Billionaire Charlie Munger’s favorite life hack can help anyone be more successful; Here’s what Jeff Bezos says he’s looking for in an Amazon show: “One way you can think about TV is you can say, ‘I want to make something that millions and millions of people are going to watch.’ If that’s your starting point, you paint yourself into a corner and you often end up with homogenized, uninteresting content. If you say, ‘Let’s hire the world’s greatest storytellers. Let’s encourage them to take risks,’ then you’re going to end up with a remarkable story, and remarkable stories always find an audience.” – Bamboo Innovator Daily: 16 Jul (Thurs)


  • Billionaire Charlie Munger’s favorite life hack can help anyone be more successful: BI
  • Here’s what Jeff Bezos says he’s looking for in an Amazon show: “One way you can think about TV is you can say, ‘I want to make something that millions and millions of people are going to watch.’ If that’s your starting point, you paint yourself into a corner and you often end up with homogenized, uninteresting content. If you say, ‘Let’s hire the world’s greatest storytellers. Let’s encourage them to take risks,’ then you’re going to end up with a remarkable story, and remarkable stories always find an audience.”: BI
  • 25 super-successful people share their best career advice for 20-somethings: BI
  • 5 habits visionary thinkers have in common: BI
  • July 15, 1838: Young Emerson’s Extraordinary Harvard Divinity School Address; Speak the truth, and all nature and all spirits help you with unexpected furtherance.  BP
  • How a debate between two of Wall Street’s most powerful CEOs went completely off the rails; “the problems you had in ’07, where you had brand names on a lot of these housing things; but worse than that, they believe there is liquidity here”: BI
  • 3 ways flat management structures can kill your business; It’s not about choosing the trendiest flat organization to adopt. It’s about finding the one that works best for your company. FastCo
  • Growing beyond the core business: McKinsey
  • Diebold Grows Bold: The ATM maker is remaking itself into a services-driven company. An Interview with Christopher A. Chapman, SVP and CFO, Diebold. CFO
  • Trump Builds One Brand and Damages Another; His true gift is an ability to exploit other people’s emotions, even those whose response to him is revulsion. It’s the art and craft of a demagogue.  NYT
  • Here’s why Salma Hayek’s billionaire husband made her go back to work after having a baby: BI
  • A Case of Successful Failure: Strategy&

Investing Process

  •  Hong Kong Regulator Orders Suspension of All Hanergy Trading: Bloomberg
  • AirAsia: Answer the Questions… GMT
  •  Toshiba chiefs to quit as panel finds ‘organized’ accounting fraud; Toshiba’s cooked books: JT1JT2
  • Toshiba’s accounting firm Ernst & Young that signed off on years of inappropriately calculated earnings going under the microscope next by accountants’ association: Nikkei
  • SEC Charges 34 Defendants In Microcap Stock Manipulation Scheme: VW
  • Toshiba faces $3 billion in charges over accounting scandal: Reuters
  • Short Investing Philosophies: Ten words or less. Fool
  • Deals That Win: Twelve years of data shows that mergers and acquisitions that apply or enhance capabilities produce superior returns.: Strategy&

Greater China

  • Why Xi Can’t Wrestle Down China’s $10 Trillion Economy: Bloomberg
  • China Market a Bad Casino, Hedge Fund Managers Say: WSJ
  • Investors flock to sell properties, cancel contracts: Nikkei
  • Investors Aren’t Buying China’s Fairy Tales; China’s 7% growth is too good to be true and can’t hide the challenges of rebalancing the economy. Barron’s
  • Why China’s stock market bubble was always bound to burst: Guardian
  • China Stocks Slump Over 10% Post-Intervention: Derivatives Dealers Reveal $150 Billion In “Questionable” Exposure: zh
  • Wan Li, Reformer and Last of China’s Eight Immortals, Dies at 98: Bloomberg
  • Chinese Arms Dealer Stuck in Real Estate Quagmire; Home buyers are protesting China Poly Group, a state-owned weapons seller that has delved into real estate, over claims that the co failed to build amenities near its housing properties. WSJ
  • Behind China’s Dwindling Forex Reserves, A Plan to Boost the Yuan: WSJ
  • Sheepherder Turned Billionaire Eyes Micron to Build Chip Empire: Bloomberg
  • Billionaire Paul Singer: China Crash Is ‘Way Bigger Than Subprime’: Bloomberg
  • If You’re Feeling Bullish on China, Consult Dr. Copper: Bloomberg
  • Leadership in China Confronts Tougher Tasks Than in Boom: Bloomberg
  • College Kid’s Secret Stock Trade Shows China’s Moral Hazard: Bloomberg
  • WSJ Notes “Chances That China’s Data Is Real Is Very Low” Then Promptly Scrubs It: ZH
  • China’s Debt-to-GDP Ratio Just Climbed to a Record High; China’s debt is still growing faster than its economy: Bloomberg
  • BlackRock warns on China intervention; foreign investors could refuse to play in the Chinese markets if they perceive them to be rigged.: FT
  • Environmental, social and other risks stalk Chinese listed companies; The A-share crisis has done little to expose risks facing investors in Chinese groups listed overseas: FT
  • Xi’s imperial presidency has its weaknesses; Paralysis ensues as courtiers try to ‘guess the will of the emperor’: FT
  • Reminiscences of a Chinese stock operator: FT
  •  It’s fine, there’s plenty of China bubble fear for everyone: FT
  • Of brokerage booms, hidden debt and Chinese GDP data: FT
  • China crackdown on meat smuggling stokes risky underground, unfrozen trade: JT
  • Xi Jinping’s penchant for meetings big and small: ST
  • The secret behind how Chinese furniture retail entrepreneur Che Jianxin outdid his foreign rivals: SCMP
  • Chinese investors may have lost billions on a mysterious metals-trading scheme at Fanya Metals Exchange, a trading platform-turned-asset manager that counts China’s biggest banks and metals companies among its partners: qz
  • Dongguan’s robot business set to boom: WCT


  • Smart card: Black money lessons from Goa, a state where everyone wants cash: FirstPost

Japan & Korea

  • Posco Sinks to 9-Year Low as Revival Plan Fails to Convince: Bloomberg
  • How Nintendo Squandered Its Wii Triumph: Bloomberg
  • Samsung and Shylock: Korean Takeover Fight Gets Uglier; Anti-Semitism flares up against billionaire investor Paul Singer, painted in the press as one of a cabal of ‘ruthless’ Jews: Bloomberg
  • Robots are the staff in this cost-cutting Japanese hotel: BI
  • AmorePacific taps growing US taste for natural beauty products: FT
  • Nintendo’s wizards put the magic into video games; Iwata and Miyamoto expanded the hobby of teenagers into family-oriented fun: FT
  • Samsung: The activist vs the ‘owners’; Activist investors are intent on blocking Cheil Industries’ move to buy a sister business: FT
  • Bandai Namco sees new ‘Gundam’ taking off in Asia: Nikkei
  • Suzuki knows how to make cars, but can it fill boss’ shoes?: Nikkei
  • Park mulls tycoon pardons: KH
  • As Vote Nears, Samsung Pulls Out All the Stops; Samsung employees woo shareholders over merger crucial for Lee family control; hand-delivered watermelons; “I was disappointed at Samsung’s attitude, which deceives small shareholders”: WSJ


  • Singapore’s Auditor-General Willie Tan has signalled his concern over the way government agencies handle conflicts of interest, or related-party transactions, in business matters. AsiaOne
  • NLB in police probe for possible illegal procurement over conflict of interest in related party transactions.: TODAY
  • Singapore’s Housing Market Will Face Tougher Times With Sales Slumping: Bloomberg
  • Far East Organisation founder Ng Teng Fong earned the epithet of “the King of Orchard Road” for a very good reason. AsiaOne


  • Leon Black’s Sell-Everything Call Has Been Heard by His Rivals: Bloomberg
  • Pay Ratio Disclosure: A Look at the Latest Public Comments: WSJ

Energy & Commodities

  • Anglo American takes up to $4bn hit on falling commodities: AFP
  • For Asia’s Oil Consumers, It’s a Buyer’s Market; With ample supply, oil refineries in Asia have increasing influence over prices: WSJ
  • Fonterra Sheds Jobs as Global Dairy Slump Deepens; New Zealand dairy giant reviews business as global supplies stay high, Chinese demand softens: WSJ


  • What Drives Innovation in Health Care?: K@W
  • Specialty Pharmacies Proliferate, Along With Questions: NYT
  • 11 scientists who are transforming how we treat disease, see the brain, and engineer our genes: BI
  • There’s a vaccine that protects against a cancer-causing virus — and Americans aren’t taking it: BI
  • Drug trial hints at possible way to tackle Alzheimer’s; Professor spends 40 years researching treatment for amyloidosis: FT
  • This revolutionary blood test just cleared another major hurdle: BI


  • Ancestors, Inc.: Inside the remarkable rise of the genealogy industry; MyHeritage asked its 80 million members for photos of ancestors that strongly resembled them, and the family-tree business grew yet again. FastCo
  • How Jeff Bezos leads Amazon’s TV and movie-making efforts; Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is hands-on when deciding what TV shows his studio should make, but hands-off once the shows are actually being made. CNN
  • Discovery Communications & the Uncertain Future of Pay-TV: Punchcard
  • Why Adobe Flash won’t die, even though we all want it to: BI
  • The surprising way Amazon uses Pinterest to develop original TV shows; “I have notions for the show, but I don’t write anything down,” Price says. “Get a hundred pictures that really capture it and put them on Pinterest and you don’t have to pitch — you can just show people.”: BI
  • French gadget-makers pour into the ‘internet of things’: FT
  • Technology Will Speed You Through the Airport of the Future; Car-parking robots, tracking beacons and facial recognition systems aim to make travel relaxing: WSJ
  • Mpesa: the costs of evolving an independent central bank; why it’s dangerous to treat fintech solutions as panaceas for economies struggling with productivity, poor credit profiles, tax collection issues and overall corruption : FT
  • Ecommerce Fraud-fighting firm Ethoca secures US$45 million equity investment: FP

Consumer & Others

  • How Daniel Wellington Made a $200 Million Business Out of Cheap Watches; Relying almost entirely on sly social media promotion, founder Filip Tysander is making a killing selling inexpensive, Chinese-built timepieces (that look fancy: bloomberg
  • Nike invented an amazing shoe for people with disabilities: BI
  • Brewers ferment big plans in Southeast Asia; Beer consumptions has seen stellar growth but investments are not without risks: FT

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