Morning Bamboo Insight: 27 Sep 2014

Morning Bamboo Insight: 27 Sep 2014


  1. Goldilocks nationalism: The size and homogeneity of a country’s population has a big bearing on its economic policies

  1. The future of banking: You’re boring. Get used to it; Big banks have changed a lot, but there is more restructuring to come

Asia Pacific

  1. (China) – China’s communist party expels senior internet regulator for graft

  1. (India) – India’s economy: Reform à la Modi; The new government’s modest policies will not bring back 9% growth

  1. (China) – Investing in Chinese shares: Rickety rails; A new tie-up opens Shanghai’s stockmarket to foreigners

  1. (Japan) – Gambling in Japan: Legal gambling and changing tastes threaten the huge pachinko business

  1. (Korea) – Taxing corporate cash: A tempting target; South Korea’s government tries to get firms to spend their accumulated riches

  1. (India) – India in space: MOMs are from Mars; A giant step for national pride

  1. (India) – India’s ruling party: Floating high; The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party eyes a new round of electoral gains

  1. (Asia) – Corporate saving in Asia: A $2.5 trillion problem; Japanese and South Korean firms are the world’s biggest cash-hoarders. This hurts their economies

  1. (China) – China’s water crisis: Grand new canals; Vast new waterways will not solve China’s desperate water shortages

  1. (Korea) – South Korea embezzlement probe of Kumho Asiana highlights governance woes

  1. (China) – Shaolin Temple kicks out at administration over ticket revenue


  1. The Show-Off Society; Has there been an explosion of elite ostentation? If so, does it reflect moral decline, or a change in circumstances?

  1. The arduous work of imposing order is critical to success in any realm, from the international state system to one’s own mind

  1. Scrambled signals: Did financial journalists fail to spot the crisis?

  1. The look of a leader: Getting to the top is as much to do with how you look as what you achieve

  1. Human evolution: Fireside tales; The invention of fire may explain the preference for evening entertainment

  1. Scientific publishing: Changes that will bring scientific discovery more freely into the public domain are happening. About time too

  1. A Billionaire Facebook Co-Founder’s Guide To Becoming An Awesome Entrepreneur

  1. How Tory Burch Built A $3.5 Billion Company In Less Than A Decade

  1. How to market brand Beyoncé; The R&B megastar is fond of risky commercial decisions

  1. China: Restaurant ‘sold opium-laced noodles’ in an apparent effort to keep customers coming back


  1. Decrypting Google: Don’t be modest; The search giant shares some of its business methods

  1. Oracle’s boss resigns: Transition, not succession; Larry Ellison’s job swap is only the start of a big transition at the firm he founded

  1. US media mergers have dried up but Univision may be on the cards

  1. Peter Thiel: Robots are our saviours, not the enemy; The alternative is a world in which wages fall and prices rise

  1. (China/Tech) – E-commerce supply chain platform CCIG Mall brings Italian products to China




  1. (Healthcare/Tech) – Market for Online Sales of Prescription Drugs Grows in Fits and Starts

Investing Process

  1. The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged a Silicon Valley software company and two former executives in an accounting fraud where timesheets were falsified to hit quarterly financial targets.




  1. Oil majors’ R&D into conventional and renewable energy at risk; The companies that own the world’s most powerful supercomputers for commercial use are not in the information technology industry, neither in biotech nor even finance.


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