The way Walt Disney inspired his team to make ‘Snow White’ reveals his creative genius — and insane perfectionism – Bamboo Innovator Daily: 21 Sep (Mon)


  • The way Walt Disney inspired his team to make ‘Snow White’ reveals his creative genius — and insane perfectionism: BI
  • Never take things for granted: Star
  • Jonathan M. Tisch: Beware of the Thin Air at the Top: NYT
  • The quieter you become, the more you can hear; Markets don’t speak to us; they whisper.  A quiet mind makes for a keen ear. TF
  • Here’s what you can learn about leadership from ‘Everest’: Fortune
  • Lee Kuan Yew’s daughter: I’m a Martian anyway; Book by Dr Lee Wei Ling, A Hakka woman’s Singapore stories: My life as a daughter, doctor and diehard Singaporean.: AsiaOne
  • The Difference Between Good And Bad Organizations: Farnam
  • 6 Entrepreneurship Lessons From Family Businesses; Entrepreneurs who have built companies that touch multiple generations share what they have learned along the way: NYT
  • On How to Disagree: thebookoflife
  • What We Do When Someone Disagrees With Us: Farnam

Investing Process

  • Harvard-Linked Fund Sank More Into Ailing Shipper Despite Losses: Bloomberg

Greater China

  • The Culprits in China’s Stock Market Meltdown: Research Affiliates argues that markets dominated by retail investors deviate from rational valuations. Barron’s
  • S&P Says China’s Banks Face Growing Risk From Bad Debt; Problems in the real-estate sector are also a factor as ratings firm revises assessment to negative from stable: WSJ
  • Editorial criticizing Li Ka-shing also a warning against privatization: Duowei: WCT
  • China’s president has been going to funerals lately – it’s a sign of trouble: BI
  • Canning Fok, CK Hutchison: Li Ka-shing’s right-hand man: FT
  • China up close: A ‘new emperor’ emulates an old one: Nikkei
  • Why China Is Turning Back to Confucius; President Xi Jinping is promoting traditions his party once reviled: WSJ
  • Hong Kong Stocks Still Cheap Despite Cash Inflows Into City? Money being moved into Hong Kong from China is getting parked, not invested: WSJ
  •  The China Syndrome — How Volatility is Affecting ASEAN: K@W
  • Can the Swiss Model Save Hong Kong’s Economy?: Bloomberg
  • China Premier Calls for SOE Mergers, Disposal of ‘Zombie’ Firms: Bloomberg
  • Alibaba’s $105 Billion Lockup Ends, Putting Focus on Yahoo Stake: Bloomnerg


  • Bombay Stock Exchange pushes for green light on listing; FT
  • India’s Billionaires Want Their Own Airport: Bloomberg
  •  India’s Age-Old Dependence on Monsoon Rain Is Slowly Fading Away: Bloomberg

Japan & Korea


  • Indonesian Policy Makers Get Real With Pared Back Reform Goals: Bloomberg
  • The China Syndrome – How Volatility Is Affecting ASEAN: VW


  • Fund Investors May Pay Fees for Withdrawals Amid Turmoil: Bloomberg
  • Junk Bond Leader Krug Keeps Winning by Outsmarting Rating Firms: Bloomberg
  • Empty Punchbowl Leaves Central Banks Powerless to Bolster Stocks: Bloomberg
  • Cashing In on Markets’ Fed Tantrum; Markets took a dovish Fed decision badly. Investors should keep some powder dry.: WSJ
  • The New Bond Market: Bigger Funds Bring Bigger Risk; When oil prices collapsed, the Franklin Income Fund lost more than $2 billion, so Ed Perks doubled down: WSJ

Energy & Commodities

  • Plunging oil prices put question mark over $1.5tn of projects; FT


  • How Warner Bros. Battled Its Way to No. 1 in Video Games; Bloomberg
  • Big Tech Has Become Way Too Powerful: NYT
  • revenues rocket as it approaches critical mass; The online store selling low-cost designer furniture reports jump in revenues as its founder says the business is reaching a “tipping point”: Telegraph
  •  Software Is Smart Enough for SAT, but Still Far From Intelligent: NYT
  • Credit Suisse: Tech Startups With Sky-High Valuations Are No Longer Special; “Unicorns,” actual technology companies with possibly mythical valuations, are becoming more common. Bloomberg

Consumer & Others

  • Cheap robots may shift car making from China to U.S.: Magna CEO: Reuters
  • Big Beer has a reason to ponder its own mortality; Craft brewers account for about 10% of US beer sales by volume: FT

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