Dvekut baMesima: Mesima means “mission.” Dvekut means “glued to.” Adherence to the mission. The inner world of the warrior and the artist can be almost identical. Both know as they embark on an operation that they will encounter opposition, often fierce, occasionally violent – Bamboo Innovator Daily: 12 Aug (Wed)


  • Dvekut baMesima: Mesima means “mission.” Dvekut means “glued to.” Adherence to the mission. The inner world of the warrior and the artist can be almost identical. Both know as they embark on an operation that they will encounter opposition, often fierce, occasionally violent. Both know that circumstances will compel them to adapt, to improvise. Both know that they will sustain casualties. Sacrifices must be made. Both accept the reality that every yard of dirt comes at a price. The mission devours you, but it feeds you too: SP
  • The One Thing Every Great Company Has In Common: Authenticity: techcrunch
  • 8 Powerful Ways To Mold Your Children Into Leaders: Forbes
  • In The Age of Disruption, Customer Love Is More Important Than Ever: techcrunch
  • Thinking Like a Leader: Three Big Shifts: From linearity to complexity. From “focus” as a noun to “focus” as a verb. From they to you. : Strategy&
  • Schopenhauer: On Reading and Books: Farnam
  • From interviews to eavesdropping, the conversations continue: FT
  • The biggest mistakes people make when choosing a life partner: qz
  • How to Give Tough Feedback That Helps People Grow: HBR
  • When First Movers Are Rewarded, and When They’re Not: HBR
  • PepsiCo’s Chief Design Officer on Creating an Organization Where Design Can Thrive: HBR

Investing Process

  • Noble shares sink after latest brush with Iceberg: FT
  • PwC report unlikely to be enough to satisfy market: BT
  • China’s Fosun linked to anti-corruption probe: FT
  • Toshiba to write down over $800 million after accounting probe: Nikkei: Reuters
  • Tampa fund manager to plead guilty to Facebook investment fraud: TBO
  • Will Warren Buffett And Google Revive The American Conglomerate?: Forbes
  • Divestitures: How to invest for success; When it comes to creating value, divestitures are critical—but a positive outcome is not automatic. Some up-front investment can improve the odds of success. IN
  • Was Warren Buffett a True Value Investor When He Bought Precision Castparts?: FG
  • Will Warren Buffett And Google Revive The American Conglomerate?: Forbes

Greater China

  • China’s dollar debts come under pressure; A big risk is that investors and other emerging market nations will expect further renminbi weakness: FT
  • Now The Bad News: This Is How Much More Downside Is Left For China’s Currency: zerohedge
  • China’s renminbi move sets a risky precedent; Officials tried everything short of devaluation before succumbing, writes George Magnus: FT
  • Bearish bets multiply as China slows; Effects on trading partners could be severe with Fed rate rise in offing: FT
  • Q&A: China’s currency devaluation: FT
  • Currency Move by China Clouds Its Policy Goals: NYT
  • Lottery suspension slows Alibaba growth: FT
  • How Disgraced Military Official Led Murky Property Development; Under Gu Junshan, the military built the high-end Diaoyutai No. 7 residential area and nearby villas on land in Beijing taken from villagers: Caixin
  • Shuttered retailer DSC owed suppliers more than HK$100 million, it was revealed yesterday, as its founder Hui Ming-shun and his wife were still being detained on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud. Standard
  • China’s Currency Dilemma; If China doesn’t allow the market to set the exchange rates for the renminbi, it can’t expect it to be considered a global currency: NYT
  •  Xi teams up with news outlets to diminish Jiang: Nikkei
  • How a Weaker Yuan Impacts Chinese Stocks; HSBC strategist Roger Xie says losers include airlines, property, retailers and indebted companies. Barron’s
  • Cheaper Chinese Currency Has Global Impact; By devaluing yuan, Beijing is turning to a controversial growth-boosting tactic whose effects reverberate far and wide: WSJ
  • China’s move to weaken the yuan is the next shoe to drop in the oil market. Unlike the earlier ones-stubborn shale and OPEC output-this one is all about demand.: WSJ
  • With Yuan Move, China Takes U-Turn; Devaluation comes as officials worry economy is slumping faster than Beijing anticipated: WSJ


  • Indian Delivery Company Tries New Approach to Tracking Packages; V-Xpress is using an online messaging platform as a low-cost way to track cargo for customers.: WSJ
  • Ford plans to use the low-cost techniques it learned in India to develop compact models for other emerging markets, copying a strategy used by the Asian rivals that outsell it in the world’s fifth largest auto market: Reuters
  • The complete guide to becoming a successful godman in India: qz

Japan & Korea

  • While the Korean corporate community is notorious for having frequent group meals in the name of boosting teamwork, or hoesik, a survey has found employees would prefer to spend less time with their workmates : JA
  • S. Korea’s per capita debt put at $210,000 in 2060: mk
  • South Korea’s National Tax Service (NTS) was confirmed to have requested Japan’s tax watchdog send documents showing Lotte Group general chairman Shin Kyuk-ho’s residency requirements in Japan and Korea and tax payment details in Japan: mk
  • Lotte scion promises to clean up byzantine cross-shareholdings centered in Japan: JA
  • Hotel Lotte likely to become holding firm; Lotte chief vows governance reform and IPO of Hotel Lotte: KH, mk
  • Samsung heir identifies VR as next engine: KT
  • Toyo Tire struggles to rebuild trust, leadership after scandal: Nikkei
  •  Industrial reform in South Korea: Changing lopsided industrial structure key to reviving economic growth: Nikkei


  • Joko Widodo elevates econocrats in reshuffle as the country struggles with an economic slowdown but party hacks remain: SMH
  • Myanmar’s coming elections spell r-i-s-k for investors: Nikkei
  • Chinese Tech Companies Want a Piece of Indonesia’s Tech Pie: JG
  • Growth Slowing for Indonesia’s Textile Industry as International Competitors Get a Stitch Ahead: JG
  • Lee Kuan Yew could have ended Thailand’s divide, Prayut says: TODAY


  • 1997 Asian Currency Crisis Redux: Zerohedge
  • Monetize This: Bond Strategists Pressed to Earn Their Keep: Bloomberg
  •  ‘Enormous’ rise in EM debt rings alarms bells: FT
  • Miracles of productivity hidden in the modern home; But the data framework of economic analysis is still largely the product of the second world war: FT
  • Rating agencies still matter – and that is inexcusable; Spotting risk is hard, but it is a mistake to let others do the work, writes Nouriel Roubini: FT
  • Goldman Sachs to Give Out ‘Secret Sauce’ on Trading; New open source platform is an attempt by Goldman to bolster its technology bona fides: WSJ
  • Germany’s Financial Watchdog Worried Over Scale of Forex Manipulation: WSJ
  • Companies Pull Back on CEO ‘Failure Parachutes’; Severance plans for fired chiefs, while still cushioning the blow, aim to draw less attention: WSJ
  • Biggest US Dark Pool Busted For Rigging Markets, Engaging In Precisely The Manipulation It Warned Against: Zerohedge
  • Intelligently Investing in EMs Easier Said than Done: The Largest EM ETFs Haven’t Kept Pace With Changing Landscape: Gavekal

Energy & Commodities


  • High Tech Hope for Repelling Mosquitoes: NYT


  • Can Larry Page and Sergey Brin Become Warren Buffetts?: Bloomberg
  • Google Hathaway: The internet giant has announced a new corporate structure: Economist
  • Is the New Google More Like Berkshire Hathaway, General Electric or AT&T?: NYT
  • Autonomy Seen as Goal of Restructured Google: NYT
  • Google’s name change sounds crazy but it’s been done before; Unilever and United Technologies are parent companies over some of America’s most popular brands, and the strategy has helped the companies grow. Fortune
  • What’s in a Name? The ABCs of Google’s New Parent Company Alphabet: WSJ
  • A US regulator has aroused the wrath of the elderly, the postal service and the paper industry, by proposing that mutual funds disseminate investor information online only, rather than sending out hard copies.: FT
  • Signal Media: cutting out the internet din; Data and linguistics specialists help find relevant informatioA need to tune in to the right voices amid a growing clamour on the internet underlies the strategy of market intelligence platform: FT
  • Support for start-ups: Y Combinator’s non-profit mission: FT
  • Larry Page only responded to one of 297 comments about the breakup of Google: BI
  • One major way that Macbooks will always beat Windows laptops; Since 2008, Apple has held a patent on its touchpad design: BI
  • The CEO of the startup that dissolved overnight explains what happened: Burn: BI
  • Defusing The Internet Of Things Time Bomb: techcrunch
  • It’s Operating Systems Vs. Messaging Apps In The Battle For Tech’s Next Frontier: techcrunch
  • Homejoy’s failure a lesson for Indonesia’s Bottom-of-Pyramid startups; For every postmortem story, there are unique lessons for startups to learn – here are three reasons why Homejoy didn’t make the cut: e27
  • Google and Amazon Rallies: Clear as Mud; Investors have rewarded Google and Amazon about $200 billion in combined market cap for the promise of greater transparency. It isn’t clear why.: WSJ
  • Web Retailers, Now With Stores, Teach New Tricks; Macy’s, Target experiment with display-only approach to sales floor: WSJ
  • Google overhaul ‘shareholder friendly’ but details scarce: Reuters

Consumer & Others

  • Dr Pepper Buys Stake in Gatorade Rival BodyArmor; Soda maker is paying $20 million for 11.7% holding in startup headed by Mike Repole: WSJ
  • Ford plans to use the low-cost techniques it learned in India to develop compact models for other emerging markets, copying a strategy used by the Asian rivals that outsell it in the world’s fifth largest auto market: Reuters
  • The company that once offered to sell you eight CDs for 1 cent has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after almost 20 years of falling sales.: FP

About bambooinnovator
Kee Koon Boon (“KB”) is the co-founder and director of HERO Investment Management which provides specialized fund management and investment advisory services to the ARCHEA Asia HERO Innovators Fund (www.heroinnovator.com), the only Asian SMID-cap tech-focused fund in the industry. KB is an internationally featured investor rooted in the principles of value investing for over a decade as a fund manager and analyst in the Asian capital markets who started his career at a boutique hedge fund in Singapore where he was with the firm since 2002 and was also part of the core investment committee in significantly outperforming the index in the 10-year-plus-old flagship Asian fund. He was also the portfolio manager for Asia-Pacific equities at Korea’s largest mutual fund company. Prior to setting up the H.E.R.O. Innovators Fund, KB was the Chief Investment Officer & CEO of a Singapore Registered Fund Management Company (RFMC) where he is responsible for listed Asian equity investments. KB had taught accounting at the Singapore Management University (SMU) as a faculty member and also pioneered the 15-week course on Accounting Fraud in Asia as an official module at SMU. KB remains grateful and honored to be invited by Singapore’s financial regulator Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to present to their top management team about implementing a world’s first fact-based forward-looking fraud detection framework to bring about benefits for the capital markets in Singapore and for the public and investment community. KB also served the community in sharing his insights in writing articles about value investing and corporate governance in the media that include Business Times, Straits Times, Jakarta Post, Manual of Ideas, Investopedia, TedXWallStreet. He had also presented in top investment, banking and finance conferences in America, Italy, Sydney, Cape Town, HK, China. He has trained CEOs, entrepreneurs, CFOs, management executives in business strategy & business model innovation in Singapore, HK and China.

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