Morning Bamboo Insight: 1 Aug 2014

Morning Bamboo Insight: 1 Aug 2014


  1. Why Can’t the Banking Industry Solve Its Ethics Problems? Scandals keep occurring, even after the financial crisis, raising the uncomfortable possibility that the industry is fundamentally flawed

  1. Who’s Inflating The College Tuition Bubble? Meet the real gatekeepers of higher education, an unseen army of data-crunching salesmen who dazzle college administrators and perpetuate the arms race that sends tuition prices ever higher

  1. Contently Launches A Nonprofit Arm To Do Investigative Journalism

  1. Nato rediscovers its founding mission

Asia Pacific

  1. (China) – What would an anti-corruption top in China even look like?

  1. (China) – Chinese Billionaire Money Counter Is On An Anti-Counterfeiting Mission

  1. (Korea) – ‘Park Geun-hye allure’ gone

  1. (China) – China’s High-Income Hopes: what China must do to avoid the so-called middle-income trap

  1. (China) – China’s Bad Dream; rising debt levels are threatening China’s long-term economic prospects

  1. (Macau/China) – Snake Eyes and Scrutiny for Macao’s Casinos; The city where mainlanders go to gamble is in the spotlight for the way casino thrills are financed

  1. (HK) – HK government’s fourth batch of inflation- linked retail bonds – iBonds – which is to close its retail book today – failed to live up to the huge hype as the upbeat equity market continued to draw more investors

  1. (China/Australia) – Chinese companies sign up to 100-year Australian-Sino food partnership

  1. (Spore) – Singapore’s solution to rush hour: free off-peak subway rides

  1. (China) – While China probes Qualcomm, phone makers choose silence

  1. (Taiwan/Korea) – South Korea may follow Taiwan with punitive tax on idle funds

  1. (Asia) – Loose monetary policies undercut Asia volatility contracts

  1. (China) – Shanghai to feel full force of Xi’s anti-corruption onslaught; Campaign turns to former president Jiang’s stronghold

  1. (China) – China Moves to Ease Home-Registration Rules in Urbanization Push; Unifying the Hukou System Is a Start, but It’s Just That

  1. (China) – ‘President Xi Jinping seeks his place in history – among the party greats’; President wants anti-graft drive to cement legacy and revive the Communist Party, princelings say


  1. Study finds wider-faced men are better negotiators

  1. “Do what you love” is the mantra for today’s worker. Why should we assert our class interests if, according to DWYL elites like Steve Jobs, there’s no such thing as work?

  1. How to Tell a Great Story

  1. Management’s Three Eras: A Brief History

  1. The Skills Leaders Need at Every Level

  1. The real questions concern not what job but what kind of life we want next

  1. Why you should reinvent a product, not the wheel: AussieCommerce founder Adam Schwab

  1. To win in retail, be a specialist not a generalist: MJ Bale founder Matt Jensen

  1. Resilience ‘may be lost if charity sector gets over-professionalised’; the care and compassion that comes from a volunteer, a neighbour helping you rather than a professional who’s paid

  1. Unthinking computers pull off clever parlour tricks; Big leaps are being made in deep learning but a human is still required

11, Tomorrow’s Leaders Need Diverse Challenges Today; An excerpt from chapter 27 of It’s Not the How or the What but the Who: Succeed by Surrounding Yourself with the Best

  1. Chris Anderson on Why Community-Driven Companies Will Always Win

  1. Why Proactive People Are More Successful And Less Stressed; An internal orientation needs to be matched by competence, self-efficacy and opportunity so as to successfully experience the sense of personal control and responsibility

  1. 24 Books That Forecasted The Future


  1. (Korea/Tech) – Consumers will be able to make credit card payments at South Korean internet shopping malls without public key certificate from August this year

  1. (China/Tech) – Xiaomi’s One More Thing

  1. Mobile leverage: “Smartphones don’t just increase the size of the internet by 2x or 3x, but more like 5x or 10x”

  1. Warding Off Lions With Mobiles Shows African Technology Boom

  1. How An Oil Engineer Discovered Auto-Tune And Changed The Music Industry Forever


  1. (China/Consumer) – Is no food sacred in China?

  1. How Kraft Foods Saved Tang From Obscurity


  1. Valeant’s Cost-Cutting Ethos May Yet Give Wall Street Indigestion; Allergan accused Valeant of questionable and opaque accounting – charges that have led to scrutiny of Valeant’s business model

  1. More on Sleeping Pills and Older Adults; New research adds to evidence that long-term use of some sedatives may be hazardous for older adults

  1. (HK/Healthcare) – HK on full Ebola alert

Investing Process

  1. Penn West Petroleum Ltd. investigates accounting irregularities that stretch back four years; Penn West’s own directors probing accounting practices raises corporate governance concerns

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