of Shin Kyuk-ho did not join: mk
  • Lotte Group relatives fly in for annual family event; The clan continued to comment on dispute over management: JA


  • Myanmar’s nascent insurance market is not for the impatient: Nikkei
  • Indonesia’s E-Commerce Boom Belies Economic Grind: JG
  • “Is the sacking of Muhyiddin a repetition of 1998?” : Star
  •  Iskandar property cooling down: Star
  • SET to help Yangon stock exchange establishment: Nation


  • Liar loans’ are popping up in Canada’s housing bubble: BI

Energy & Commodities

  • Carlyle Fund Walloped in Commodities Rout; Selloff has helped drive down holdings in its hedge-fund firm’s flagship fund from about $2 billion to less than $50 million: WSJ1, 2
  • Pain Worsens for Oil Giants Exxon and Chevron; Companies report weakest profits in more than a decade for oil and natural-gas production: WSJ


  • Scientists are trying to cure the most common cause of blindness – with eye drops: BI
  • Abrasives in toothpaste and face scrubs are poisoning fish. Firms and governments are starting to ban them: Economist
  •  Abrasives in toothpaste and face scrubs are poisoning fish. Firms and governments are starting to ban them: Economist


  • Could Facebook Really Be A Money Transfer Challenger?: Forbes
  • Open the Music Industry’s Black Box; Streaming is bigger than ever. So why are artists doing so badly?: NYT
  • Zebra Technologies CEO Anders Gustafsson has positioned his company to take advantage of the IoT revolution with his bold acquisition of Motorola Solutions’ enterprise unit. BI
  • A New Way for Computers to Keep Our Facts Honest; Researchers have developed a computational technique for fact-checking simple statements. What’s next?: WSJ
  • The government doesn’t know how businesses are using tech that tracks your face: WaPo
  • Your eyes will soon pay for a latte: JA
  • Twitter: the start-up that never grew up: FT

Consumer & Others

  • How I Brought Ashley Stewart Back from Bankruptcy: HBR

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