Morning Bamboo Insight: 18 Aug 2014

Morning Bamboo Insight: 18 Aug 2014


  1. Fund managers turn gumshoe as forensic short-selling pays off; “The use of forensic accounting and investigative research techniques is noticeably increasing”

Asia Pacific

  1. (China) – China TV series on Deng stirs questions on political openness

  1. (India) – For some fans of new Indian leader, so far, so disappointing

  1. (India) – India’s Economic Milestone: Maruti Rolls Out People’s Car (1983) and Exit of the MNCs (1977)

  1. (China) – Winemakers, dealers eye short term investments for bigger returns

  1. (China) – Infrastructure spending puts China’s local governments in debt

  1. (HK/China) – Li Ka-shing and sons dump assets to cash in RMB80bn ($13bn)

  1. (India) – India’s Homemade Food Crisis: The most significant factor – one that policymakers have long ignored – is that a high proportion of the food that India produces never reaches consumers

  1. (China) – In Emails to Employees, Gome Executives Take Aim at Online Rivals

  1. (China) – Analysts Wonder If China’s Trust Industry Has Reached a Tipping Point

  1. (Isia) – Indonesia Slowly Changes Its Attitudes toward Ethnic Chinese

  1. (Korea) – Park delivers speech to celebrate 69th anniversary of independence

  1. (India) – Modi prioritises factories and toilets in Independence Day speech


  1. The Wisdom of the Exile; Uprooting, if we survive it, can be a philosophical gift

  1. Reformers misunderstand how central human relationships are to the educational process

  1. Carpe diem – seize the day!

  1. Take risks and make your own luck: Five tips from self-made billionaire Michael Bloomberg

  1. Don’t Let Your Education End at Graduation; Continued Learning is Critical, and There Are Lots of Free Resources

  1. David Foster Wallace on Writing, Self-Improvement, and How We Become Who We Are

  1. Art, Inc.: A Field Guide to the Psychology and Practicalities of Becoming a Successful Artist

  1. This Simple Strategy Can Turn Small Talk Into A Meaningful Conversation

  1. 12 Stephen Hawking Quotes Reveal How A Genius Thinks

  1. 30 Years, Warren Buffett Gave Away The Secret To Good Investing And Correctly Predicted No One Would Listen

  1. Cheating rife in financial planning

  1. Chocolates, Arsenal and Warren Buffett: the 10 priciest stocks in the world

  1. Lunch with the FT: Raghuram Rajan; One year on from his appointment, the man credited with spotting the last financial crisis talks about robber-baron capitalism, the Rajan rally

  1. How to ignite the creative spark: So what inspires the ‘aha!’ moment? And can anybody set out to replicate it in other areas?

  1. Failure, Writing’s Constant Companion


  1. Do You Really Need Microsoft Office Anymore? Word, Excel and PowerPoint Alternatives From Google and Apple Have Many of the Same Features, but Microsoft’s Subscription Service Comes With Perks

  1. (China/Tech) – Alibaba Restructures Agreements With Alipay; Move Would Give Chinese Firm Bigger Share of Earnings From Its Financial-Services Affiliate

  1. HP’s Ramon Baez on How to Be a Successful CIO

  1. Why It’s Good to Be a “Technology Company”

  1. Do high valuations for Uber, Snapchat and BuzzFeed herald a new tech bubble? While some worry that overvaluation of online businesses is a warning sign, others say that this time things will be different

  1. A Q&A With SmartThings CEO Alex Hawkinson After Selling To Samsung For $200M

  1. (Tech/China) – Shanghai surgeon operates wearing Google Glass

  1. Valuations grow for apps that offer less and less

  1. Book wars: Amazon’s page turner; The online retailer is accused of bullying publishers but argues its plans will aid the industry


  1. Pity the Potato: The Humble Spud Falls From Grace in the U.S.; Consumption Declines as Americans Cook Less and Fear Carbs

  1. Why the once worthless chicken wing is now worth billions; “It’s kind of almost like alcohol in the way they can get people to loosen up and have fun.”

  1. P&G Bets People Will ‘Swash’ Clothes; It’s Not Laundry or Dry Cleaning, but a $500 Machine That Freshens Outfits Quickly

  1. (China/Consumer) – Noodle wars: Uni-President on the ropes as Ting Hsin rolls on; The battle between the two main instant noodle producers in China sees one hemorrhaging money faster than ever


  1. Bubble Market Stunner: Revenueless Biotech Goes Public, Drops, Trades For Six Days, Then Voids Entire IPO

  1. Cancer and the Secrets of Your Genes; We don’t know enough about which variations lead to disease


  1. Joseph Safra, banker seeking a slice of the banana business; The Brazilian took many aback when he set out to buy Chiquita


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