Morning Bamboo Insight: 14 Oct 2014

Morning Bamboo Insight: 14 Oct 2014


  1. (Macro) – U.S. regulators press banks for more on auto loan exposure to assess risks

  1. Deutsche clampdown on bad behaviour prompts exodus of traders –FT

Asia Pacific

  1. (Spore) – Bears Crowd to Sembcorp Marine After Stock’s 18% Drop in Value

  1. (Isia) – Indonesia needs new growth model to boost GDP

  1. (China) – U.S. ETFs to take aim at China’s onshore bond market

  1. (India) – Modi seeks to revive India’s ‘zombie factories’, not abandon them

  1. (Korea) – Pardoning tycoons for economic growth; Parole’s not special treatment; Stimulus will be of no use if it fails to move companies and consumers to spend.|home|newslist2

  1. (Taiwan) – A campaign to boycott Ting Hsin (頂新集團)food products picked up momentum yesterday as food conglomerate tycoon Wei Ying-chung (魏應充) made his first public appearance since the latest tainted oil scandal erupted to apologize to the nation


  1. Remembering the impact Lee Kuan Yew’s speeches made

  1. The Science of Conquering Your Greatest Fears; It may be the oldest emotion. Before happiness, before sorrow, before exhilaration, and way, way before the urge to climb mountains and bomb down steeps, there was fear

  1. A Dozen Things I’ve Learned From Jeffrey Gundlach About Investing

  1. ‘Grit’ might be more important than IQ. Now schools need to learn to teach it.

  1. One Great Idea From Jean Tirole, the Nobel Economist

  1. Startup God Paul Graham Reveals The Single Most Important Quality To Look For In Company: Authenticity


  1. How Hewlett-Packard lost its way

  1. Why Programmatic Is Killing Creativity In Advertising

  1. (Korea/Tech) – Maker of Korean Chat App to Ignore Legal Demands for Users’ Messages; Daum Kakao Has Stopped Honoring Warrants From Government Prosecutors in Bid to Keep KakaoTalk Users

  1. Competitive Pressures Loom over TSMC; As Mobile Devices Become Smaller, Race is On to Pack More Computing Capability into Each Chip.

  1. (Korea/Tech) – Tax-evading blog shopping malls mushrooming

Investing Process

  1. Vltava Fund’s Q3 2014 Letter to Investors

  1. How to Read an Annual Report

  1. The Family Business Map: Framework, Selective Survey, and Evidence from Chinese Family Firm Succession

  1. The New Lyrics of the Old Folks: The Role of Family Ownership in Corporate Innovation


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