Daily Bamboo Innovator Insight: Sun 23 Nov 2014 – Albert Camus’s Beautiful Letter of Gratitude to His Childhood Teacher After Winning the Nobel Prize


Albert Camus’s Beautiful Letter of Gratitude to His Childhood Teacher After Winning the Nobel Prize: BrainPickings

Ursula K. Le Guin on Where Ideas Come From, the “Secret” of Great Writing, and the Trap of Marketing Your Work: BrainPickings

Indonesia’s new president causes a buzz by flying economy: AsiaOne

Sometimes the Best Ideas Come from Outside Your Industry: HBR

Being thankful for little things: Star

The Introvert on the Podium: NYTimes

The Creative Gifts of ADHD: ScientificAmerican

How to use self-doubt to your advantage: NextWeb

The truth about your ego: Why we’re so resistant to change: NextWeb

The Most Difficult Question I Ask Founders: HunterWalk


Leonardo’s Brain: Understanding Da Vinci’s Creative Genius: Amazon, BrainPickings

Uncommon Genius: How Great Ideas are Born: Amazon, BrainPickings

The Most Influential Books of the Past Decade: AdamGrant

Investing Process

Why Alpha’s Getting More Elusive: ETF


China’s rate-cut likely to hurt banks, curb new loans to small borrowers: Reuters

New energy car batteries to be subsidized in China: WantChinaTimes


Central Banks in New Push to Prime Pump; Steps by China, ECB Lift Stocks, but Risk Lurks: WSJ


The Apple Watch Will Have One Key Advantage Over Other Smartwatches: BusinessInsider

At Spain’s Door, a Welcome Mat for Entrepreneurs: NYTimes


Viruses as a Cure: NYTimes

Energy & Commodities

The Downside of the Boom; North Dakota took on the oversight of a multibillion-dollar oil industry with a regulatory system built on trust, warnings and second chances. NYTimes

Opec ‘can’t hold back new era of cheaper oil’: Telegraph

Consumer & Others

The next pop can? How Ford’s new F-150 trucks are shaking up the aluminum industry: FP

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