Daily Bamboo Innovator Insight: Wed 3 Dec 2014 – Why Determination Matters More Than Smarts in Getting Ahead

Investing Process

Lumena New Materials, a Chinese laxatives company that has come under attack from short sellers, has said the negative research has caused it difficulties to maintain the support of its banks, creditors and suppliers: FT, Emerson, Glaucus


Why Determination Matters More Than Smarts in Getting Ahead: FastCo

The scary word that determines success; It makes you feel rejected, worthless and small – if you let it. Fortune

台北捷运十多年没涨车资: Sina

‘If we’re not failing half the time, something’s wrong’: how Fitzroy’s Bellroy built a global wallet brand: BRW

From one supplier to 20: how Elle Roseby is turning Supre around: BRW

Learn from the losers; Kickended is important. It reminds us that the world is biased in systematic ways: Tim Harford

12 habits of highly productive writers: Quartz

How to Tell if Your Company Has a Creative Culture: HBR

A Better Way to Manage Corporate Alliances: HBR

Understanding “New Power”: New power gains its force from people’s growing capacity—and desire—to go far beyond passive consumption of ideas and goods. HBR

The Thankful Gig Entrepreneur: Forbes

If You Can’t Instill Hope, You’ll Fail Miserably As A Leader: Forbes

Steven Pressfield’s Legend of Bagger Vance-Bhagavad Gita: It’s not stealing if you put a new and inventive spin on it.: StevePressfield

Stop Wasting Everyone’s Time; Meetings and Emails Kill Hours, but You Can Identify the Worst Offenders: WSJ

The Myth of the Successful Money Manager: VisualCapitalist


The Myths of Creativity: The Truth About How Innovative Companies and People Generate Great Ideas: Amazon


China Orders Stricter Checks on Local Debt as Sales Surge: Bloomberg

Investors Shun China Stock Link on Ownership Concern, Group Says: Bloomberg

China Loan Data Understates Exposure to Property Risks, S&P Says: Bloomberg

The Anticorruption Campaign And Rising Suicides In China’s Officialdom: Forbes

When the PBoC launches its deposit insurance scheme, $9 trillion in deposits and $6 trillion in shadow banking investments will suddenly stop being guaranteed by the government: Quartz

Stock regulator boss tied to graft; From 2009 to 2012, Li had responsibility for examining proposed listings for the Nasdaq-style ChiNext board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange: Standard

Taiwan stirs a political earthquake for China: FT

How China’s “Rare Earth” Weapon Went From Boom To Bust: io9

The Troubles With Building ‘China’s GE’; After Creating World’s Biggest Press Forge, State-Run Sinomach Lacks Customers; Long Lunch Breaks: WSJ

China sending artists to countryside to “form correct view of art”: AsiaOne

Is This the End of China’s Economic Miracle? NewsWeek


Rakesh Jhunjhunwala: Nifty could reach 1,25,000 by 2030; “We have the vegetables, ghee, vessels, the masala and gas. We only need someone to cook it. Modi is making dots, which will become a circle.”: Forbes

Japan & Korea

Global luxury cosmetics brands copy AmorePacific’s cushion cosmetics: Maeil

Korean Toy Maker Transforms Into Content Creator: WSJ

Honda CEO Rethinks Car Maker’s Priorities; Takanobu Ito Plays Down Ambitious Sales Target After Series of Quality Problems: WSJ


Indonesia Seen Leading SE Asian Online Shopping Boom: JGlobe

One of Thailand’s richest men, energy tycoon Nopporn Suppipat, is the latest high-profile figure to fall foul of an ever-widening corruption probe. CNA

Indonesia Central Bankers Feel Inflation Pain in Their Paychecks: Bloomberg

Thailand Unravels: Gen. Prayuth takes Bangkok down a strange dead end. WSJ

Singapore’s Current Reality: Singapore’s consulate-general to Hong Kong responds to Chee Soon Juan’s Nov. 28 WSJ article.: WSJ


Australian Landlords Take Record Debt as Rent Yields Fall: Bloomberg


Junk Bonds: Go Active, or Don’t Go at All; With a few exceptions, it’s a terrible mistake to own a passive fund that tracks an illiquid market: Morningstar

Swedish government on brink of collapse: FT

How QE can jam the financial plumbing; Central bank asset purchases absorb ‘good’ collateral like Treasury bonds: FT

Option pricing shows yen’s loss of safe-haven status: Reuters

Hedge Funds Urged to Beat Benchmarks Before Charging Fees: Bloomberg

Activist Explores a New Frontier: Property: WSJ

U.S. Watchdog Sees Risk of Repeated Liquidity Crunches; Office of Financial Research Cites Less Liquidity as One Increasing Risk to U.S. Financial System: WSJ


Start-ups warned to be wary of accelerators: BRW

Vultures circle as struggling Network Ten runs short of options: TheAge

IT companies shifting toward B2B: Businesses have more growth potential than consumer market: JoongAng

The Internet Of Things Is Reaching Escape Velocity: TechCrunch

In Amazon Vs. Alibaba, Bezos Turns His Sellers Into Soldiers: Forbes

Amazon’s Bezos to Be ‘Bold’ Despite Failures: JGlobe

Hawking warns on rise of the machines: FT

Founded in Southern California in 2002, Sonos is a quiet success story amid the recent hype about the “connected home” and “internet of things” – but it faces growing competition from lower cost rivals. FT

Looking Beyond Big Data in 2015: WSJ

Energy & Commodities

Oil Investors May Be Running Off a Cliff They Can’t See: Bloomberg

Hedge Funds Raised Bullish Brent Bets Before OPEC Slump: Bloomberg

Junk Bonds Funding Shale Boom Face $8.5 Billion of Losses: Bloomberg

Falling Oil Prices Could Lead to Massive Junk Bond Defaults: WSJ

Falling oil prices hit Russia much harder than Western sanctions: WaPo

Shale oil billionaire Harold Hamm, who has lost $12-billion in 3 months, urges investors to stay calm: FP

Oil crash carnage is the big question in Bank of Canada’s decision today: FP

BlackRock’s Vecht Says Oil Rout Leaves Portfolios Outdated: Bloomberg

Resource focus makes Canada tougher place to invest: Mawer: Reuters

Farmers Foil Investors That Bet on Corn, Soybean Price Drop; Crops Are Hoarded Until Prices Rise High Enough to Sell: WSJ

Who’s Afraid of Cheap Oil? The Saudis know they cannot kill U.S. shale output, even if the news media don’t.: WSJ

A halving in the price of iron ore this year has been fuelled in part by Chinese speculators who built up huge short positions on the Dalian exchange, in the process giving China the pricing power it has long craved: Reuters


Ginseng prices kept high by hoarding on part of big pharmas: WantChinaTimes

Biogen Thrills Street as Alzheimer Results Shine; Surprise news for an experimental drug is boosting confidence in the biotech giant’s growth story.: Barron’s

Consumer & Others

Some businesses have found ways to cope with the dreaded “Brazil cost” and one of the more successful is the Melissa brand of “jelly shoes”. FT

Asian “deathcare services” firm sees nirvana; Nirvana Asia, a southeast Asian undertaker, opened the books on its $300m IPO in HK: FT

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