H.E.R.O.’s Journey in Tech (3 January 2019) – Nifty.com harnesses Zenrin’s data + How to Be Brave

H.E.R.O.’s Journey in Tech (3 January 2019) – Nifty.com harnesses Zenrin’s data + How to Be Brave


  • NetEase Cloud Music Enters into Strategic Partnership with CUBE Entertainment (PRNW)
  • Nifty.com harnesses Zenrin’s data (AIM)
  • En-Japan offers HROnBoard free of charge (AIM)
  • Vietnam’s Airbnb-like startup Luxstay raises $3m bridge round from CyberAgent, others (DSA)
  • New Kakao M CEO to challenge Netflix, CJ ENM in original content (KT)
  • Nexon founder to sell controlling stake in gaming company’s holding firm: Korea Economic Daily (Reuters)

FAANNMG – Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Nvidia, Netflix, Microsoft, Google

  • WhatsApp’s push into mobile payments: Messaging app owned by Facebook builds business model on money transfers (FT)
  • Apple sales woes suggest iPhone is losing its lustre’ Tim Cook blames China’s economy, but analysts see deeper problems in revenue warning (FT); Apple sales warning is a Chinese joint venture (Reuters); Apple’s iPhone Warning Comes Years Too Late; The company has reached the end of its denial phase. (Bloomberg); Buffett’s Apple Losses Make His Track Record in Tech Even Worse (Bloomberg)
  • Amazon’s Biggest Bull Says It Should Disrupt Gas Stations (Bloomberg)
  • New Netflix CFO to Tackle Cash Flow Conundrum; Spencer Neumann must convince investors that Netflix’s billions of investments in original content will grow subscribers and earnings, analysts say (WSJ)

Asia Tech & Innovation Trends

  • Why Ofo Failed? (KRA)
  • Investor Interest in Chinese Tech Begins 2019 Not With a Bang but a Whimper; Thousands of private Chinese tech companies raised a record $69.4 billion in equity in 2018, but the volume of stock sales has dropped off sharply of late (WSJ)
  • Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing enters financial services amid profit push (SCMP)
  • Chinese app developers have invaded India (Techcrunch)
  • How Japan Is Harnessing IoT Technology To Support Its Aging Population (Forbes)
  • How Poshmark transcended secondhand clothing to become a $625 million fashion marketplace, complete with its own homegrown entrepreneurs (Forbes)
  • Superapps will starve the rest in Southeast Asia (Reuters)

Global Tech & Innovation Trends

  • Here’s what AI experts think will happen in 2019 (TNW)
  • Roku to launch subscription video channels business (Reuters); Roku Hopes a New Look Will Make It Easier to Buy Premium Content (Barron’s)
  • High-Flying MedTech Caught in Market Drop Amid Rising Scrutiny (Bloomberg)
  • Tech to disrupt supply chains more than trade wars (Reuters)
  • Robocar Tech Faces ‘Major Pain’ in 2019 (EE Times)
  • Outlook Dims for 3D Printer Makers (Morningstar)


  • How to Be Brave (Medium)
  • The 20%-a-Year Stock Picker Who Wishes His Edge Would Disappear (Bloomberg)
  • What Would Ben Franklin Say?: Discussion groups take on the founding father’s 13 virtues and put a modern spin on temperance and chastity (WSJ)
  • How Not To Be Stupid (FS)
  • When A Billionaire Needs A Boss: The Story Of The Jimmy John’s Sandwich Empire (Forbes)
  • What anthropologists can teach tech titans: ‘These leaders have been operating with dangerous blind spots’ (FT)
  • I.a.P. Meets C.R.a.P.; Amazon recently announced that they are combing through the list of things they warehouse and sell to determine which items “can’t realize a profit” (C.R.a.P.) (Smead)
  • Motivation Over Discipline (AOM)
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