Morning Bamboo Insight: 2 Sep 2014

Morning Bamboo Insight: 2 Sep 2014

Asia Pacific

  1. (Australia) – An Australian equipment hire specialist, owned by one family for six decades, has won the top gong at Family Business Australia’s annual conference.

  1. (Asean) – Wage Wars Unravel Stitches Of Cambodia’s $5B Garment Sector

  1. (India) – New Breed Of Operators Disrupt India’s Dilapidated On-Demand City Cab Services

  1. (HK/Asia) – Debate on a universal pension highlights need for tax reform

  1. (Thai) – No room for corruption: Thai PM

  1. (Spore) – Lights off on Singapore’s billionaire row as luxury house prices plunge

  1. (India) – With Modi as PM, it is India’s Time in the World

  1. (India) – Maharajas use their wealth to script positive tales


  1. Seneca on Wisdom: “Wisdom is a right understanding, a faculty of discerning good from evil, what is to be chosen and what rejected; a judgment grounded upon the value of things, and not the common opinion of them.”

  1. John Keats on the Quality That Formed a Man of Achievement: Negative Capability, the willingness to embrace uncertainty, mysteries and doubts.

  1. Intellectual acupuncture for business survival

  1. Controversial MLM founder now a monk – for a while

  1. An expert at the quick flip cooking up a whopper deal: Burger King’s chief has displayed both self-belief and financial wizardry

  1. Don’t Get Left Holding The Bag: It is a term that is slowly gaining credence in the investment community: stranded assets. Put simply, the expression refers to an asset that has become obsolete or has ceased to perform in your portfolio.

  1. Stanford Professors Want To Teach You How To Scale Your Business Without Screwing It Up

  1. Brewing An Empire: Rohan Marley On Building His Sustainable Coffee Brand

  1. Welcome to the real Lego land: rebuilding the brand brick by brick; The tiny Danish town of Billund is creative cornerstone to the famous toy firm. With a new visitor centre opening, CEO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp explains how Lego returned to its foundations


  1. (China/Tech) – Baidu Disconnects from Its Plan to Join Gov’t Telecoms Pilot; Search giant never partnered with a member of Big Three to resell phone service as part of mobile virtual network operator experiment

  1. (China/Tech) – The Once-beloved Microsoft Messenger to Finally Shut Down in Mainland China

  1. (China/Tech) – China’s Coolpad Races To Sell More Smartphones For Less Online

  1. (Taiwan/Tech) – The Government of Singapore Investment Corp (GIC) has invested US$104 million in the popular Taiwan-based music streaming service KKBOX Inc.


  1. (Korea/Consumer) – Starbucks in Korea costs twice as much as US; Korean Starbucks have a higher operating cost because customers tend to stay and sit in the stores longer.

Investing Process

  1. The four delusions that cost VCs money


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