Morning Bamboo Insight: 2 Oct 2014

Morning Bamboo Insight: 2 Oct 2014


  1. FASB is gaining support for its projects to streamline rules around disclosure of extraordinary items and inventory accounting

  1. Markets Diverging in Emerging World; India and Indonesia Have Been Recent Winners; Not So Brazil and Turkey

Asia Pacific

  1. (Japan) – $617 Billion in Japan Stock Orders Scrapped After Error

  1. (Australia/China) – Australia frets as property blows hot at home, cold in China

  1. (Isia) – KPK Launches Theme Park-Style Anti-Graft Mobile App

  1. (Spore) – Should SGX allow dual-class structures?

  1. (Asia) – Rectify Asia’s ‘governance deficit’

  1. (Spore) – Herbal product in health scare is Eu Yan Sang’s best seller

  1. (Thai/Asean) – Acquisition sprees ‘hits credit quality’ of large Thai corporations, according to S&P

  1. (HK) – Hong Kong’s Status as Financial Hub Likely a Factor for Beijing; Heavy Crackdown on Protests Would Deepen Financial Firms’ Concerns About Autonomy

  1. (HK) – Hong Kong Protests Have History of Success in Challenging Government

  1. (China) – Chinese Nets and Bolts Ensnare Basketball Hoops in Litigation; Should Lifetime Products’ Basketball Hoops Use ‘Made in USA’ Labels?

  1. (China) – A Chinese Investment on Fracking Fails to Deliver; How a Shanghai Real-Estate Mogul’s Bet in Canada’s Bakken Shale Went Sour

  1. (Isia) – Good news for planters, Indonesia drops foreign ownership clause in bill; New law requires plantation companies to allocate 20% of their concessions to people living in the nearby areas

  1. REDtone auditors give ‘qualified opinion’ on group’s financial statement due to “other receivables” in the financial statements

  1. (Macau) – Macau Publishes The Worst Numbers Since The Global Financial Meltdown



  1. Warren Buffett’s Best Productivity Hack Is A Simple 2-List System; Even though everybody wants a piece of his time, Warren Buffett stays focused. Here’s his approach

  1. PayPal’s New CEO Once Spent 24 Hours Living On The Streets Of NYC As A Homeless Person

  1. Victoria’s Other Secret: The Low-Key Billionaire Behind The Lingerie Giant


  1. (Isia/Tech) – Japanese Venture Capital Firm Funds Indonesian Startup Developing a News App; Kurio searches the Internet and filters millions of articles every day to find content that meets a user’s interest.

  1. Wall Street’s Chat Plan Turns to Perzo Chief; David Gurle, CEO of an Instant-Messaging Company That Is Near a Deal to Be Acquired, Is No Stranger on Wall Street

  1. More Cable Companies Take TV Off Menu; Customers Care More About Broadband, They Say, and Programming Has Gotten Too Expensive

  1. (Tech/Media) – Netflix Pushes Into Movies With First Original Film; ‘Crouching Tiger’ Sequel to Premiere Same Day in August 2015 on Netflix and in Some IMAX Theaters

  1. Analytical Value From Data That Cries Wolf

  1. Apps re-invent smartphone keyboards to reduce typing frustration

  1. The Ten Startup Nation Movers and Shakers You Need To Know


  1. (Consumer) – New Balance Acknowledges Shoe Materials Aren’t All U.S. Made; Only About 70% of Their Value Reflects Domestic Content and Labor

  1. Global health and wellness sales to hit US$774bil in 2014$774bil-in-2014/?style=biz


  1. Medical Mergers Are Driving Up Health Costs; Insurer health-care payments are up 3%-a fortune, given the $900 billion spent annually.

  1. Doctors Net Billions From Drug Firms, financial ties that some critics say have compromised medical care

Investing Process

  1. FASB Revisits the Cash-Flow Statement


  1. Oil trading mired in crude oversupply

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