Morning Bamboo Insight: 20 Sep 2014

Morning Bamboo Insight: 20 Sep 2014


  1. The Accidental Billionaire Activists; From Russia to Argentina, the ultra-wealthy sometimes inadvertently strike a blow for liberty and the rule of law.

  1. Bridgewater Asssociates Launches New Strategy For First Time In 18 Years

Asia Pacific

  1. (Thai) – The Stock Exchange of Thailand has discussed with the Securities and Exchange Commission ways to control overheating of stock prices and their irregular movement, and the rapid gains of IPO shares of listed companies

  1. (India) – Reining in Goat Funds to Curtail Fraud in India

  1. (Japan) – Nuclear Power-less Japan Must Pay for Fuel Imports in Weak Yen

  1. (Isia) – Indonesia to hike subsidised fuel price to cut budget deficit

  1. (Spore) – A regulatory body separate from SGX?

  1. (Spore/China) – S’pore seriously considering third China park project; It will focus on connectivity and modern services

  1. (Japan) – Leading Japanese entrepreneurs race to burnish global image

  1. Abe in WSJ op-ed: The Next Stage of Abenomics Is Coming; Make no mistake, Japan will emerge from economic contraction and carry out needed structural reforms.

  1. (China) – China’s Housing Slump Accelerates, Worst In Over Three Years

  1. (Japan) – Bullish on Japanese Small-Caps


  1. Ken Burns on “The Roosevelts” and American Leadership

  1. Better Teachers Receive Worse Student Evaluations

  1. IBM CEO Ginny Rometty on leadership, challenges, and reinvention

  1. The Glock Family Feud: Founder’s Ex-Wife and Kids Speak Out for the First Time

  1. Where some see forests, others see distinct trees; The varying world views of culturally mixed groups raises implications for managing them

  1. Looking for a disruptive edge; Singapore companies must look beyond just new technologies and products to come up with disruptive innovations that will achieve game-changing performance

  1. Singapore’s pioneer generation card is overhyped. Medical bill of $76 gives $3.20 discount

  1. Strange photo of Lee Kuan Yew’s birthday on ST …


  1. IBM CEO Ginni Rometty gets past the Big Blues

  1. There’s a Downside to Making Parts for Apple; At least nine publicly traded companies receive more than 40 percent of their revenue from Apple.

  1. Tim Cook Interview: The iPhone 6, the Apple Watch, and Remaking a Company’s Culture

  1. (China/Tech) – Alibaba’s plan: Today, China. Tomorrow, the world

  1. (China/Tech) – Alibaba Mania Isn’t Built to Last

  1. (Japan/Tech) – Sony Plans to Turn Game Division into Hub

  1. Oracle’s Power-Sharing Deal Carries Challenges; Safra Catz, Mark Hurd Inherit From Larry Ellison a Company Beset by Rivals

  1. Status-Seekers and ‘Wantrepreneurs’: Still Far From Thiel’s Tech Utopia

  1. (China/Tech) – Alibaba’s Political Risk; The giant IPO is a business triumph, but Beijing’s blessing can be fleeting

  1. (China/Tech) – China’s Tencent Wants to Make Movies (Just Like Everyone Else)

  1. (China/Tech) – With A Market Cap Of $168 Billion, Alibaba Is Bigger Than…

  1. (China/Tech) – How Alibaba’s Tmall and Taobao Affect Overall Results


  1. (Consumer/Tech) – Need Liquor Delivered Now? The Startup World’s Got You Covered

  1. Is Your Local Craft Beer From Out of State?

  1. Hair-Care Companies Roll Out More Dry Shampoos

Investing Process

  1. Michael Mauboussin: Lessons from Freestyle Chess, Merging Fundamental and Quant Analysis

  1. Undisclosed Insider Activities at 21Vianet (VNET), Says Trinity


  1. The Musk Family Plan for Transforming the World’s Energy; As Cousins and Business Partners, Tesla’s Musk and SolarCity’s Rive Have a Grand Plan for Power Storage

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