Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 6 Mar (Fri) – Warren Buffett: ‘I Consider Myself a Journalist’; The Hidden Co-Founder


  • Warren Buffett: ‘I Consider Myself a Journalist’: Bloomberg
  • The Hidden Co-Founder: Techcrunch
  • Don’t Be Like Buffett. Be Like You: Bloomberg
  • Scientists discovered the personality trait that creative geniuses often share; why artists need such solitude: BI
  • Here’s how to properly shake hands in 14 different countries: BI
  • It takes the typical self-made millionaire at least 32 years to get rich; The romanticized notion of getting rich quick always finds an eager audience. BI
  • Reid Hoffman’s Two Rules for Strategy Decisions: HBR
  • Warren Buffett’s 50th annual missive to his company’s shareholders obfuscates rather than illuminates: Economist
  • The Innovation Game: Adobe’s New Strides To Keep Employees Engaged: Forbes
  • Brain evolution and disease: A Faustian bargain; Could the key to the evolution of the human brain be found in a dreadful illness?: Economist
  • The quantified serf: Management by goal-setting is making a comeback, its flaws supposedly fixed: Economist
  • Shake Shack’s Secret Sauce? It Cares. Strategy&
  • The Ottoman Empire: Heading towards disaster; How a multinational Muslim empire was destroyed by the first world war: Economist
  • Blackwell’s David Prescott weathers the storm in a bookshop; Chief executive would still recommend trade to his children: FT
  • Profile: Mikhail Fridman — from rugs to riches; the Russian billionaire, who has earned a reputation as a fierce corporate fighter, is taking on the UK government: FT
  • Suharto’s Favorite Tycoon; Liem Sioe Liong’s business empire survived some of the most turbulent moments of 20th-century Indonesian history. WSJ
  • Are Asian family companies leaders in innovation?: SCMP
  • Economists’ Biggest Failure: Bloomberg
  • Does the Social Safety Net Make Us Lazy? Or Promote Greater Entrepreneurship?: Bloomberg
  • The Little-Known $15 Billion Empire Of Africa’s Richest Man: Forbes
  • Is chief information officer a dead end on the path towards becoming CEO? Richard Umbers joined a small club of CIOs who’ve been elevated to the CEO role after Myer revealed its supply chain and information boss would replace the incumbent: TheAge

Investing Process

Greater China

  • Reply to CFO of SGX-Listed China Environment (CENV SP) on report “Potential Accounting Tunneling Fraud at China Environment?”: AsianExtractor
  • Exchange questions Hanergy as speculative bubble grows: SCMP
  • 3 Chinese companies in debt defaults in 2014: SCMP
  • E-Commerce Giants, Gov’t Create New Markets in China’s Rural Areas: Caixin
  • Alibaba Expanding E-Commerce Hurts Department Store Bonds: Bloomberg
  • A Reform Test for Beijing: Will the Communist Party back state or private enterprises?: WSJ
  • China Said to Tax Past Capital Gains by International Funds: Bloomberg
  • Chinese Premier Li Keqiang lays out flaws in country’s economic model: FT
  • China on Long, Slow Road to Reform; New budget underscores preference for strong hand of the state over the marketplace: WSJ
  • Amazon Opens Store Inside Alibaba’s Tmall In China: WSJ
  • Hanergy chairman tightlipped on shares swings – but vows to launch solar-powered cars: SCMP
  • China securities regulator gears up to allow unprofitable firms to go public; First draft of a revised securities law scraps profit requirement on companies seeking IPOs: SCMP
  • Li Pledges to Raze Graft ‘Breeding Grounds’: Bloomberg
  • Chinese Lawmakers Hide Cigarettes and Alcohol as Xi Clamps Down: Bloomberg

Japan & Korea

  • Sony total-vision headset will be reality in 2016: JT
  • Addressing inequality, Japanese-style: PS
  • Japan Now Spends 43% Of Tax Revenue To Fund Interest On Debt: Zerohedge


  • Reply to CFO of SGX-Listed China Environment (CENV SP) on report “Potential Accounting Tunneling Fraud at China Environment?”: AsianExtractor
  • 1MDB sheds light, explains RM2bil debt,eyes listing; Malaysia’s 1MDB to be dismantled under debt plan: Star, Reuter
  • Indonesia Makes Play for Infrastructure Funding; Government pours cash into state firms; investors are doubtful: WSJ


  • Insider Trading Investigators Have a Blind Spot: Bloomberg
  • Foreign Tax Surprises Like Disney’s Have SEC Seeking Sunlight: Bloomberg
  • Global banks: A world of pain; The giants of global finance are in trouble: Economist
  • Nobody knows anything: Pension funds and endowments tend to rely on consultants to select fund managers. This is a mistake: Economist
  • Shades of grey still colour equity trading; Renewed risk-on, risk-off approach to markets could be a warning sign: FT
  • The ageing of EMs: service sector to the rescue? FT
  • China and India need to make their growth numbers add up; Many politely accept the official line but those with money on the line do not: FT
  • Stress tests for banks are a predictable act of public theatre; Once again the bankers are gaming the system by working out what regulators will do: FT
  • FCA takes aim at structured products after finding that investors significantly overestimated the returns they were likely to receive. FT
  • Ports Gridlock Reshapes the Supply Chain; More cargo is being shifted away from congested West Coast trade routes: WSJ
  • Currency warriors rise again: SCMP
  • The Biggest Banks Aren’t Ready to Shrink; New rules give big banks an incentive to shrink their balance sheets. But for most, massiveness remains part of the business plan: Bloomberg
  • We Tried to Re-Create JPMorgan’s Mutual Fund Returns and Gave Up; The bank’s impressive mutual-fund-group performance figures come with little explanation: Bloomberg
  • Citigroup Lost $800 Million on Holding in Turkey’s Akbank: Bloomberg
  • Is JPMorgan Fabricating Its Mutual Fund Returns?: Zerohedge


  • Googledome, or temple of doom? Tech firms are building pharaonic head offices again: Economist
  • The curse of the top dog: Apple’s low price-earnings ratio reflects understandable scepticism: Economist
  • E-commerce in South-East Asia: Home-field advantage; The global online-shopping giants may not find it easy to conquer the region: Economist
  • 3D printing: Entering the jet age; Aircraft engines may soon be built one layer at a time: Economist
  • Apple Pay Stung by Low-Tech Fraudsters; Transactions involved credit-card data stolen in retailer breaches: WSJ
  • This Venture Capitalist Says We Have Entered a Tech Bubble: Bloomberg
  • Apple Watch is competing as a fashion accessory, and that’s a risky move: WaPo
  • Apple’s rivals hope its Watch will boost their own wearable tech: Reuters
  • For the ‘unbanked’, mobile money still has some way to go: Reuters
  • The new ‘Horsemen of the Nasdaq’ – how long will they ride?: Reuters
  • Mark Cuban Warns: This Bubble Is Far Worse Than The Tech Bubble Of 2000: Zerohedge

Energy & Commodities

  • Australian mining slowdown hits Aggreko: FT
  • Oil Bust Threatens CMBS in Wall Street Funded Shale Towns: Bloomberg
  • Will Tesla Ever Make Money? Sure, Elon Musk makes great cars, but investors are wondering when his company will turn a profit. Bloomberg


  • Many in U.S. live too far from advanced stroke care: Reuters
  • Biotech Bidding War Yields Rich Price; AbbVie to pay $21 billion for Pharmacyclics, reflecting promise of cancer drug: WSJ
  • Inside the $21 Billion War for a Blockbuster Cancer Drug: Bloomberg

Consumer & Others

  • Outsiders Tried but Failed to Make It Big in Furniture; General Mills, Masco and S&H Green Stamps creator flopped or gave up when profits proved slim: WSJ
  • U.S. Furniture Survivor Tries to Go Global; As family-owned Ashley outgrows the McMansion, it turns its sights on Asia: WSJ
  • Coca-Cola Makes Over Look of Cans to Shake Calorie Stigma: Bloomberg
  • Lego Seeks a Little Help From Elf Friends to Reignite Franchise: Bloomberg
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