Evening Bamboo Insight: 15 Aug 2014

Evening Bamboo Insight: 15 Aug 2014


  1. Second-term presidents cost America 40 lost years; Leaders nearing the end of their time in office lose the ability to influence other actors by offering future rewards

  1. Unwary yield hunters risk liquidity trap; Sell early to avoid rush for high-yield exit as Fed QE ends

  1. Making Sense of Junk Bonds’ Funk

  1. Welcome to the World of ‘Pension Smoothing’; New Bill Extends Provision That Allows Firms to Delay Making Pension Contributions

  1. Easy money cannot be new norm: MAS’ Menon

  1. Erdogan: Turkey’s ‘big master’ with eye on history; Erdogan climbed from a humble youth in Istanbul to become one of the most significant but controversial leaders in the Islamic world.

  1. Another risk of market crash? Warning bells ringing

Asia Pacific

  1. (Asean) – ASEAN moves on to final phase of implementation of Economic Community Blueprint

  1. (China) – ISIS plans to take holy war to Xinjiang

  1. (China) – Southern Beauty forced to sell amid anti-corruption policy

  1. (China) – China issues emergency order to freeze new cement, glass

  1. (Thai) – Tos Chirathivat, Central Group: a balancing act in Bangkok

  1. (Spore) – No influx of European wealth for Singapore

  1. (India) – The new Indian government will launch its eagerly awaited $10bn divestment plan for state companies with the sale next month of 5 per cent of Steel Authority of India (Sail), the country’s biggest steel group by volume

  1. (India) – Where Are Foreigners Parking Their Portfolios in India? Non-Indian investors have long been the important swing voters of the stock market. Though they only own around 20% of the overall market their billions represent bonus money

  1. (Isia/Korea) – Hallyu boom aids Korean companies in Indonesia

  1. (Thai) – Former Thai PM returns home as legal threat lingers

  1. (China) – How China’s Trying to Boost Its Economy: ‘Qualitative Easing’

  1. (Spore/Msia) – Crossing Link to Singapore From Malaysia May Cost You $20 More Due to Spat

  1. (Isia) – Heeding Concerns of the Spread of ISIS Across Indonesia

  1. (China) – Li Ka-shing, Wang Jianlin And China’s Falling Home Prices; China’s real estate billionaires have been hedging their bets in recent days by shifting their investments away from the country’s property sector

  1. (Japan) – Future appears bright for indoor veggie farms; Japan has seen an increasing number of firms starting veg-growing operations in factories, as they can produce pesticide-free veg with a production efficiency up to 100 times of trad farms


  1. Simplifying the Bull: How Picasso Helps to Teach Apple’s Style: Inside Apple’s Internal Training Program

  1. The Poet, Scientist, Journalist, Boxer Approach To Entrepreneurship

  1. How To Stop Being Lazy And Get More Done – 5 Expert Tips

  1. The 10 secrets to successful people’s calm

  1. Civil-service reform: Modernising the mandarins; Tight finances and rising expectations are remaking civil services

  1. How to turn every child into a “math person”

  1. The Benefits of Lucid Dreaming; Researchers Decipher Clues From Those With Greater Awareness, Control of Behavior in Dreams

  1. Value in Old Guitars: The market for valuable guitars has its ups, downs and idiosyncrasies. But that’s the fun of it

  1. Britain’s billionaires who never went to university; These British entrepreneurs shunned university and set up shop instead – earning billions in the process. We chart how they did it


  1. 50 Million New Reasons BuzzFeed Wants to Take Its Content Far Beyond Lists; The viral media site will use a $50 million investment to diversify its content, expand its video arm and create an in-house incubator for new technology

  1. (Asia/Tech) – Microsoft’s emerging markets problem: Few want to pay for genuine product

  1. Origami Inspires Rise of Self-Folding Robot

  1. (Australia/Tech) – Freelancer ‘feels like eBay in 1997’: CEO

  1. (China/Tech) – Alibaba’s land speculation under guise of e-commerce

  1. (India/Tech) – India’s e-retailers gear up for turf war

  1. (China/Tech) – Zhongguancun, China’s iconic technology park, is to expand out of the capital under the coordinated development initiative for Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

  1. The Logic Of Crazy Valuations

  1. (Korea/Asean/Tech) – Samsung Localizes Southeast Asia Strategy; World’s Top Smartphone Maker Uses Apps to Tailor Content, Deals to Individual Countries

  1. Two Upstarts Plot Each Other’s Demise; Uber and Lyft Also Aim to Supplant Taxi Industry

  1. An App Like Yo Could Turn Out to Be Bigger Than Twitter; It Makes Use of Alerts, the Most Valuable Property in the Media Universe

  1. Internet Travel Service Priceline To Ramp Up TV Ad


  1. How online retailer Novosbed is giving the mattress industry a wake-up call

  1. (Australia/Consumer/Tech) – Online strategy: Woolworths opens first supermarket without customers

  1. (Consumer/China) – Pret’s private equity owner eyes China expansion

  1. Playing P&G’s Brand Cleanup: Options investors can use a combination of puts and calls to position themselves for P&G’s divestitures

  1. (Consumer/Commodities) – Going bananas: rival bidder threatens Chiquita-Fyffes $1bn inversion deal

Investing Process

  1. Teachings from 50 years of investing

  1. Misunderstanding Buffett


  1. Kinder Morgan to Consolidate Empire: Gas-Pipeline Company Says Master Limited Partnerships Structure Has Become Too Unwieldy

  1. Brazil’s Petrobras: Tarred by corruption; An investigation into the state oil company has tarnished political reputations


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