Daily Bamboo Innovator Insight: Sat 29 Nov 2014 – Canadian Natural Resources chairman sees oil touching US$30 a barrel; Korea start-up leaders launch a fund with personal money to give back; the five IT legends (Kakao, NHN, Nexon, NCSoft, Daum) were also friends in college


Apple and the crisis of disruption; Clayton Christensen’s theory about what determines success or failure in high tech has to be rethought: Fortune

4 CEOs Who Are Making Frugal Innovation Work: HBR

Magnus Carlsen, an unlikely chess master; He moonlights as a model, naps on the job, skips homework – and snuffs out every rival: FT

Fee-Based Libraries Were Like Netflix for Books, 200 Years Ago: All-you-can-read lending services helped democratize reading. WSJ

Fishmongers Inspired This Practice That Boosts Employee Morale Around The World: BI

James Watson selling Nobel prize ‘because no-one wants to admit I exist’; World-famous biologist said he is selling the Nobel Prize medal he won in 1962 for discovering the structure of DNA because he has been ostracised and needs the money: Telegraph

DNA and the Randomness of Genetic Problems; The miraculously intricate process that transforms a few strands of DNA into a living creature is the product of blind biological forces. It can go wrong: WSJ

Isis fighters crave snacks and gadgets of the west they disdain; “They govern us in the name of religion, living the good life while everyone else suffers”: FT

How the Turkey Became the Thanksgiving Bird: WSJ

UK family businesses face succession crisis; Two-thirds of British family businesses could be sold off because there’s no one left to take over, a landmark survey report has found: Telegraph

Take a look at Yourself in the Leadership mirror: Forbes

Last of the traditional Dha sword makers in South East Asia: AsiaOne


Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies: Amazon

Exponential Organizations: Why new organizations are ten times better, faster, and cheaper than yours (and what to do about it): Amazon

Bending Adversity: Japan and the Art of Survival : Amazon

Van Goh’s Ever Yours: The Essential Letters;  [Van Gogh’s] descriptions of his own paintings are poetically evocative, and his long, detailed, emotional outpourings offer insight into his suffering, loneliness and dreams: Amazon

FT Best books of 2014: FT

Investing Process & Research

How to X-Ray Your Portfolio; Online Tools Can Help Investors Review and Analyze Their Stock and Fund Holdings: WSJ

As Indexes Soar, Active Stock Pickers Can’t Get Off the Ground: WSJ

The Trouble With Hot Stocks; Picking Heavily Traded Shares Is No Guarantee of Good Results: WSJ

Dash for Cash: Month-End Liquidity Needs and the Predictability of Stock Returns; return reversals are stronger in countries where the mutual fund ownership is large: SSRN, ValueWalk

Greater China

China Said to Order Companies to Check Risks in Commodity Trades: Bloomberg

Dairy industry in China is utterly stagnant: WantChinaTimes

China Plan for Deposit Insurance Raises Worries About Bank Failures; Plan Could Place More Deposits With Big Banks That Are Seen as Too Big to Fail: WSJ

Graphics: China’s Overworked Workers: Caixin

The Disintegration of Rural China: NYTimes

Wuhan – China’s entertainment mecca: BT

China Motorists Exceed 300 Million as Cities Struggle: Bloomberg

Nowhere to Pun Amid China Crackdown: WSJ

China’s Transition Marks a New Reality for Emerging Markets: PI


Mahindra & Mahindra and the Power of Chance; M&M showed that if an organisation has the stomach for calculated risks and a focus on product development, results will often follow: Forbes

Dipping Into India, Dunkin’ Donuts Changes Menu; Adapting to Local Tastes, Chain Downplays Doughnuts, Adds Veggie Burgers: WSJ

India Allows Supermarkets, Mobile-Phone Companies to Start Banks: Bloomberg

Japan & Korea

Keep Korean conglomerates creative: JoongAng

As Japanese Bankruptcies Soar, Goldman Warns “Further Yen Depreciation Could Be A Net Burden”: ZeroHedge

Korea start-up leaders launch a fund with personal money to give back; the five IT legends (Kakao, NHN, Nexon, NCSoft, Daum) were also friends in college: JoongAng

Park turns to nostalgia politics; Park appears to be tugging the older generation’s heart strings by doing things that prompt memories of her youth and her father, the late President Park Chung-hee: KoreaTimes

Staff fear the chop in Samsung Electronics annual reshuffle: Reuters


Oil Price Slump May Force Indonesian Govt to Evaluate Fuel Subsidy: JGlobe

Impeachment process begins for ousted Thai PM Yingluck: Reuters

Slow Pace of Vietnam’s Privatizations Worries Investors; Vietnam Airlines IPO Attracts No Interest From Foreign Investors: WSJ

Indonesia’s ‘Toothless Mandate’ for Biofuel Hurting Palm: Bloomberg


Standard Chartered hit with first S&P downgrade in 20 years: Reuters

ECB vice-president warns of bond-buying risks as investors search for yield in an environment of ultra-low interest rates: FT

Superstar investor David Einhorn is raising cash for the first time since 2012 following three straight years of lagging performance – and some customer redemptions from his $10 billion hedge fund, Greenlight Capital: Reuters

Hedge-fund managers are increasingly persuading investors to lock up their money for longer-in many cases more than double the typical one-year period-and dangling lower fees to close the deal: WSJ


Electricity-free air conditioning: A cool idea; New materials may change the way temperatures are regulated: Economist

Under Pressure From Uber, Taxi Medallion Prices are Plummeting; “I’m already at peace with the idea that I’m going to go bankrupt,” said Larry Ionescu, who owns 98 Chicago taxi medallions. NYTimes

Shopping on a Phone Is Still Uncommon but Growing Fast: NYTimes

Cashless Society? It’s Already Coming: NYTimes

Energy & Commodities

Here Are The Breakeven Oil Prices For Every Drilling Project In The World: BI

Canadian Natural Resources chairman sees oil touching US$30 a barrel; Alberta big oil to feel the squeeze as world’s cheapest oil gets cheaperL FP

Billions wiped off energy shares as investors rush for exit: Reuters

OPEC’s Twist of Faith for Oil Investors; Fallout From Oil’s Rout Extends Beyond Producers: WSJ

Oil Prices Are Plunging. Here’s Who Wins and Who Loses. NYTimes

Free Fall in Oil Price Underscores Shift Away From OPEC: NYTimes

Energy Quakes as OPEC Stands Pat; Oil Stocks and the Currencies of Major Oil-Producing Nations Tumble: WSJ

The Geopolitical Impact of Cheap Oil: Project Syndicate

Is oil price plunge good or bad for global economy? Most of them would require a price of above US$80 per barrel to manage their budgets and some would need oil to be priced above US$100. BT

Rio Tinto, BHP Chart Divergent Courses; Narrow Commodity Focus or ‘Cherry-Pick’ From Range of Projects?: WSJ

Consumer & Others

Microbreweries shake up European market; Number of start-ups rises as drinking habits change: FT

Pie Face collapse: high rents, ‘expensive and unfashionable’ food blamed: BRW

Good News For Girls: Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Ices Out Barbie To Become Top Toy: Forbes

Buyout Firms Said Vie for World’s Biggest Cigar Company: Bloomberg

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