Airbnb In Advanced Talks to Raise Funding at a $10 Billion Valuation

Airbnb In Advanced Talks to Raise Funding at a $10 Billion Valuation
Private-Equity Firm TPG Likely to Lead Funding Round for the Online Home-Rental Marketplace
Updated March 20, 2014 9:21 a.m. ET
Airbnb Inc. is in advanced talks to raise funds that would value the online home-rental marketplace at more than $10 billion and place it among the world’s most valuable startups, according to several people familiar with the process.

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Foreign Investors Rush to Sell Japanese Stocks; Worries Grow That the Government Won’t Spur the Economy

Foreign Investors Rush to Sell Japanese Stocks
Worries Grow That the Government Won’t Spur the Economy
March 20, 2014 8:12 a.m. ET
After pushing Japan’s stock market to its biggest gain in more than 40 years in 2013, the bulls are having second thoughts.
Foreign investors are selling Japanese stocks at the fastest pace in almost a decade, government data show, as worries grow that the country’s government won’t be able to follow through on its promises to spur the economy. Hedge funds and other speculative investors lifted the ratio of bets against Tokyo shares this week to the highest in five years, according to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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Why “Grit” Is the Key to Success in Business

Published: February 11, 2014 / Spring 2014 / Issue 74
Angela Duckworth’s Gritty View of Success
A psychologist and new MacArthur Fellow says you need employees with stamina and tenacity above all else.
by Laura W. Geller
If someone asked you to define grit, what images would come to mind? Windburned cowboys? Pioneers on the open plain? Grit has long been used in describing those who dig in their heels in the face of hardship, who persevere in even the most challenging circumstances and emerge victorious.

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Organize Like a Startup: Legacy companies looking to increase agility and collaboration can take a few lessons from new firms

Posted: March 17, 2014
Eric J. McNulty is the director of research at the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative and writes frequently about leadership and resilience.
Organize Like a Startup
Organizational dysfunction. Failure to align strategy and execution. Resistance to change. Distorted communications. These are common maladies that leaders wrestle with every day. I’ve written before about complexity—and the importance of understanding its impact on organizational design and function. Recently, I read a new book on the subject: Startup Leadership by Derek Lidow, the founder of iSuppli, which provides data and analysis to the electronics industry. Lidow led the company to a successful sale, and he has insights from his entrepreneurial endeavors that are equally applicable to startups and legacy firms.

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George Harrison: Now That Guy Knew How to Listen; Just like musicians, executives must hear themselves and others at the same time

Posted: March 18, 2014
David Silverman is an author, teacher and senior executive at a Fortune 100 firm.
George Harrison: Now That Guy Knew How to Listen
“Start again,” Hector, my guitar teacher, said patiently. He’s half my age, but that’s not stopping him from making me get the 83-note solo in Let It Be right. When he leans over and highlights in red note number 60, where I blew it (again), I’m reminded that listening—intently listening—is among the critical skills in life.

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A Sour Bean Sweetens Cocoa Supply

A Sour Bean Sweetens Cocoa Supply
Updated March 19, 2014 9:05 p.m. ET


With a name reminiscent of a “Star Wars” droid and a reputation for having an acidic taste, the CCN 51 cocoa bean is an unlikely savior of the $110 billion chocolate market.

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Protein May Hold the Key to Who Gets Alzheimer’s

Protein May Hold the Key to Who Gets Alzheimer’s
It is one of the big scientific mysteries of Alzheimer’s disease: Why do some people whose brains accumulate the plaques and tangles so strongly associated with Alzheimer’s not develop the disease?

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