“Immerse yourself in the common ground of the universe so that your true voice – not the egoistic voice that clamors vainly for power (for it will ruin you if you listen to it) – your authentic voice may be heard.”; 9 books that will inspire your kids to build, invent, and engineer – Bamboo Innovator Daily: 30 Jul (Thurs)


  • “Immerse yourself in the common ground of the universe so that your true voice – not the egoistic voice that clamors vainly for power (for it will ruin you if you listen to it) – your authentic voice . may be heard.”: BP
  • 9 books that will inspire your kids to build, invent, and engineer: BI
  • LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman shares 3 lessons he learned from the failure of his first company: BI
  • The Power Of Words: GF1, GF2
  • Poland’s wealthiest entrepreneur, Jan Kulczyk, dies, aged 65; Jan Kulczyk, who played a central role in Poland’s post-communist transformation has died, aged 65, after complications following surgery: FT
  • Unlocking the Three-fold Secret to Great Leadership: K@W
  • The First Step to Successful Innovation? Choosing the Right Partners: K@W
  • Organizational Culture: The Payoff Is in the Blend: CFO
  • Today’s Exhausted Superkids: NYT
  • That ‘Useless’ Liberal Arts Degree Has Become Tech’s Hottest Ticket: Forbes
  • The non-business classics that inspire; works of fiction, biographies and histories can offer solid career and business advice to the ambitious because they are more reflective of the deeper human psyche: FT
  • Shareholder value is a cover for over-mighty chief executives; The critique of dividends and buybacks by the BoE’s Andy Haldane begs a vital question: FT
  • How Intelligence Shifts With Age; We seem to get slower and wiser at the same time: WSJ
  • 3 common words that make you sound rude in emails: BI


  • The Folly of Fools: The Logic of Deceit and Self-Deception in Human Life: Amazon

Investing Process

  • Daewoo’s $2.6-billlion accounting fiasco: KT
  • SGX issues trading query for Noble shares which tumbled 14% in a day to S$0.505, the lowest since November 2008: BT
  • Japan’s Enron Reckoning: Bloomberg
  • Noble Group’s Buybacks Exceed Almost All Its Recent Acquisitions: Bloomberg
  • Single call led to unraveling of Toshiba accounting fraud: Nikkei
  • Newfangled tech uncovered old-fashioned fraud; Initial searches found Tanaka’s email trail to be puzzlingly short for a man with a reputation for banging out message after message: Nikkei
  • Toshiba scandal puts focus on Japan’s cut-price company audits: Reuters
  • Buffett, Munger & Graham: Collection Of Words, Quotes Or Disciplines: RBCPA
  • The riff: Aesthetics and annual reports; Purely functional design is just fine for financial documents – anything more is an irritation: FT
  • Honesty and quelling culture clash are vital for successful ‘mergers; Calling a deal a takeover instead of the oft-used ‘merger of equals’ can help avoid cultural clashes: FT

Greater China

  • Uncertain times fuel occult beliefs in China’s Party hierarchy: Reuters
  • Chinese Regulator Probes Stock Sales; Move comes after the securities regulator banned senior executives and some shareholders from dumping stocks: WSJ
  • The ripple effects of China’s market woes; Clumsy intervention has had a chilling influence on global sentiment: FT
  • China anti-graft purge recovers $6.2bn in ill-gotten gains: FT
  • Goldman says Chinese metals in for a ‘hard landing’: FT
  • China markets regulator warns media on ‘market disturbance’: FT
  • Review: ‘China’s Disruptors’ by Edward Tse; View of entrepreneurs as agents of change is too rosy: FT
  • Short sellers in China much smaller than Beijing thinks: SCMP
  • Avic boss punished for selling shares of subsidiary despite chairman’s vow: SCMP
  • Taiwan ‘on way to becoming Asia-Pacific asset management hub’: ChinaPost
  • Crowdfuding helped Monkey King become a smash hit, says producer: WCT


  • India reforms target labour anarchy: SCMP
  • Infosys is not a floundering company that needs radical change: Subroto Bagchi: Forbes
  • Vishal Sikka, the outsider at Infosys, wants change: Forbes

Japan & Korea

  • Lotte founder descends after 67 years at helm: AsiaOne
  • Subaru’s secret: Low-paid foreign workers power an export boom; How foreigners have transformed Subaru’s hometown: Reuters1, 2
  • Financial group MUFG to create standard for selling cross-held shares: Nikkei
  • Sony feels it has immersed itself in a virtual shoo-in: Nikkei
  • Flare-up in brothers’ feud catches Lotte Group off guard: Nikkei
  • Korea ratings deteriorate most in decade as export engine stalls: SCMP
  • Lotte family feud heats up; The mother of Shin Dong-joo and Shin Dong-bin, who has mostly stayed in Japan, is said to be the only person who can mediate between her two sons: KT
  • Lotte succession war looming: KT
  • Billionaire Family Feud: Founder of South Korea’s Lotte Group Demoted By Own Son: Forbes
  •  Second son, winner of Lotte power game?: AsiaOne


  •  Blame Mahathir for Malaysia’s current mess: TODAY
  • SE Asian consumers switch to ecommerce: FT
  • Singapore ramps up efforts to achieve digital ambitions; Funding is still dwarfed by China and India however and some decry paucity of ideas: FT


  • World’s Top 3 Shipbuilders Post Record Loss on Deep-Sea Failures: bloomberg
  • U.S. Junk-Bond Buyers Left in Dark as Private Deals Become Norm: Bloomberg
  •  Developed market stocks no longer the path to EM growth: FT
  • BAML new bond indices exclude EM issuers: FT
  • Carlyle and Apollo Find Selling Is Easy; Buying, Not So Much; Private-equity firms reckon with high stock prices that make sales lucrative but purchases expensive: WSJ
  • KT&G CEO quits over slush fund probe: KT
  • The Amount of ETF Shares Being Traded Has Eclipsed U.S. GDP: Bloomberg

Energy & Commodities

  • July robusta coffee ‘squeeze’ takes traders by surprise: FT
  • Molybdenum: Minor Metal Is Major Mistake for Investors; The steelmaking ingredient is the worst-performing metal so far this year, but output may still remain high: WSJ


  • Gilead: the Apple of the Biotech World: WSJ
  • Pharmaceuticals: Prescribing pain; Increasing abuse of painkillers in the US is putting the industry under pressure to make the drugs tamper-proof: FT
  • CVS and Walgreens are completely dominating the US drugstore industry: BI
  • This cutting-edge research is a huge step in the war against the dangerous mysteries of the brain: BI


  • SITA, an aviation technology firm, reported that 44% of airlines planned to install beacon technology over the next three years. Beacons are short-range location devices that interact with mobile devices : Economist
  •  Scientists have found a way to dry clothes using barely any energy: BI
  • Google has a brilliant new tool for avoiding long lines at stores and restaurants: BI
  • The death of the unicorns: How the interest rate bubble might cause a new tech crash: BI
  • Is this woman the next Elon Musk? Her critics say she’s pursuing an impossible idea. But for Meredith Perry, the ambitious co-founder and CEO of uBeam, wireless charging at a distance is the real deal.: Fortune

Consumer & Others

  • Pearson, the Financial Times and the culture of modern capitalism; The fake owners were interested in the share price. The real owners cared about a long-term value, which was certain to increase from these trophy assets. Guardian
  • Warren Buffett is being accused of copying Subway: BI
  •  A new craze has people ‘vaping’ caffeine: BI
  • Victoria’s Secret is missing out on a multibillion dollar opportunity; The plus-size market is worth $9 billion: BI

About bambooinnovator
Kee Koon Boon (“KB”) is the co-founder and director of HERO Investment Management which provides specialized fund management and investment advisory services to the ARCHEA Asia HERO Innovators Fund (www.heroinnovator.com), the only Asian SMID-cap tech-focused fund in the industry. KB is an internationally featured investor rooted in the principles of value investing for over a decade as a fund manager and analyst in the Asian capital markets who started his career at a boutique hedge fund in Singapore where he was with the firm since 2002 and was also part of the core investment committee in significantly outperforming the index in the 10-year-plus-old flagship Asian fund. He was also the portfolio manager for Asia-Pacific equities at Korea’s largest mutual fund company. Prior to setting up the H.E.R.O. Innovators Fund, KB was the Chief Investment Officer & CEO of a Singapore Registered Fund Management Company (RFMC) where he is responsible for listed Asian equity investments. KB had taught accounting at the Singapore Management University (SMU) as a faculty member and also pioneered the 15-week course on Accounting Fraud in Asia as an official module at SMU. KB remains grateful and honored to be invited by Singapore’s financial regulator Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to present to their top management team about implementing a world’s first fact-based forward-looking fraud detection framework to bring about benefits for the capital markets in Singapore and for the public and investment community. KB also served the community in sharing his insights in writing articles about value investing and corporate governance in the media that include Business Times, Straits Times, Jakarta Post, Manual of Ideas, Investopedia, TedXWallStreet. He had also presented in top investment, banking and finance conferences in America, Italy, Sydney, Cape Town, HK, China. He has trained CEOs, entrepreneurs, CFOs, management executives in business strategy & business model innovation in Singapore, HK and China.

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