Morning Bamboo Insight: 26 Sep 2014

Morning Bamboo Insight: 26 Sep 2014


  1. Former GM Product Czar Says Tesla Is ‘Grossly Overvalued’

  1. Property: Land of opportunity; To its advocates, land value tax has almost magical powers. Has its moment finally come?

  1. We have to hope smart beta is not another example of dumb alpha

  1. After nearly a decade, the NYFSE’s comeback is finally complete. (Suck it, NASDAQ)

  1. 2 & 20 is Dead – 1 & 15 is on the Way Out in Hedge Funds..

Asia Pacific

  1. (Viet) – Vietnam Growth Worst Since 1980s Seen on Credit Crunch: Economy

  1. (Korea) – Korea’s Wealth Fund Doubling Staff to Pick Buffett-Style Stocks

  1. (India) – Sugar Turns Bitter for India Mills as Losses Increase

  1. (Japan) – Yen Befuddles as Kuroda-Inspired Selloff Accelerates: Currencies

  1. (China) – China Watchdog Finds $10 Billion in Fake Currency Trade

  1. (India) – India Supreme Court confirms cancellation of coal licences

  1. (Asia) – Corporate policing in Asia has improved even as companies’ own governance has slowed, according to a study that names Japan as the most-improved market while South Korean groups’ standards have deteriorated.

  1. (Isia) – Widodo seeks to pin old Jakarta on to the tourist map

  1. (Asia) – Corruption is messy for business in Asia; Managers have to figure out how to avoid paying bribes – or how to pay without being caught

  1. (India) – These numbers capture India’s historic and incredibly frugal Mars mission


  1. Trust Me, Trust Me Not; when to – when not to – believe what others say from The Power of Noticing by Max Bazerman

  1. How Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Went From A Startup Failure To One Of The Hottest Names In Silicon Valley

  1. 26 Quotes On Getting Ahead From The World’s Hottest CEOs

  1. 12 Teddy Roosevelt Quotes On Courage, Leadership, And Success

  1. Shortlist unveiled for FT and McKinsey Business Book of the Year

  1. Review: ‘Leading The Life You Want’ by Stew Friedman

  1. The Intuitive Investor: Non-Attachment Is the Key Intuition Skill


  1. (China/Tech) – Shorting Alibaba Costs 7% to Borrow Shares After IPO

  1. Apple’s Manufacturing Costs Reveal The Profits It Will Make On iPhone 6; You’re paying a whole lot more for iPhone 6 Plus even though it doesn’t cost Apple that much more to make it

  1. Here Are The Next Three Industries Apple Is Likely To Reinvent

  1. The Guy Who Turned Down $500 Million For His Startup Just Landed $1 Billion Valuation; Qualtrics lets companies perform sophisticated employee and customer surveys in the cloud

  1. Rocket Internet: red glare; Lots of good things, and nothing but losses

  1. MailOnline and the next page for the ‘sidebar of shame’; Martin Clarke has made the MailOnline site a traffic magnet

  1. (Isia/Tech) – Indonesia’s Telkom set to build 20 “Digital Valleys”


  1. (Japan/Consumer) – Domino’s Revamps Pizza Menus to Win Japan’s Working Women

  1. (Consumer) – Tesco May Be Cut to Junk on Overstated Profit Forecast, S&P Says

  1. (Consumer/Japan) – 12 Reasons Why Eating At KFC Japan Is Completely Different Than It Is In The US

  1. United Biscuits shortlists potential buyers including Kellogg’s


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