Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 27 Mar (Fri) – Commander of his stage: Lee Kuan Yew

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Remembering Lee Kuan Yew

  • Singapore to Carry Forward Lee Kuan Yew’s Business-Friendly Legacy; Businesses say Lee Kuan Yew’s policies and philosophy will outlast the elder statesman: WSJ
  • Kuan Yew and I: Dr Mahathir Mohamad: AsiaOne
  • Lee Kuan Yew as the ultimate entrepreneur in 10 quotes: e27
  • Commander of his stage: Lee Kuan Yew: Economist
  • Lee Kuan Yew’s Bad Prescription for India: Bloomberg
  • A leader unfazed by politically sensitive questions: BT


  • Stanford’s most popular class isn’t computer science-it’s something much more important; It’s called “designing your life” – by reintroducing methods of “forming you into the person that will go out into the world, effect change, and be a leader.” FastCo
  • Apple’s Tim Cook will give away all his money; “You want to be the pebble in the pond that creates the ripples for change”: Reuters
  • Apple’s Tim Cook leads different: Fortune
  • Here’s why successful people build careers like Leonardo da Vinci: BI
  • Hey, Leaders: Stop Thinking So Much and Just Do It: Strategy&
  • Who are the world’s best leaders? Why Obama isn’t on Fortune’s World’s Greatest Leaders list: Fortune, Fortune2
  • How this ‘night owl’ CEO created a morning routine that makes her a better leader during the day: BI
  • Munger: “What do you think a derivatives trading desk is? It’s a casino in drag. They make the witch doctors look good.”: Bloomberg
  • What Jeff Bezos did when this new Amazon employee made a huge mistake: BI
  • 5 surprising insights about Steve Jobs’s management style; “He didn’t care what the public thought of him. At times, he was surprised to have hurt someone’s feelings.”: Fastco
  • How sleep became a social justice issue: Fastco
  • ‘It’s OK If They Copy Us’: Google’s HR Chief On The Upside Of Giving Away Staffing Secrets: Forbes
  • The story of Polaroid: Behind the instant-photography pioneer there stood a great man: Economist
  • Towers of Babel: Is there such a thing as a skyscraper curse?: Economist
  • Milk and economic development: No use crying; The ability to digest milk may explain how Europe got rich: Economist
  • Meet the Father of Zero-Based Budgeting: Pete Pyhrr’s strategy reached the White House in 1970s, then almost disappeared; now Heinz, Kraft are adopting it: WSJ
  • 22 successful entrepreneurs share their best productivity hacks: BI
  • Rival Rothschild branches face court battle over family name: FT
  • Why Group Brainstorming Is a Waste of Time: HBR
  • The Five Key Reasons Why You Procrastinate: Forbes

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