Morning Bamboo Insight: 17 Aug 2014

Morning Bamboo Insight: 17 Aug 2014


  1. A Crisis a Century in the Making: The Arab world is still trying to sort out the unfinished business of the Ottoman Empire

  1. Finance: The FICC and the dead; Banks’ once-mighty trading businesses are humbled. Will a return of volatility to the markets revive them?

  1. Equity research undergoes big structural changes as a result of regulation, which is hitting at the investment banking model and playing into the hands of independent groups

  1. SEC Launches Examination of Alternative Mutual Funds

Asia Pacific

  1. (Japan) – How to profit from Japan’s ‘revolution’: An economic overhaul is underway in Japan aimed to put investors’ interests first. Can you benefit?

  1. (China) – Official suicides reflect China’s “psychological pressure”

  1. (China) – Majority of provinces refuse to lay bare number of ‘naked officials’; China is conducting a cross-country investigation of “naked officials,” with a focus on Fujian province, and will complete the task by the end of August

  1. (China) – China’s Power Politics: Xi Jinping’s war against corruption is being conducted in a “you-die-I-live” world where losers risk forfeiting far more than their jobs

  1. (India) – A shock to Delhi’s durbar culture: Modi is discouraging his ministers from excessive socialising in the capital, lest they be seen as too cosy with special interests

  1. (Msia) – State leadership crisis could split Malaysia’s opposition

  1. (Japan) – Drop a coin, grab a snack: Kiosk-in-a-box spreads in Japan

  1. (China) – How One Police Chief Built a Graft Network over Four Decades in Power

  1. (Thai) – Thai Military Rulers Look to Past For Answers on Economy; Government-Led 1980s Boom Seen as a Model

  1. (Myanmar) – Myanmar in Talks to Get First Credit Rating; Rating Could Pave Road to Eventual Debut Global-Bond Sale

  1. (China) – Shanghai Prosecutor Approves Arrest of Former Bright Food Chairman; Wang Zongnan’s Arrest Is Latest Fall of Top Executive Because of Suspected Corruption

  1. (China) – Anxiety Is Local in China’s Property Woes


  1. Korean Catholicism marked by volatile history|home|top

  1. The Funny Story Of How Robin Williams Inspired Christopher Reeve To Embrace Life

  1. Nassim Taleb Outlines Every Sin To Remember On One Card

  1. In Scenario Planning, Shell Shows the Way; Authors Wilkinson and Kupers bring insider perspective to a model strategic approach

  1. Why 6 p.m. is the toughest time to be a good parent; “Gradually increasing fatigue from unremarkable activities can lead to systemic moral failure. Even ethical people can’t avoid it.”


  1. (Australia/Tech) – Online orders help Domino’s Pizza deliver sizzling result

  1. (Korea/Tech) – Sharing economy triggers controversy in S. Korea; Kozaza, a company offering sharing accommodation at South Korea’s traditional housing Hanok, when the KTO launched the ‘Hanok Stay’ website

  1. Will 3-D Printers Change the World?

  1. Bridges to span Amazon’s dominance

  1. (China/Tech) – Carlyle Invests in Chinese Classified Ad Site

  1. (Tech/Healthcare) – Apple prepares Healthkit rollout amid tangled regulatory web


  1. (China/Consumer) – China made McDonald’s and Yum Brands give up one of their most guarded secrets


  1. Tactic in Alzheimer’s Fight May Be Safe, Study Finds

  1. How Bionic Ears Have Changed People’s Lives

Investing Process

  1. The “Big Tent” of Value Investing: Approaches, Lessons, Ideas by John Mihaljevic of Manual of Ideas in Trani


  1. Kinder Morgan’s RIch Kinder, The Man Who Made $1.5 Billion In A Morning Just Did So By Outsmarting All Of Wall Street



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