40 years of Sholay: Lessons for Corporate India from Amitabh Bachchan – Bamboo Innovator Daily: 13 Aug (Thurs)


  • 40 years of Sholay: Lessons for Corporate India from Amitabh Bachchan: Business Standard
  • That little voice in our head: Star
  • Octopuses, genes and intelligence: Tentacles that think; Studying cephalopods may illuminate the evolution of brains of all sorts: Economist
  • Shooting for Start-up Success? Take a Detour: K@W
  • Never call your customers. Research shows phoning customers is outdated, intrusive and most importantly, nothing but a waste of time.: TheAge


  • Business Book Award longlist: must-read titles of 2015: FT
  • The Innovation Paradox: Why Good Businesses Kill Breakthroughs and How They Can Change: Amazon, CFA

Investing Process

  • Buffett’s biggest deal casts light on pension burden: Reuters
  • Avoiding Process Drift: AWOCS
  • Lists of Market Wisdom: SC
  • Asking the right questions: Investors need to step up when it comes to engaging company boards and holding them accountable.: BT
  • Charley Ellis: Why active managers extract value from the investment process: EI
  • A stockpicker confesses to recommendations you should not buy: FT
  • Why Not Insider Trade on Every Company?: Bloomberg
  • Trading Investigation Eyes Ex-Chairman of Dean Foods and Golfer Phil Mickelson: WSJ
  • Company Documents Get Graphic to Increase Transparency: WSJ
  • FASB Updates Revenue Recognition Rules to Reflect Delay: WSJ

Greater China

  • Maybe China Doesn’t Have a Master Plan: Bloomberg
  • Currency Rout Goes Global as Jen Sees Risk of 50% Loss on China: Bloomberg
  • Alibaba Is Planning Its Comeback From the World’s Biggest Wipeout of Market Value; It took less than a year for Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. to turn from a stock-market darling into the biggest source of shareholder losses worldwide: Bloomberg
  • Alibaba by the Numbers: Six Big Metrics From New Report Card: Bloomberg
  • With Sales Slowing, Luxury Brands Are Finding Hong Kong Rent Too High: Bloomberg
  • Here’s the Recent History of the Chinese Yuan in One Big Chart: Bloomberg
  • What Does China’s Devaluation Mean?: Bloomberg
  • Lessons for China from past currency peg mistakes: FT
  • China Black Swans Not So Rare Anymore as PBOC Shocks Markets: Bloomberg
  • Global Chinese Consumer Leaves No Winners in Luxury Stocks Rout: Bloomberg
  • WeChat’s Growth Shows Why Messaging Apps Attract Big Valuations: Bloomberg
  • Anger brews as China steel exporters cut prices after yuan drop: TheAge
  • Devaluation Hints at China’s Rising Distress Over Economy: NYT


  • Indian makers are still the stuff of Modi’s dreams; A goal to increase manufacturing is overdue but the obstacles are formidable: FT
  •  The technology tribe: Shift from traditional businesses; Though innovations have triggered a gentle new wave in brick-and-mortar businesses, the burgeoning startup culture in India is unequivocally tech-led and valuation-motivated: Forbes

Japan & Korea

  • Beauty Without Borders as South Korean Products Sell in America: Bloomberg
  • New ‘K-beauty brands’ find niche overseas: KH
  • South Korea Struggles With Legacy of Japanese Colonization: WSJ


  • Singapore’s white-collar crime buster admits that it needs to get to the bottom of the penny stock scandal that wiped $8 billion off the value of three share counters in 2013.: AsiaOne
  • Ringgit Weakens Beyond 4 Per U.S. Dollar for First Time Since 1998: Bloomberg
  • Head of Myanmar ruling party removed in power struggle: AsiaOne
  • ‘Cronies’ of Former Myanmar Regime Thrive Despite U.S. Blacklist; Targeted companies such as Myanmar’s Asia World keep a tight hold on the country’s economy: WSJ
  • Widodo Reaches for Indonesia Reboot as Currency Pressure Mounts: Bloomberg


  • On Your Marks: The Race to Global Manufacturing Leadership Is On: Forbes
  • How to Make Private Equity Honest: Bloomberg
  • Redefining EM: governance regimes are the key distinction; The term ‘emerging markets’ should be replaced by six categories based on governance regimes: FT
  • Yuan Devaluation Boosts Investors Betting Against Asia: WSJ

Energy & Commodities

  • Cheap Debt Evaporates for Junk Companies in Oil’s Cruel Summer; The weakest corporate borrowers are finding the days of free-flowing credit quickly evaporating: Bloomberg
  • The world’s producers are boiling in cheap oil; Financial pressures on petro-states continue to increase: FT
  • Struggling dairy farmers scramble to sell milk directly to customers; Surge of dairy farmers using online marketplaces to achieve a higher price of milk: Telegraph
  • Solyndra 2.0 Nears Bankruptcy As Bonds Collapse To Record Lows: zh


  • Biotech Stocks Are on the Brink of a Correction: Bloomberg


  • Google learns ABCs of conglomerate life: Reuters
  • The Top Questions Facing Alphabet, the New Google Conglomerate: Bloomberg
  • Alphabet can create a clever conglomerate; Big companies outperform when they exploit their advantages: FT
  • The Example Larry and Sergey Should Follow (It’s Not Buffet): HBR
  • Inc quietly shuttered a pay-per-click advertising programme that allowed businesses to divert traffic from the retailer’s platform to their own websites : Star
  • Why Streaming Services Are So Secretive: Bloomberg
  • Retailer-backed mobile wallet to rival Apple Pay set for test: Reuters

Consumer & Others

  • How LaCroix Beat Coke and Pepsi in the Sparkling Water Wars; The generic-looking brand has found a loyal following—particularly on Instagram.: Bloomberg
  • Industrialist Heir to the Fiat Dynasty Charts His Course: NYT

About bambooinnovator
KB Kee is the Managing Editor of the Moat Report Asia (, a research service focused exclusively on highlighting undervalued wide-moat businesses in Asia; subscribers from North America, Europe, the Oceania and Asia include professional value investors with over $20 billion in asset under management in equities, some of the world’s biggest secretive global hedge fund giants, and savvy private individual investors who are lifelong learners in the art of value investing. KB has been rooted in the principles of value investing for over a decade as an analyst in Asian capital markets. He was head of research and fund manager at a Singapore-based value investment firm. As a member of the investment committee, he helped the firm’s Asia-focused equity funds significantly outperform the benchmark index. He was previously the portfolio manager for Asia-Pacific equities at Korea’s largest mutual fund company. KB has trained CEOs, entrepreneurs, CFOs, management executives in business strategy, value investing, macroeconomic and industry trends, and detecting accounting frauds in Singapore, HK and China. KB was a faculty (accounting) at SMU teaching accounting courses. KB is currently the Chief Investment Officer at an ASX-listed investment holdings company since September 2015, helping to manage the listed Asian equities investments in the Hidden Champions Fund. Disclaimer: This article is for discussion purposes only and does not constitute an offer, recommendation or solicitation to buy or sell any investments, securities, futures or options. All articles in the website reflect the personal opinions of the writer.

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