Nietzsche on How to Find Yourself and the True Value of Education; “No one can build you the bridge on which you, and only you, must cross the river of life.” – Bamboo Innovator Daily: 29-30 Sep (Tues/Wed)


  • Nietzsche on How to Find Yourself and the True Value of Education; “No one can build you the bridge on which you, and only you, must cross the river of life.”: BP
  • How Yogi Berra Turned His Love for a Kid’s Game Into a Lifetime of Service; Berra spent decades inspiring kids and creating educational opportunities for them, writes the founding director of the Yogi Berra Museum: WSJ
  • From dirt poor to billionaire – the incredible rags-to-riches story of fashion legend Ralph Lauren: BI
  • A mentor to some of Wall Street’s biggest names has died—here’s what he taught them: BI
  • The industrialist Andrew Carnegie used these 10 principles to become the richest man in the world: BI
  • All Storytelling is About Metaphor: SP
  • This Billionaire Knows The Secret To Saving A Family Business: Forbes
  • Vietnamese-American Pharma Billionaire Debuts On The Forbes 400: Forbes
  • James Dyson’s advice to Germany: scrap rules for real Vorsprung durch Technik; Regulations often offer little more than a smokescreen for manufacturers to hide behind. They are a form of control which stifles progress: Telegraph
  • How Meetings Differ, from Stockholm to New Delhi: HBR
  • Profit Is Less About Good Management than You Think: HBR
  •  “Companies Don’t Go Global, People Do”: An Interview with Andy Molinsky: HBR
  • Here’s a straightforward solution to the insanely complex ‘Einstein Riddle’: BI
  • 8 books Europe’s top business school recommends on entrepreneurship, finance and economics: BI
  • The Joy of Following: Many offices are finding they have plenty of leaders but not enough followers. And it isn’t easy to follow well: WSJ
  • Making design a business priority: Being “design driven” means operating in a fundamentally different way. In this video, McKinsey’s Mahin Samadani explains how companies can make the transition. McKinsey
  • Building a design-driven culture; It’s not enough to just sell a product or service—companies must truly engage with their customers. Here’s how to embed experience design in your organization. McKinsey
  • 9 hard-earned leadership lessons: FastCo
  • The Mindset of Internationally Successful Companies; Risk management for going global requires a delicate balance of detail-oriented preparation and openness to uncertainty. Insead


  • The Art of Execution: How the world’s best investors get it wrong and still make millions: Amazon
  • A ZEBRA IN LION COUNTRY: The Dean Of Small Cap Stocks Explains How To Invest In Small Rapidly Growing Companies: Amazon

Investing Process

  • Latticework of Mental Models: Framing Effect: SN
  • Lost in SPAC: Backers have success using the vehicle to raise funds, but where are the deals?: FP
  • Rich Formula: Math And Computer Wizards Now Billionaires Thanks To Quant Trading Secrets: Forbes
  • Ashton Kutcher explains his 3 rules of investing: BI
  • Poor governance is big clue for investors; Incentive structures are key to corporate scandals: FT
  • Alligators, Airplane Crashes, and the Investment Brain: IC
  • Digital Misfits Link JPMorgan Hack to Pump-and-Dump Fraud: Bloomberg
  • The New Geography of M&A: Before industrial companies sell assets, they must understand the motivations of the full array of potential buyers, especially those emerging in the East. Strategy&
  • Qatar Fund Loses $5.9 Billion on Holdings in VW, Glencore: Bloomberg

Greater China

  • The truth about China’s dwindling war chest; Beijing is burning through its trillions of foreign exchange reserves. But is it really forcing ‘quantitative tightening’ on a limp global economy?: Telegraph
  • Is The Chinese Bond Bubble About To Burst?: Barron’s
  • China’s command structure, charted: FT
  • Tim Cook described meeting the President of China in one perfect sentence: BI
  • Chinese home appliance maker Haier is expanding into other avenues, including eggs, through its financial service arm and micro companies set up within the group: WCT
  • Philippines seeks linkup with ASEAN bourses next year: Nikkei
  • Singing a different tune: China’s KTV firms change tack to lure back young customers: SCMP
  • Real estate business flagging: Wanda Group switches tack to become services conglomerate: Nikkei
  • Barclays analysts visited China and came back saying it was one of the most bearish trips they’ve ever taken: BI
  • Keep an Eye on Hong Kong Tycoon’s Prize: Li Ka-shing’s latest reshuffling of the empire won’t be his last move: WSJ
  • Li Ka-shing Defends Business Strategy; Chinese media accused him of abandoning investments in the mainland and questioned his patriotism: WSJ
  • Macau’s Latest Woe: Embezzlement Allegations; Alleged embezzlement of up to $258 million from a business that lends money to high-rollers is another drag on the gambling center: WSJ
  • China data: Making the numbers add up; Scepticism about the accuracy of the official data has intensified. But what if the underlying figures are reliable?: FT
  • Meet Yeung Kin-man, the global king of touchscreens: EJ
  • Hong Kong should align academic pursuits with creativity: SCMP
  • Deft Touch With iPhone Screens Made This Entrepreneur $7 Billion; Biel Crystal Manufactory (HK) is one of the biggest suppliers of cover glass to Apple and Samsung: Bloomberg
  • China Can Look to Japan for Lessons on How to Take Yuan Global: Bloomberg
  • Bubble Seen in China Bonds as Record Borrowings Raise Stakes: Bloomberg
  • August Rout Means 32% of Chinese Hedge Funds Losing Money: Bloomberg
  • Hong Kong’s Property Boom at Risk With Stocks Flashing Warning Signs: Bloomberg


  • Ecommerce growth caught everyone off-guard, says Adidas Group India MD: Forbes
  • India’s Smart Cane: An affordable device to aid mobility for the visually impaired: Nikkei
  • Silicon Valley’s Indian-Americans and Modi’s digital delusions: FT
  • Pharma Billionaires Dominate India’s Richest — Including Three Newcomers: Forbes

Japan & Korea

  • Shareholders file collective suit against Daewoo Shipbuilding: KH
  • S. Korean EV battery makers set to bask in Volkswagen scam: KH
  • Self-effacing billionaire behind rising Asian beauty brand: JP
  • Hanwha Group suspected of illegal internal transactions: KT
  • Abenomics 2.0: Japan brainstorming on ‘Industrie 4.0’: Nikkei
  • Tokyo glassmaker uses diamonds to create projection-friendly glass: Nikkei


  • In the zone: Insider trading rife in land rezoning racket: TheAge
  • Construction industry racks up $3b in debt from illegal phoenix activity: TheAge
  • New Zealand plans to create an ocean sanctuary almost the size of Texas, becoming the latest island nation in the Pacific to put ecological protection and tourism ahead of fishing and mining industries.
  • Sydney Revival Shows a Model to Cope With China-Led Slowdown: Bloomberg


  • Indonesia High-Speed Train Flip-Flops Underscore Confusion; Mixed messages to Japan, China come as Indonesia courts foreign investors: WSJ
  • Ailing rupiah taking its toll on RI firms: JP
  • Salim Group’s second home: Philippines presence provides pillar for growth: Nikkei
  • Quota-holding profiteers: Jakarta starts to move against food cartels: Nikkei
  • Philippines seeks linkup with ASEAN bourses next year: Nikkei
  •  Thai malls to invest $2.8 bln to promote regional shopping hub: Reuters
  • PM Lee issues letter on Rules of Prudence to PAP MPs; “As MPs, always remember we are servants of the people, not masters.”: AsiaOne


  • Market upheaval forcing many sovereign-wealth funds to adapt: MW
  • Is Wealth Inequality Hidden in Tax Havens? Piketty’s Co-Author Thinks So: WSJ
  • US junk bonds cracking after debt binge; After the debt binge comes the bill, and that is the grim message for investors looking at the present performance of the US corporate bond market. FT
  • Markets struggle to quantify risk of historic shocks; If investors could erase their knowledge of history and see a snapshot of financial markets from early July 1914, they would find little to worry them. FT
  • IMF warns of coming spike in emerging market company failures: FT
  • Dividend cover at big UK companies slumps to six-year low: FT
  •  EM borrowing costs pass taper tantrum levels: FT
  • Brazil: In the firing line; President Rousseff faces impeachment in move that could bring recession-hit country to a standstill: FT
  • Emerging markets rout stirs unease about capital curbs: Reuters
  • Investors Pull About $40 Billion From Emerging Markets in Current Quarter; IMF report warns of rise in emerging-market corporate failures from sputtering growth, weakening currencies: WSJ
  • Activism Growing In Popularity And Going Global: VW
  • One Company Is Making a Killing on Brazil’s Sinking Real; Global beef king now makes more money on derivatives than meat: Bloomberg
  • Fast Flows Boost Risk of Mutual Funds Mimicking Hedge Funds: Bloomberg

Energy & Commodities

  • Saudis pull as much as $US70b from markets; Saudi Arabia has withdrawn tens of billions of dollars from global asset managers as OPEC’s largest oil producer seeks to plug its budget deficit. TheAge
  • Glencore CDS Rout Continues, Curve Remains Inverted Even As Stock Rebounds On Sellside “Defense”: zh
  • Supercycle suspicions: Are banks behind energy and metals price swings? FT
  • Forget Glencore: This Is The Real “Systemic Risk” Among The Commodity Traders: zh
  • Glencore Investors Zero In on Trading Unit; Investors wary about division’s debt load, while executives mount a defense of company’s business model: WSJ
  • Glencore Crash: Sharing in the Commodities Giant’s Misery: WSJ
  • ‘Clearly it hit a nerve’: The surprised analyst who sparked a $55 billion ASX selloff: TheAge
  • Glencore Faces Yet Another Debt Challenge With Credit Due by May: Bloomberg
  • Glencore’s Trip From Fugitive Founder to Top Metals Miner: Q&A: Bloomberg
  • Glencore Fear Trade Grips Debt Market Amid Commodity Pain: Bloomberg
  • Glencore Is Having a Terrible Day, Credit Default Swap Edition: Bloomberg
  • Glencore Gloom Envelops Rivals as Asia Commodity Shares Drop: Bloomberg
  • Glencore’s Trading `Black Box’ Leaves Analysts Split on Future: Bloomberg
  • Overreaching Catches Up to Glencore: Bloomberg
  • With Glencore, Commodity Rout Beginning to Look Like a Crisis: Bloomberg


  • Computer algorithm created to encode human memories; Researchers in the US have developed an implant to help a disabled brain encode memories, giving new hope to Alzheimer’s sufferers and wounded soldiers who cannot remember the remember the recent past. FT
  • The world’s youngest synthetic biologists show that the future of innovation is in the genes: WaPo


  • Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel joins Forbes 400 as world’s youngest billionaire: theAge
  • Tim Cook: Apple’s push into business technology is not a hobby: Telegraph
  • The Financial Times and the Future of Journalism: NewYorker
  • Drone-for-Hire Business Makes Big Bet on Industry: NYT
  • Google has an opportunity to forever change how we read books: BI
  • Medium, the publishing platform started by one of Twitter’s cofounders 3 years ago, has 25 million users and is worth $400 million: BI
  • Tim Cook: Apple makes $25 billion a year selling to businesses now: BI
  • The music industry has made more money in 2015 from a century-old technology than ad-supported streaming: BI
  • Cheap automation raises risk of ‘premature deindustrialisation’; Historically, technology has shaped the economic trajectories of corporations, cities and even nations.: FT
  • ComScore and Rentrak take aim at Nielsen: FT
  • Airbnb Crimps Hotels’ Power on Pricing; Lodging listings surged for pope’s U.S. visit, challenging hotel industry: WSJ
  • Microsoft’s Quiet Office Evolution Under Satya Nadella; CEO defends core product, fights ‘sil – “The only rule I have is [make] time to actually read outside of work. Like T.S. Eliot. That I think is the only way to keep yourself fresh.” WSJ
  •  Changing Market Trends Could Hurt Unicorns: PitchBook: VW
  • Facebook and Google, Two Giants in Digital Ads, Seek More: NYT


  • Is VW’s Fraud the End of Large-Scale Corporate Deception?: HBR
  • Volkswagen’s scandal is ‘worse than Enron’ and reports say the company was warned about ‘cheat’ devices: BI
  • Big Auto look to tech companies to fix cars over the air: Reuters
  • VW Crisis Signals Shift for Europe’s Diesel-Focused Oil Industry: Bloomberg

Consumer & Others

  • L.L. Bean’s duck boots are ugly—so why do they keep selling out?: qz
  • UPS’s Solution to No One at Home: Fetch the Package Yourself: Bloomberg
  • New Ralph Lauren Chief Revived Old Navy After Successes at H&M: NYT
  • The crazy history of McDonald’s at a glance: BI
  • WALMART VS. TARGET: Which retailer commands more power?: BI
  • An underdog is taking over the sneaker market: BI
  • Whole Foods CEO: We’re facing a ‘tectonic shift’: BI

About bambooinnovator
Kee Koon Boon (“KB”) is the co-founder and director of HERO Investment Management which provides specialized fund management and investment advisory services to the ARCHEA Asia HERO Innovators Fund (, the only Asian SMID-cap tech-focused fund in the industry. KB is an internationally featured investor rooted in the principles of value investing for over a decade as a fund manager and analyst in the Asian capital markets who started his career at a boutique hedge fund in Singapore where he was with the firm since 2002 and was also part of the core investment committee in significantly outperforming the index in the 10-year-plus-old flagship Asian fund. He was also the portfolio manager for Asia-Pacific equities at Korea’s largest mutual fund company. Prior to setting up the H.E.R.O. Innovators Fund, KB was the Chief Investment Officer & CEO of a Singapore Registered Fund Management Company (RFMC) where he is responsible for listed Asian equity investments. KB had taught accounting at the Singapore Management University (SMU) as a faculty member and also pioneered the 15-week course on Accounting Fraud in Asia as an official module at SMU. KB remains grateful and honored to be invited by Singapore’s financial regulator Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to present to their top management team about implementing a world’s first fact-based forward-looking fraud detection framework to bring about benefits for the capital markets in Singapore and for the public and investment community. KB also served the community in sharing his insights in writing articles about value investing and corporate governance in the media that include Business Times, Straits Times, Jakarta Post, Manual of Ideas, Investopedia, TedXWallStreet. He had also presented in top investment, banking and finance conferences in America, Italy, Sydney, Cape Town, HK, China. He has trained CEOs, entrepreneurs, CFOs, management executives in business strategy & business model innovation in Singapore, HK and China.

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