Evening Bamboo Insight: 04 Aug 2014

Evening Bamboo Insight: 04 Aug 2014


  1. The 30-minute meeting that derailed a £3bn merger; Blafour Beatty and Carillion had been engaged in merger talks for two months, but in one short meeting the once-cordial negotiations broke down

  1. Junk-Debt Liquidity Concerns Bring Sales; Investors Worry Exiting Positions Could Get Harder

  1. Next crisis will be worse: Jim Rogers

  1. Can ETFs Be Derailed? ETFs have been a terrific innovation for investors, but they’re not without risk. What you should keep an eye on.

  1. Corporate Italy’s new number rings out at Telecom Italia; The company’s chairman says the group now reflects a change in the country’s business culture

  1. Race and religion in South-East Asia: The plural society and its enemies; Our departing South-East Asia correspondent explains how the “plural society” remains key to understanding the region’s problems

Asia Pacific

  1. (China) – QR codes to help China’s lost seniors find way home

  1. (China) – Daddy dearest: the fathers of China’s top ten entrepreneurs

  1. (China) – Is anti-graft anti-growth? Weighing the economic impact of the anti-corruption campaign in China

  1. (Spore/Macro) – Tougher action needed on dubious share trades

  1. (Japan) – Who wants to be a billionaire? SoftBank academy vets Japan entrepreneurs

  1. (China) – Banks Angling for China IPO Hired a CEO’s Daughter; As banks angled to participate in the IPO of China’s Tianhe Chemicals, three of them-UBS, Investec and J.P. Morgan Chase-hired the daughter of the CEO

  1. (Thai) – Thai AirAsia Charts Course Out of Crises; Budget Carrier Emerges From a Tumultuous Decade; CEO Tassapon Credits ‘Smooth’ JV With Fernandes

  1. (Spore) – Fitch: Commission-Free Sales Positive for Singapore Insurers

  1. (Isia) – “Jakarta will be for creative entrepreneurs only — those whose income is better than that of beggars. Jakarta offers many opportunities to newcomers, so long as they are honest, willing to work hard, and are creative.”

  1. (Korea) – How Korea became the world’s coolest brand

  1. (China) – Hunting Tigers in China: The question today is not whether Xi has amassed enough authority to effect change in China (he has), but whether he has built a coalition capable of advancing his declared goal of reviving pro-market reforms

  1. (Philippines) – Strained Infrastructure in Philippines Erodes the Nation’s Growth Prospects

  1. (China) – China Experiences a Booming Underground Market in Child Surrogacy

  1. (India) – Hope grows that Modi will cut bureaucracy to foster business

  1. (India) – India bank chief arrested in bribery probe

  1. (India) – The Consequences of Indian Obstructionism; Narendra Modi portrays himself as a pro-growth reformer, but he is behaving like an economic nationalist

  1. (India) – Reliance Industries: Reimagining Ambani; Mukesh Ambani, India’s most powerful tycoon, could make his country a better place. But he would have to change his company’s ways


  1. Free Advice From Charlie Munger, Seth Klarman; “If it is wisdom you’re after, you’re going to spend a lot of time on your ass reading. In my whole life, I have known no wise people (over a broad subject matter area) who didn’t read all the time,”

  1. How to Pitch Yourself: A Lesson from Young Eudora Welty’s Impossibly Charming Job Application to The New Yorker

  1. The family behind Wilkinson, one of Britain’s biggest privately owned retailers, has split after 84 years of running the business

  1. Your Unwanted Gift Cards Are Worth Millions–These Guys Are Building An Empire With Them

  1. Here’s Why LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman Refused To Buy A Really Fancy Car

  1. Alan Watts: Why Modern Civilization is a Vicious Circle; “The animal tends to eat with its stomach, and the man with his brain. When the animal’s stomach is full, he stops eating, but the man is never sure when to stop.”

  1. Changing How We Think

  1. Books – Diaminds: Decoding the Mental Habits of Successful Thinkers

  1. Getting Over Procrastination

  1. Ingenious: Robert Sapolsky; The primatologist and neurologist talks turbulence-teens, stress, and the information age

  1. “The deep opposite of attention isn’t distraction, but absorption. No one ever tells you to “pay absorption.” Absorption is what occurs when you immerse yourself in something you love doing.”

  1. Learning to talk through our differences

  1. Peter Drucker’s favorite book on leadership

  1. To Forgive Design: Understanding Failure

  1. Computer Programming Is a Trade; Let’s Act Like It; That Would Help Offset Supply-and-Demand Mismatch

  1. Science Is Not Democratic

  1. How to cut it in kitchenware innovation; From chute chopping boards to square colanders, twins Richard and Antony Joseph explain huge success in kitchenware design

  1. Chief economists are the new marketers

  1. From dating to job prospects, a name has remarkable power over the path of its owner’s life

  1. This Story About What Larry Page Was Like In College Perfectly Explains Why He’s The Right Person To Lead Google


  1. YRC Worldwide CFO: How Truckers Are Using Big Data to Overhaul Pricing

  1. (Korea/Tech) – From Tsunami Lifeline to Listing, Line Sends Message to Chat Rivals

  1. Wealth Managers Enlist Spy Tools to Map Portfolios; Companies like Addepar are using data-filtering techniques honed at spy agencies to help track and value clients’ diverse holdings

  1. Nickelodeon’s Digital Generation

  1. Where Tech Is Taking Us: A Conversation With Intel’s Genevieve Bell who is convinced we are at a rare period of social change, with the explosion of digital intelligence into every part of our lives

  1. EMC: Ready to Come Out From Under a Cloud; Facing pressure from an activist investor, the data-storage company might spin off its VMware unit

  1. (Korea/Tech) – Samsung in Transition; “Investors who were in Samsung for quick money are gone”

  1. (Tech/Japan/Korea) – S. Korea, Japan to face off in global battery market


  1. Famed Indian Scout Finds Its Way Back To Modern Motorcycle Market; Polaris Industries is resurrecting the Indian brand and challenging the industry kingpin, Harley-Davidson

  1. (China/Consumer) – McDonald’s Boosts China Orders At Brazil’s Marfrig, Local Billionaire’s Fujian Sunner

  1. A Tale of Two Dollar Stores: Why the discount-chain merger is bad news for poor shoppers


  1. There Is An ‘Enormous’ Conflict Of Interest In The Medical Publishing Industry That Is Stymieing Research In Rare Diseases

Investing Process

  1. Focus Investing Series Part 3: The Munger Network of Mental Models


Morning Bamboo Insight: 04 Aug 2014

Morning Bamboo Insight: 04 Aug 2014


  1. The hare gets rich while you don’t. Back the passive tortoise

  1. The world calls time on western rules; US and Europe face challenges over global governance

  1. Buyers of long-dated index-linked stock are guaranteed to lose money – or at least the purchasing power of their money, since the stock was sold on a negative real yield, the first time Britain’s Debt Management Office pulled this off

  1. Pension consultation is a boom industry in the making; New UK rules will drive more people to ask: ‘How do I get my money?’

  1. The Mars Bar index was invented to track inflation; Soft commodity prices have plunged in the past two years, with wheat down 30%. Cocoa is up 20%, but the chocolate cake is still 15% cheaper to make than in 2012

  1. A Hitchhiker’s Guide to emerging markets

  1. How the Gherkin was pickled: a tale of debt, risk and ambition; It is one of the world’s most instantly recognisable buildings and a symbol of the global dominance of London’s financial district. Now, it is the ignominious casualty

  1. Fairfax Financial and CEO Prem Watsa probed for insider trading

Asia Pacific

  1. India) – A down-to-earth industrialist takes on the Tata inheritance; The Indian group’s first non-family head must deliver

  1. (Thai) – Thailand’s ruling generals have come up a new way to deal with the country’s bulging stockpile of natural rubber: pave the roads with it

  1. (Philippines) – Philippines hikes interest rates, first time since 2011

  1. (Australia) – Macquarie Private Wealth: The silver doughnut that left a hole in investors’ nest eggs

5. (China) – Beijing Subway Fares Set to Rise as Gov’t Frets over Crowding, Subsidies; Experts say the move is necessary for safety and economic reasons, but it must be linked to reforms to operators and a more efficient bus network

  1. (China) – Well-Known Shanghai Businessman ‘Faces Embezzlement Probe’; Prosecutors link accusations against Wang Songnan to his time at Shanghai Friendship Group and Shanghai Lianhua Supermarket Holding Co. in the 1990s

  1. (China) – Land tax probe may collapse property market in coastal cities

8. (China) – Party elders divided on handling of Zhou Yongkang: report


  1. Science of brain signals opens new era for advertising

  1. Can you find founders before they know they are founders?

  1. The Dream Factory: How Putting Kids To Work Helps Them Stay In School; Southwire staffed a plant with troubled teens, who proved that hard work can overcome hard knocks. In the process they pioneered a model for education reform nationwide

  1. Billionaire financier Len Blavatnik’s bet on LyondellBasell has netted him a personal profit of nearly $8 billion. He says there’s more to come.

  1. The new way to learn? Brick by brick; Minecraft has made its way into the classroom with MinecraftEdu

  1. Daniel Pink’s 5 Clever Insights About Selling — And LinkedIn

  1. Wealthy families want three things. Objective advice, a stable relationship manager, and stability of ownership. The Houghton family of Corning, N.Y., is running its multifamily office like a co-op

  1. This Is Law School? Socrates Takes a Back Seat to Business and Techl data analytics and business acumen are part of the law school curriculum

  1. Here’s The Thing That ‘Lasting Love’ Is Really About: New research suggests that seeing love as a journey, rather than as a union of soul mates, could help people in how they deal with relationship conflicts

  1. Three Myths About the Brain

  1. Many Problems Lead to Thoughts of Suicide, Study Finds; Treatment of depression alone may not prevent many suicides among the elderly, a new study suggests

  1. Lunch with the FT: Xavier López Ancona; Over empanadas and steak, the Mexican founder of KidZania theme parks talks about consumerism, fun and his country’s ‘terrible’ image abroad

  1. Charity chief with a mission to transform medical research

  1. ‘Ming: 50 Years that Changed China’, at the British Museum; A look at a Chinese dynasty with telling parallels to today’s world

  1. Xaviel Niel, the telecom billionaire entrepreneur who has challenged the French establishment

  1. Nike CEO Mark Parker’s Success Secret: Doodling

  1. How 16 Of The Oldest Companies On Earth Have Been Making Money For Centuries

  1. Ryanair jester Michael O’Leary criticises chairman’s ‘dodgy dress sense’; A case of the highly paid pot and the kettle as Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary takes aim at chairman David Bonderman’s taste in music and fashion

  1. If You’re Always Working, You’re Never Working Well

  1. Businesses must have a system to manage risks

  1. Asustek Chairman Jonney Shih (施崇棠) keynote speech “Taiwan’s brand going global” pointed out that companies should take people, technology and business into consideration in order to become respected world-class enterprise

  1. Why Taco Bell shouldn’t call its workers’ “champions”; “Positiveness is self-limiting because it is constrained by structural inequalities in power: the paradoxical process of mgmt taking action to empower others is itself an exercise of power”

  1. Books – Poking a Dead Frog: Conversations with Today’s Top Comedy Writers

  1. America and the space race: A revealing new history of the Apollo moon landings holds lessons for today

  1. It’s gotta bee me: There is a lot of individuality in bumblebee colonies


  1. GoPro’s Nick Woodman On Life As Head Of A Public Company And Microsoft’s ‘Mistake’

  1. The $10bn birth of the trusted deletion industry

  1. Zillow and Trulia Merger: Marriage of Convenience; The merger of two real estate Web sites suggests housing’s recovery is peaking as home-price gains slow

  1. More Online Publishers Let Readers Fill the Space; Media companies are adding technology that allows readers to upload digital material like links, text or video with varying levels of oversight

  1. Amazon Wants Cheaper E-Books. But Should It Get to Enforce Prices?

  1. Pity the robot drivers snarled in a human moral maze; Robotic cars do not get tired, drunk or angry but there are bound to be hiccups

  1. (India/Tech) – Indian ecommerce site Flipkart raises $1bn which values the business at $7bn; Flipkart founders ready to ‘grow up’; Flipkart Vs Amazon: The great Indian e-commerce challenge

  1. Iliad founder sets off on $15bn US odyssey; Even the French elite hail Niel’s audacity on T-Mobile

  1. Here’s Why 3-D Printing Is Still A Niche Product In Enterprise

  1. There can be no monopoly on creativity and entertainment; Some argue that combining Time Warner and Fox will stifle innovation and creativity in television

  1. (India/Tech) – These four charts lend perspective to Flipkart’s ambition to be a $100 billion company

  1. The Billion-Dollar Startup Club

  1. GE brings the ‘Internet of Things’ to the factory floor

  1. People analytics: ‘Moneyball’ for human resources


  1. Global Fashion Powerhouses: Most leading fashion and lifestyle brands are owned by a handful of companies (Infographics)

  1. Up to 100 brands to go as P&G declutters

  1. Coke is about to start spying on your soda habits at home


  1. Start-Ups Work on Biotech Drugs for Pets; Entrepreneurs hope to develop innovative drugs for dogs and cats like those that have revolutionized the treatment of diseases like cancer in people

  1. Why Crucial Vaccines Are Sometimes Unavailable

Investing Process

  1. Research – The Multinational Advantage

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