H.E.R.O.’s Journey in Tech (24 August 2018) – Trend Micro Simplifies Advanced Threat Detection and Network Analysis + How to Be Kind to Yourself: Stop Chasing Self-Confidence

H.E.R.O.’s Journey in Tech (24 August 2018) – Trend Micro Simplifies Advanced Threat Detection and Network Analysis + How to Be Kind to Yourself: Stop Chasing Self-Confidence


  • Trend Micro Simplifies Advanced Threat Detection and Network Analysis (FP)
  • Nikon Takes on Sony With Mirrorless Camera. “Mirrorless is no longer a niche product. It offers advantages in size and weight and battery that make mirrorless a very competitive premium technology.” While Nikon and Canon dominated the pro market for decades, first with film and then with digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras, it’s becoming clearer that devices without the mirror-and-prism system offer significant benefits. Thanks to advanced image sensors and sophisticated software, mirrorless systems can grab light faster and stay in focus, making it easier to capture crisp images of fast-moving objects. (Bloomberg)
  • Why China’s top hook-up app Momo is going into show business (SCMP)
  • Hey Xiaomi, Maybe Your Future Really Is in Smartphones; The internet services dream isn’t showing much potential. (Bloomberg); Xiaomi’s share surge falls victim to investor worries over outlook for Chinese tech firms (SCMP)

  • How Pinduoduo did in three years what took Taobao five (Technode)
  • Innodisk Demonstrating Cloud-Based Solutions to Industrial IoT Challenges at VMworld 2018 (BI)
  • IP surveillance camera maker Vivotek is setting up a manufacturing base consisting of five production lines initially at a factory belonging to Delta Electronics, its parent company (Digitimes)
  • Webjet shares have soared to a record high after the online travel group posted a 63 per cent jump in underlying full-year profit as bookings surged across its divisions. (Nine)

BATTSS – Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, TSMC, Softbank, Samsung

  • Alibaba moves into automotive aftermarket in competition with Didi (KRA)
  • Alibaba’s Exceptions Are the New Rule for Earnings: “If not for” was the mantra for the June quarter’s earnings. (Bloomberg); Alibaba Spends for Sales Growth as Most Lucrative Business Slows; Profit plummets after share-based compensation jumps; Alibaba’s trying to diversify as competition intensifies (Bloomberg); Alibaba’s New Ventures Aren’t Making Much Money; Jack Ma’s e-commerce empire is moving into less profitable new regions (WSJ); Alibaba delivers 61 per cent growth in revenue amid increased New Retail investment; Net income attributable to ordinary shareholders slid 41 per cent to 8.7 billion yuan (SCMP)
  • How Alibaba’s Taobao solved the trust problem in China and changed the way people shop; From humble beginnings as a local platform going up against then-incumbent eBay, Alibaba is now the clear leader in China’s vast US$1 trillion e-commerce marke (SCMP)
  • Ant Financial Profit Sinks as Spending Surges in Battle With WeChat (WSJ)
  • Tencent executive refutes criticism company has forsaken innovation to buy growth (SCMP)
  • Inside Tencent’s Struggle to Bring World’s Hottest Game to China (Bloomberg)
  • Samsung’s $161bn splurge may be about more than business (Economist)
  • SoftBank and Toshiba lead pack of cash-rich Japanese companies; Shareholders demand strategic investment or share buybacks (Nikkei)

Asia Tech & Innovation Trends

  • Internet Heavy China ETFs Take a Hit as Trump Applauds Tariffs (Bloomberg)
  • Delayed wages, lower profits – Chinese gaming firms fret as approval freeze bites (Reuters)
  • Brushing off trade war, Chinese startups flock to US for IPOs (Nikkei)
  • How Klook became a billion-dollar activities booking giant (TIA)
  • Drones offer high-tech help to Japan’s ageing farmers (Reuters)
  • Coupang launches new service ‘Coupang Flex’ (Investor)

Global Tech & Innovation Trends

  • DocuSign Chairman Calls Speed the ‘Ultimate Weapon’ (Barron’s)
  • Short-Sellers Circle Apple Supplier That’s Loved by Analysts; Shares in Austria’s AMS have plunged, short interest rising (Bloomberg)
  • Dropbox Doldrums Could Get Worse When Insiders Get Chance to Sell (Bloomberg)
  • After a disastrous redesign, declining daily usage, and an inability to turn a profit, the company and CEO Evan Spiegel embark on a self-improvement quest. (Bloomberg)
  • Eventbrite Files for U.S. IPO (Bloomberg)
  • Venmo Considers Making It Harder to See What Other People Are Buying (Bloomberg)


  • How to Be Kind to Yourself: Stop Chasing Self-Confidence (Medium)
  • First Mover Disadvantage (AVC)
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