The most famous brand states have produced

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75 Responses to The most famous brand states have produced

  1. Bess says:

    Pretty sure Gatorade is more famous than Hooters…

  2. julie says:

    last i checked Under Armour was more famous than Geico

  3. Janine says:

    I agree with Bess.

  4. Sandra the Red says:

    What about WV’s Fiesta Ware? More people know and use it than Gino’s I’m sure.

    • Phoebe says:

      What is Fiesta Ware??

      • qazwiz says:

        I’m with you Phoebe, never heard of Fiesta Ware
        I assume Gino’s it the Pizza I grew up on

      • qazwiz says:

        I’m with you Phoebe, never heard of fiesta ware until a cut rate web site tried to sell me some about a month ago… but i do have a problem with a few choices

        I know that hooters is infamous but I bet Tupperware is more famous
        I suspect that the designer didn’t do much research for his product choices.

        a grey problem is the absence of McDonalds. most might think it is a California brand because McDonalds Brothers had their restaurant in California… but the franchise was bought before it became famous by Ray Croc, a traveling salesman that sold them their milk shake machines (the hand mixer kind). didn’t he incorporate in Indiana? At least that is where Hamburger University is located

      • CaCee says:

        qazwiz brings up a great point…McDonalds, which originated in Des Plaines, Illinois is still headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois. Every person in the world has heard of McDonalds…it doesn’t get much more famous than that.

  5. Wes Hartline says:

    What qualifiers were used? Total sales? Market value? Locations?

  6. arl1024 says:

    I would’ve put Reebok in MA instead of Gillette

  7. Riedelska says:

    TACO JOHNS ROCKS !!! enough said ; )

  8. jessica says:

    Starbucks over Microsoft???

  9. Papa dude says:

    Pizza Hut is bigger than Garmin for Kansas.

  10. Melanie says:

    Illinois is the home of Jonh Deere. Who came up with these?

  11. Jack says:

    Reebok is from Greay Britian hence the tiny union jack on every shoe

  12. Gentry says:

    Lexmark for Kentucky? What about KFC or Jim Beam; they’ve got to be bigger then Lexmark?

  13. wvgurl says:

    For WV, I agree with Sandra the Red. Fiesta is recognized world wide. Also, Fenton and Blenko are both well known. Hollis Chocolate. Almost Heaven steam baths. I could go on.

  14. Lisa W says:

    Kool-Aid was founded in Nebraska too

  15. Ron Jackson says:

    Fed Ex was started in Arkansas and moved to Memphis several years later. So Tennessee did not “produce” Fed Ex.

    • Mac M. says:

      Actually, Ron, I would argue that Tennessee did “produce” the brand known as FedEx. 1971, Federal Express Corporation was founded in Little Rock, AR, but due to a lack of support from the Little Rock National Airport, the company moved to Memphis International Airport in 1973. Great move. The company recorded their first night of continuous operation following their move to Memphis. So, operations for FedEx started in Memphis in 1973 making Tennessee the state that “produced” what we now know as FedEx Corporation. Also, the company didn’t officially use “FedEx” as their brand name until 1994. Tennessee, and more specifically Memphis, produced the FedEx brand that we all know and love.

  16. Kate says:

    Illinois shoud be McDonalds.

    • nr says:

      McDonalds was originally produced in California

      • qazwiz says:

        even though McDonalds brothers had a handful of stores and franchises at the time, Ray Croc incorporated in Illinois with permission to incorporate virtually everywhere save a few counties inn California and Arizona where the preexisting stores were located

        (see wikipedia)

  17. mwwalk says:

    Saks was actually founded in New York City. Many years later a company based in Alabama bought Saks. I wouldn’t say that Alabama produced the Saks brand. Also, Bank of America started in California and only very recently merged with a company in North Carolina. I wouldn’t say North Carolina produced the Bank of America brand.

  18. Ron Manning says:

    North Carolina is Known as birthplace of Pepsi more than BOA

  19. Tom says:

    Sinclair in Utah? Their headquarters are there now but was originally New York corporation then reincorporated in Wyoming where it’s two refineries are.
    And I agree that Illinois is more known for John Deere then for Cat.

  20. Carl Sherman says:

    Would love to be able to read the choices for NH, VT, RI, DE, MD. The choices seem pretty arbitrary — like first thing some intern could think of — or first familiar name found in a list of corporations. Was there a consistent criterion?

    • Phoebe says:

      NH is Timberland, VT is Ben & Jerry’s, MD is Geico. But, I can’t read RI or DE either. They just get blurry if I try to make them bigger.

    • qazwiz says:

      i agree Carl but enlarging I see Ben&Jerry’s and Timberland are above Gillette… and C-Span is wedged in-between AOL and Geico

      still trying to see two others though and the Hawaii pix is vaguely familiar but i cant remember why… coffee company maybe? (I don’t drink it just see it)

  21. Neil says:

    A.P.Giannini founded Bank of America in California. NCNB acquired BofA in 1998. North Carolina did not produce that brand.

  22. Kim says:

    So what the heck did Delaware get?! DuPont?

  23. I’d really like to know how these were determined. In NJ, my first thought was Johnson & Johnson

  24. Turns out New Hampshire is Timberland, New Jersey is Campbell’s, Washington D.C. is C-SPAN, Massachusetts is Gillette, Rhode Island is Hasbro and Delaware is DuPont.

    Personally, I didn’t know C-SPAN was a brand.

  25. Sandi says:

    No Amazon or MICROSOFT for Washington? Seriously??? Not everyone drinks coffee. The entire world uses Microsoft.

    • says:

      I have used zero MS products since 1996, and only had one Windows PC in my life for 5 months before I switched back to a mix of Linux and MacOS.

  26. EJ says:

    NY should really be GE.

  27. Betty says:

    KFC is one of the top two restaurant chains in the world. There is no way Lexmark is Kentucky’s most famous brand.

  28. says:

    Hum…McD for IL? Though the per Kroc stand was in CA.

  29. Belles says:

    Alabama should be NASA since Von Braun set up shop at Redstone Arsenal. And yes, I consider it a “brand.”

    • qazwiz says:

      I can understand why you think so but since it is a government agency not a company.
      the name isn’t trademarked or registered or any other legal connection that businesses normally do to protect their image which is what a brand really is, symbol for the company. closest that the US government has is Uncle Sam. plus the service “brands” like McGruff the crime dog and Smokey Bear (who has his own zip code btw)

  30. Brooke says:

    As for Minnesota, I would argue that either Target or Best Buy are more well known than Pillsbury.

  31. sallysue says:

    KFC (KY Fried Chicken) is absolutely, positively more well known than LexMark

  32. Terry says:

    Bank of America originated in California. Pepsi would have been a much better choice for North Carolina if only because it would be accurate.

  33. Kyle Decker says:

    Really? Is Hooters more famous than Outback? ADT Home Security? Office Depot? Olive Garden? Red Lobster? I don’t think so! Not to mention Hard Rock, Burger King, The PGA, and Tropicana. Now I know a couple weren’t FOUNDED in Florida, but not all of the ones on the map were even from the state they represent. They’re just headquartered there NOW!

  34. Joseph says:

    Nobody has mentioned Hawai’i. I can’t tell what company that is, even in the full-size image.

  35. Andrea says:

    NY/Verizon? That’s the most famous? From the Big Apple… really?!

  36. Chub Clark says:

    Kansas = Garmin? Try Boeing or Pizza Hut, internationally. Domestically, you could add Coleman, Cessna, Lear Jet and a number of other brands. Those are just off the top of my head, without googling. And I’m from Illinois! ROFL!!

  37. katey says:

    where the heck is mcdonald’s? that is, like, the brand of america. unfortunately.

  38. CaCee says:

    Illinois (Chicago), North Carolina or even New York…tell me where the Michael Jordan brand was founded and put it up…because really, MJ is a bigger brand than half of those up here

  39. Allie says:

    What is Wisconsin? I can’t tell.

  40. mrsdmc says:

    California have much more developed here than just Apple!

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