Doug Millett, Former Partner of Kynikos Who Helped Expose Enron and Many Other Frauds, Passes Away

Doug Millett Former Partner of Kynikos Who Helped Expose Enron Dies

by Guest PostSeptember 22, 2013

By Long Short Trader


“In several phone calls Jim Chanos and his chief operating officer Doug Millett, pitched her (Bethany McLean) the Enron story. The company, they said, was nothing more than a hedge fund sitting on top of a pipeline. But despite having the risks of a high-stakes trader, it had the returns on investment of a car company.” – Conspiracy of Fools, a True Story

” ‘I had been in touch with Doug Millett, who worked for James Chanos.’ She (Bethany McLean) reported that Millett suggested she look at Enron’s financial figures.” – The Inside Stories of Modern Political Scandals

“in the memorable words of Doug Millett, Kynikos’ chief operating officer–it simply didn’t make very much money.” – Why Enron Went Bust Start with arrogance. Add greed, deceit, and financial chicanery. What do you get? A company that wasn’t what it was cracked up to be.

I’m told by a gentleman familiar with Doug Millett, that Millett also helped uncover many other frauds, fads and failures, especially of the dot com variety.

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