PandoMaps: An awesome interactive map of every startup that sprung out of the Fairchild Mafia

Introducing PandoMaps: A new interactive tool for mapping startup ecosystems

ON AUGUST 21, 2013


When Sarah Lacy started PandoDaily, she used the metaphor of the Pando tree to describe what she loved about startups: Measuring 43 hectares and weighing 6,000 tons, they’re pretty impressive above ground. But what really matters is what is happening below. The interconnected root system is the oldest living organism in the world. No matter what happens above ground, that root system stays alive, and continually shoots up new trees. If each startup is the individual root in this metaphor, then the 6,000 ton tree trunks are the great families of Silicon Valley. Fairchild. Paypal. Oracle. Netscape. “Mafias” we call them today. The number of companies that have sprung out of these four giants and their founders, whether through acquisition or investment, is staggering. But how do you visualize this ecosystem? How do you display the hundreds of tangled startup roots yet make it comprehensive? To overcome these challenges we tapped students of Jay Rosen’s Studio 20 digital journalism class at NYU. During the Spring Semester, Rosen and his students embarked on a project called “The Networked Beat.” Rosen’s basic thesis is that journalists can more effectively cover their beat by identifying and giving voice to the smartest experts and observers in a given field. To do this, journalists should use whatever technology and techniques are available, whether that means crowdsourcing on Twitter or writing an algorithm that collects and sorts publicly-shared information. Read more of this post

An Alternative Reason Good Investment Managers Struggle To Persist; after the lifestyle moves up, the fear sets in. Now it’s less about the glory of the home run and more about the fear of a strikeout

An Alternative Reason Good Investment Managers Struggle To Persist

Posted by Michael Kitces on Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Earning an income is a fundamental incentive to work. It starts with just earning enough for the essentials of food, clothing, and shelter. From there, it grows to a desire for a greater lifestyle, the “nicer things” of life, and perhaps even the opportunity to accumulate enough to not need to work in the future (i.e., to retire), which in turn incentivizes trying to further grow income and advance a career. Read more of this post

Star Stock Pickers Harder Than Ever To Find

Star Stock Pickers Harder Than Ever To Find

By Cinthia Murphy

August 22, 2013

Peter Lynch, George Soros and Bill Miller are some of the best active equity fund managers the market has seen, and to a certain degree, they also seem to be a disappearing breed. Active equity managers who become household names on the heels of stellar year-after-year outperformance are harder and harder to find these days. Lynch is famous as the stock investor who took the Fidelity Magellan Fund from its small beginnings in 1977 to $14 billion in assets by 1990, all the while beating the S&P 500 Index in 11 of those 13 years. Soros, meanwhile, is known in part for running the Quantum Fund for nearly 20 years, which generated an average annual return of more than 30 percent under his watch. Read more of this post

Why most brainstorming sessions fail; Trying to “think outside the box” won’t work if you don’t recognize the box you’re already in. Here’s how to brainstorm better

Why most brainstorming sessions fail

By Anne Fisher, contributor August 23, 2013: 10:41 AM ET

Trying to “think outside the box” won’t work if you don’t recognize the box you’re already in. Here’s how to brainstorm better.

Laughing Stock/Corbis

FORTUNE — Dear Annie: I’m a member of a 14-person brand-management team for a product whose sales were skyrocketing for a while but have now leveled off. My boss told me that senior management is “concerned” about this plateau where we seem to be stuck, and he wants me to organize some brainstorming sessions to try to come up with “outside the box” ideas for increasing sales. Not only have I never done this before, but it’s stressing me out for two other reasons. First, previous brainstorming efforts have led nowhere, so people here are pretty jaded about the whole idea. And second, my boss gave me the impression that this assignment is kind of an audition for a promotion, so I don’t want to screw it up. Do you or your readers have any suggestions? —Pittsburgh Pat Read more of this post

Paris pickpockets target tourists from China; Paris may be irrepressibly beautiful and intoxicatingly romantic, but it is still not heaven on earth

August 23, 2013 3:55 pm

Paris pickpockets target tourists from China

By Adam Thomson in Paris

For years, Paris has traded on its reputation as the City of Light and even as the city ofl’amour. But for a growing number of Chinese tourists, it is becoming the city of crime. Chinese visitors are descending on Paris in record numbers and their lavish spending on luxury brands has made them an irresistible target for thieves. Petty crime between January and the end of June in one of the world’s most-visited cities jumped 7.8 per cent compared with the same period in 2012 – but it was up by more than 24 per cent when it came to Chinese tourists. Jean-Francois Zhou, a tour operator based on the Champs-Elyseés, says that thieves see the hordes of Chinese as prime targets because they carry far more cash than visitors from other countries – in large part because of the significant fees involved in using their plastic cards abroad. Read more of this post

Otom (Others’ Time and Others’ Money) causing a ruckus among investors

Updated: Saturday August 24, 2013 MYT 7:53:44 AM

Otoms causing a ruckus among investors


THE acronym Otom looks harmless enough, but actually describes a devious charlatan who uses Others’ Time and Others’ Money (hence Otom) for their own gains. Most individuals will invest in a particular company only if they believe in the people who run it. It is all about trust and should that trust be broken, the investment will not be forthcoming. With so many investment opportunities these days, many investors are looking to diversify their portfolios by putting their money in various asset classes, which include properties, equities and, very often, unlisted equities. Read more of this post

MICHAEL BLOOMBERG: If You Want To Be Successful, Stop Going To The Bathroom

MICHAEL BLOOMBERG: If You Want To Be Successful, Stop Going To The Bathroom

JULIA LA ROCHE AUG. 23, 2013, 11:26 AM 18,286 41


NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire founder of media giant Bloomberg LP, said on his radio show that people who want to be successful shouldn’t go the bathroom a lot. From Politicker: [via Daily Intelligencer] “Everybody’s got different opportunities in front of ‘em, different skill sets they bring and luck plays a part of it. But my experience is that you make your own luck. The harder you work, the luckier you get.” “I always tried to be the first one in in the morning and the last one to leave at night, take the fewest vacations and the least time away from the desk to go to the bathroom or have lunch. You gotta be there. I mean, everybody says, ‘Oh, that’s crazy!’ But if you want to succeed, … you can’t control how lucky you are, you can’t control how smart you are, but you can control how hard you work, so that’s the first thing.” Cross your legs, folks.

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