Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 7 Dec (Sun) – The Difference Between Losing and Being Beaten


The Difference Between Losing and Being Beaten: FarnamStreet

The cult of Lego: why are people so in love with the colourful bricks? Lego almost went bankrupt ten years ago, but now its building blocks are more popular than ever: Telegraph

Andrew Stanton: The clues to a great story: FarnamStreet

What Could Be Lost as Einstein’s Papers Go Online: WSJ

Hearing Every Voice in the Room: How IBM Brings Ideas Forward From Its Teams: NYTimes

Humans aren’t influenced by culture—we create it; “The Domestication of Language,” presents an intriguing new theory of cultural evolution. Quartz

How do you sell God in the 21st century? More heaven, less hell: Guardian

A Dozen Things I’ve Learned From Bill Ackman about Value and Activist Investing: 25iq

Meet the first lady of graphene, turning harmful gases into the wonder stuff; Catharina Paukner is building a supersized graphene factory in Cambridge that can turn methane from landfill – or even cows – into modern-day black gold: Telegraph

Investing Process

This Canadian investing bigwig wants to find the next BlackBerry — but that’s no easy task: FP

Greater China

Why Beijing’s Troubles Could Get a Lot Worse; Bank rate cuts and anticorruption campaign are unlikely to stave off woes: Barron’s

Citigroup Panicked Over Fraud at Chinese Ports: Mercuria: Bloomberg

Japan & Korea

Incheon Free Eco Zone Gambles On Casino To Lure Rich Chinese: Forbes


The division of Timken, a family-controlled company, into separate companies making bearings and steel has brought anxiety to its Ohio hometown. NYTimes

Free Investing Is the New Free Checking: CFA

Fee Compression Forces RIAs and Family Offices to Adapt: II

How David came on board with corporate Goliaths; Major multinational firms are trying to secure their future by investing in minnow firms that threaten to turn their worlds upside down: Telegraph

Time to Hop Aboard the Wabtec Express; The maker of locomotives is growing strongly in the U.S. and abroad. Industry’s safety focus is the company’s sweet spot. Barron’s

Australian Banks Seen Needing $25 Billion in Capital: Bloomberg

BIS raises ‘hot money’ concerns about emerging market company debt: Reuters


Amazon own label underscores strength of online grocery shopping: Reuters

Going From Smart to Smarter; Jewelers Enter the Wearable Technology Market: NYTimes

Disney to Introduce New Apps Focused on Learning; Disney is making a new push into an area that it has at times found tricky: making money by trying to make children smarter. NYTimes

Internet monopolies: Everybody wants to rule the world; Online businesses can grow very large very fast—it is what makes them exciting. Does it also make them unusual threats to competition? Economist

Not As Loony As It Sounds; Google’s “impossible” plan to beam Internet from solar-powered balloons is actually working. Here’s how. Slate

Six Drivers Of The $700B Mobile Internet: TechCrunch

Banking on biometrics: How you’ll soon be able to pay with your finger, access an ATM with your eyes: FP

Video Reinvents the Web as the Majors Scramble to Cash In; Video viewing offers the promise of new online income. However, advertisers still are cautious. Barron’s

Investor worries about another dot-com-style stock crash miss the point. The bubble is in the private market. Barron’s

If GoPro gets into consumer drones, the industry could finally have the innovation champion it needs: WaPo

Consumer & Others

There Aren’t Plenty of Fish in the Sea: That’s why consumers should soon prefer farmed seafood, not wild-caught. Slate

Supermarkets face years more pain, warns B&Q boss; Sir Ian Cheshire, the outgoing chief executive of Kingfisher, said the grocers face “much bigger problems” before a recovery is in sight: Telegraph

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