Daily Bamboo Innovator Insight: Wed 26 Nov 2014 – Google HR Boss Says This Is The Secret To Happiness: An “attitude of gratitude” is the secret to happiness


Google HR Boss Says This Is The Secret To Happiness: BusinessInsider, LinkedIn

Ndamukong Suh: “I want to understand [Buffett] as a person, not a stock tip or the next thing he’s getting involved in. I want to understand what made him successful.”: WSJ

Nations thrive by uniting professors and entrepreneurs; Business opportunities are lost when academics and entrepreneurs inhabit separate worlds: FT

How Marvel is opening up its universe to women and minorities; Marvel is addressing women and minorities more than ever before-in film, television, and print comics. Fortune

The Lives of Alexander Grothendieck, a Mathematical Visionary: NYTimes

How the Chicken Built America: NYTimes

Here’s How Legendary Industrialist Andrew Carnegie Defined Success: BusinessInsider

12 Surprising Things That Can Make You Successful: BusinessInsider

What yellow slime-yes, slime-can teach your organization: Explore, Remoeve hierarchies, Remember what you did wrong and tell someone: Quartz

Rethinking start-ups: The start-up spirit is important. But even more importantly, we need more successful entrepreneurs. JoongAng

How to Disagree with Your Boss: HBR

It Doesn’t Matter If Competitors Know Your Strategy: HBR

How to Give a Stellar Presentation: HBR

Fight fraud with six levels of authentication: BT

THE rise of Lockton Inc in the last 48 years to become the world’s largest privately-owned insurance broker is no mystery, says CEO John Lumelleau who attributes the glowing success to his people. BT

CEOs’ Test: Contending With Activist Investors; Executives Devise Strategies to Deal With Shareholders, Who Are More Assertive Since Financial Crisis: WSJ


How to Lie with Statistics: Amazon

The Value Proposition: Sionna’s Common Sense Path to Investment Success: Amazon, CFA

Best Books for Investors: A Short Shelf: WSJ

Greater China

Microsoft to pay China $140 million for ‘tax evasion’: Reuters

Fake invoicing rampant to disguise black money, say analysts: Reuters

Be careful what you do in China, you may be surcharged for it: WantChinaTimes

Why Family Business Succession is China’s Biggest Threat: CampdenFB

Spreading Black Friday Fever to China’s Shoppers: WSJ

Why $4 Trillion of China Stocks Are Hostage to a Few IPOs: Bloomberg

The 51% Chinese Stock Rout That Analysts Never Saw Coming: Bloomberg


Bollywood’s Window Onto India: Bloomberg

Rajan Seeks More Power for India’s Banks Over Big Bad Defaulters: Bloomberg

Japan & Korea

South Korea targets 5G global supremacy: FT

Chung taking Hyundai Motor Group global: KoreaTimes

Samsung to Sell Chemical, Defense Units for $1.7 Billion to Hanwha; Samsung Techwin Drops Most in 14 Yrs on Sale Plan; Hanwha Surges: Bloomberg


How Thai junta should respond to three-finger protest: TODAY

Vietnam Expands Foreign Property Ownership to Boost Economy: Bloomberg

Remisiers feel the chill as investors shun local market: AsiaOne

Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s appointment of Franky Sibarani, a businessman, as the new chief of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), reiterates the President’s overriding concern with expediting the bureaucracy of investment licensing: JakartaPost

Indonesia Cannot Afford Food Nationalism: JakartaGlobe

Indonesian politics will always be shaped by the Golkar Party regardless of the regime or president. As Indonesia’s own Grand Old Party, Golkar is a survivor and has managed to adapt to whatever changes the country has faced. JakartaGlobe

Blue Bird’s Road Forks in Family Feud, IPO: JakartaGlobe

Leaders Gather to Embrace Indonesia’s Consumers: JakartaGlobe

Bankers Doubt Indonesia’s Liquidity Rules Will Have Desired Effect: JakartaGlobe

Jokowi Urged to ‘Show Teeth’ to Transform BKPM in Simplifying Investment: JakartaGlobe


SEC Encouraging Firms to ‘Tell Their Story’ in MD&A: CFO

Radical cures for unusual economic ills; The crisis left a grim legacy, and the answers are likely to be unorthodox: FT

Asia needs to deepen financial markets: Xinhua

Let’s Make a Deal: The Outlook for Merger Funds; How increased merger activity shapes the risks and opportunities for this niche group of mutual funds. Morningstar

How Macquarie Makes Money By Losing Money on Toll Roads: StreetsBlog

How pensions make investing too complex; Pricey consultants have convinced many pension funds to pile into private equity, real estate and hedge funds, which don’t necessarily promise higher returns or long-term investing. Fortune

Poison-pill loans against hostile takeovers turn against some boards: TheAge

UK Government appoints 50 ‘watchdogs’ to safeguard interests of small firms; The officially titled Small Business Champions will handle appeals against decisions by regulators: Telegraph

Modi to Abe Favor Oil Bears as Price Plunge Aids Asian Economies: Bloomberg

How The World’s Most Leveraged Hedge Fund Got Away With Insider Trading: ZeroHedge


The Slippery Slope of Silicon Valley; Uber, Facebook and Others Bedeviled by Moral Issues: NYTimes

One Simple Fact Explains How Enormous Amazon Could Become: BusinessInsider

Apple joins the one-company $700bn club: FT

Jon Oringer, Shutterstock: the big picture in Silicon Alley; Shutterstock shows how NYC is a natural home for tech start-ups: FT

SnapShop CEO says you can buy an item within 20 seconds: JoongAng

3D printers coming close to daily life as patents related to 3D printers held by foreign companies were expired successively: Maeil

Samsung seeks to hit back as Alipay and Apple Pay fare well: Maeil

Venture Money Pours into Robotics Startups: WSJ

Accounting SaaS Japan raises US$8.5 million in Series B round: e27

Xiaomi The Money! No. 1 smartphone maker in the world’s biggest market is not publicly listed, but here are 3 ways to dial into Xiaomi’s boom. Barron’s

The Sharing Company: Behind the hype of peer-to-peer economics is a quiet B2B revolution. Strategy@

Energy & Commodities

HSBC, Goldman Rigged Metals’ Prices for Years, Suit Says: Bloomberg

Expect iron ore prices to stay weak for longer, says ex-Rio boss Tom Albanese: TheAge

New mining projects at 10-year low: TheAge

World’s worst junk bond fueled by mining malaise: MineWeb

Consumer & Others

How Coca-Cola built a sugary empire, by outsourcing as much as possible: Fortune

Made in America, From Sheep to Shelf: Zady’s Feel-Good Sweater; Online Retailer Makes Imperial Sheep Ranch, Other Suppliers the Focus of Socially Conscious Marketing: WSJ

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