Charlie Munger: The Complete Investor – Bamboo Innovator Daily: 12 Jul (Sun)


  • The CEO of one of the fastest growing business apps ever used an ingeniously simple analogy to explain why companies succeed; Stewart Butterfield of Slack: Is Empathy on Your Résumé?: BI, NYT
  • Successful Startups Don’t Make Money Their Primary Mission: HBR
  • Communicating a Corporate Vision to Your Team: HBR
  • What If Everything You Knew About Disciplining Kids Was Wrong? Negative consequences, timeouts, and punishment just make bad behavior worse. But a new approach really works.: MJ
  • Meet the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ of the art world: AsiaOne
  • D.I.Y. Education Before YouTube: NYT


  • Charlie Munger: The Complete Investor: Amazon
  • Never Be Lied to Again: How to Get the Truth In 5 Minutes Or Less In Any Conversation Or Situation: Amazon

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