Daily Bamboo Innovator Insight (Investing Process, Research): Thursday 13 Nov 2014 – Michael Mauboussin: Attributes of a Good Investment Process

Investing Process

Michael Mauboussin: Attributes of a Good Investment Process: ValueWalk, PPT

Legendary Finance Professor Ben Graham Revealed The Problem With Earnings Announcements Decades Ago: BusinessInsider

Asset Management: A Systematic Approach to Factor Investing: Amazon

Buffett Said He Paid a Lot. $15 Billion Later, BNSF Is a Cash Machine. ‘He Stole It’: Bloomberg


Does Culture Matter for Development? SSRN

Acquisition Decisions of Zero-Leverage Firms: SSRN

Daily Bamboo Innovator Insight (Sector): Thursday 13 Nov 2014 – Cathay Financial to Buy $92 Billion Asset Manager Conning for $240m, or 0.26% of AUM

Consumer, Financial and Others

Coke CEO faces super-sized challenges: ValueWalk

British supermarkets: A trolley-load of pain; Even Sainsbury’s, an upmarket grocer, is feeling the heat from the discount retailers: Economist

Billionaire Corona Beer Heir Mesmerizes Junk Bond Buyers: Bloomberg

Cathay Financial to Buy $92 Billion Asset Manager Conning for $240m, or 0.26% of AUM: Bloomberg

Why Tesla Motors Inc. Is Simplifying Its Vehicle Lineup: Nasdaq

Commodities and Energy

Brent Falls Below $80 For First Time in 4 Years on Glut: Bloomberg

Economic and practical obstacles limit Mexico’s shale ambitions: FT

Accuracy of Bakken Volatility Tests Face More Challenges; Industry, Canadian Officials Fear That Explosive Risk of North Dakota Oil Is Understated: WSJ

Ford in vanguard of aluminium revolution: FT

Daily Bamboo Innovator Insight (Macro & Country): Thursday 13 Nov 2014 – Wison Stock Collapses After Halt Lifted And Billionaire Chairman Charged

Greater China

Wison Stock Collapses After Halt Lifted And Chairman Charged: Bloomberg

China’s Property Market Bottoming Out? Not So Fast: WSJ

Hong Kong fund managers eye Shanghai stock linkup as China investment quotas run out: Reuters

China Hunger for Clean Energy to Leave No Rooftop Behind: Bloomberg

19 Chinese provinces to reform and securitize state-own businesses: WantChinaTimes

China transforming from world’s factory into world’s investor: WantChinaTimes

In China, small potatoes corrupt big: OffBeat

Japan and Korea

Yen Capitulation Awakens Intervention Ghosts: Chart of the Day: Bloomberg

Japan actions risk igniting currency war; Devaluation is becoming a habit in an economy that has lost its edge: FT

Japan firms overwhelmingly want Abe to delay tax hike: TheStar

Honda grandees chide CEO over quality, recalls: TheStar

Novelis, the world’s leading aluminum rolling and recycling company, has recycled 20 billion aluminum beverage cans in Korea; Novelis recycles about 50 billion used beverage cans a year across the globe. KoreaTimes


Vietnam Tightens Valuations to Clean Up Bad Debt: Southeast Asia: Bloomberg

Singapore to Face Fire Sales With Home Curbs, Developer Says: Bloomberg

Joko Widodo — CEO of Indonesia Inc. JakartaPost

‘Thailand could become financial hub’ rivalling Singapore, Malaysia: Nation

Shedding light on a company that is increasingly subject to public scrutiny. From humble beginnings, the company is on its way to becoming a leading player in Malaysia’s real estate sector: TheStar

Pelikan is transferring RM1.05bil assets to its 71.32%-owned Germany-listed subsidiary Herlitz AG at a discount, as the struggling stationery maker seeks to boost current stock valuations and raise fresh funding for future growth: TheStar

To lure the bull, SGX must look beyond the China shop: BT

Shanghai-HK link leaves a Singapore divide: BT

Bakries say ‘no easy fixes’ to Bumi default: JakartaPost

Myanmar Paper Replays Junta’s Tunes; Makeover for State-Run New Light of Myanmar Appears to Be Short-Lived: WSJ


Million-Dollar Homes in Sydney Highlights RBA’s Dilemma: Bloomberg


Italians Say No to Risk as Slump Takes Toll on Startups: Bloomberg

The US is a huge hedge fund: FT

An imperfect plan for fixing the next crisis; In a serious crunch, it would be every bank regulator for itself: FT

Tim Geithner reveals in the raw how Europe’s leaders tried to commit financial suicide; Taped transcripts of the former US Treasury Secretary expose a catalogue of errors that will haunt Europe for years, made worse by misplaced righteousness: Telegraph

Japan-China Face Off in Asian Currency War; A snap Japan election may undermine reforms and put Asia’s two economic titans on a collision course. Barron’s

The Wolves of Forex; Foul-mouthed traders aren’t the biggest manipulators of currency markets. WSJ

Asian Companies Flock Into Aircraft Leasing; Li Ka-shing, Chinese Players, Japanese Seek Assets: WSJ

Daily Bamboo Innovator Insight (TMT): Thursday 13 Nov 2014 – MediaTek chief named as one of world’s best CEOs


MediaTek chief named as one of world’s best CEOs: ChinaPost

As YouTube pushes into paid content, other online music outlets are being forced to defend or change their business models to better compensate artists: NYTimes

Hasbro Said to Be in Talks to Buy DreamWorks Animation: NYTimes

Tokopedia to initiate ‘Silicon Valley’ in Indonesia: JakartaPost

Samsung Electronics chases curved smartphone wave to beat flat-screen crowd: Reuters

CIOs Turn to “Deputies’ So They Can Stay ‘Out of the Weeds’: WSJ

Venture capital world changing as hedge funds target tech startups: ValueWalk

Amazon to keep investing in cloud despite margin pressure: Reuters

Amazon: ARM Chipmakers Aren’t Matching Intel’s Innovation: Bloomberg

In One Word, Here’s Why Microsoft Should Copy Amazon’s Echo: BusinessInsider

Daily Bamboo Innovator Insight (Life & Books): Thursday 13 Nov 2014 – Peter Thiel’s very negative – and very useful – advice for entrepreneurs


Peter Thiel’s very negative – and very useful – advice for entrepreneurs: Fortune

America’s Youngest Female Billionaire Explains How She’s Transforming Medicine: BusinessInsider

Some Of The Most Successful Businesses In The US Were Started By Entrepreneurs Over Age 50: BusinessInsider

Why Panera’s CEO Wrote A 20-Page Memo About How He Would Destroy Panera: BusinessInsider

Jerry Seinfeld Explains How He’s Remained Consistently Successful: BusinessInsider, WNYC

China’s Philosopher-CEO Zhang Ruimin; Haier’s leader describes how he built a winning global company by continually reframing his management philosophy. Strategy&

The books that illuminate a turbulent decade in business: FT

6 Hustles Warren Buffett Used To Make $53,000 By Age 16: BusinessInsider

From the Knowledge Economy to the Human Economy: HBR

Why Time — Not Money — Is the Key to Happiness: Knowledge@Wharton

Nicholas Kristof’s ‘Path’ to More Effective Giving; New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof discusses how to use your time and money for the greatest good. Knowledge@Wharton

The ‘Too Rich to Succeed’ Challenge Facing Start-ups: Knowledge@Wharton

Customer Loyalty in the Age of Big Data: Knowledge@Wharton

CEO of SAP: Why Writing About the Past Helped Me Lead in the Present: 250 words

Bringing a healthy dose of pragmatism to strategy: McKinsey

The Most Underutilized Tool in Making People Happier at Work: LinkedIn

Is It Legit? A Quick Look At Different Types Of Financial Fraud: Aleph

Scientific Insights From Rats Filled With Regrets; Researchers learn that rodents share what appears to be a uniquely human emotion: WSJ

Problems Plagued Virgin Galactic Rocket Ship Long Before Crash; Richard Branson’s Projections on Launch Ran Counter to Technical Capabilities: WSJ

Making ‘Profit’ a Dirty Word in Higher Education; A million students may lose financial aid thanks to rules that don’t apply to public universities. WSJ

Inventiveness isn’t always the exclusive realm of educated boffins: TheStar

Tatsumi: Godfather of alternative manga is reborn on film: JapanTimes

What would you like to learn today? Building a center for research into Self-Organized Learning: TED

Let it go, let it go: 4 strategies to help you stop micromanaging: BRW

The 7 secrets to Gail Kelly’s success: BRW

Study Reveals The Career Strategy That Top CEOs Have In Common: BusinessInsider

The productivity of PhDs: Lazy graduate students? Economist

8 Ways to Motivate People to Say Yes More Often: FastCompany


Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It…and Why the Rest Don’t: Amazon

The Innovator’s Method: Bringing the Lean Start-up into Your Organization: Amazon

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