Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 7 Mar (Sat) – Ryan Holiday: Find canvases for other people to paint on


  • 9 successful people share the toughest lessons they learned at their first jobs; Ryan Holiday: Find canvases for other people to paint on. James Altucher: Don’t dwell on failure and its supposed benefits – there are none. BI
  • ‘Calvin and Hobbes’: America’s Most Profound Comic Strip; The hilarity of ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ was rooted in a 6-year-old boy’s inability to control himself—or the world: WSJ
  • ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ creator Bill Watterson returns to the comics page — to offer a few ‘Pearls’ gems: WaPo
  • The best strategy is to be good at whatever it is you do: JohnKay
  • Heng: Bold changes needed in education to nurture Singaporeans who are inventive, resilient and caring, to go beyond learning for grades and “learn for mastery”: TODAY
  • How anxiety affects your decision-making skills: Fastco
  • Shakespeare got his psychology right: Low status can make us more altruistic; The “high-status” students were more focused on displaying their own competence and knowledge. WSJ
  • The Founding Fathers of American Invention: WSJ
  • From TV to Twitter, star scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson continues his quest to educate the world about the universe: WSJ
  • Ancient Automatons, Modern Worries; Despite Stephen Hawking’s warnings about artificial intelligence, robots have been around since the ancient Greeks: WSJ
  • Andreas Jacobs, scion of one of Germany’s leading business families and now, chairman of French business school Insead, shares his experiences.: BT
  • U.S. Authorities Struggle to Find a Pattern Among Aspiring Islamic State Members: WSJ
  • Making professional accountancy cool: Star
  • Don’t get routed like REA Group’s founders: positive ways to postpone raising capital: BRW
  • The secret to talent management? Put employees, not employers first: Fortune
  • Hardly anyone realizes the classic board game Monopoly started as an early feminist’s attack on capitalism: BI
  • Accountancy: the new buzz; ‘The value of bees’ service to the British economy was estimated at £200m – the value of what they pollinate closer to £1bn’: FT


  • Overwhelmed: How to Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time; How to Find More Time: New research suggests our concept of time is malleable – and some simple strategies could make us feel like we have more of it: Amazon, NYT

Research & Investing Process

  • Reply to CFO of SGX-Listed China Environment (CENV SP) on report “Potential Accounting Tunneling Fraud at China Environment?”: AsianExtractor
  • Noble’s Iceberg Rebuttal Gets Few Prizes for Transparency: WS
  • Be alert to whether or not the directors are buying shares just to show the flag. When companies are known to be in trouble, a cluster of the directors buy a few shares to try to reassure the market that all is well: Telegraph
  • Are Corporate Spin-Offs Prone to Insider Trading? Regulatory blind spots letting insiders profit from spin-offs, says study; one in eight US corporate spin-offs since 1996 were preceded by suspicious options market trading: SSRN, Bloomber

Greater China

  • Reply to CFO of SGX-Listed China Environment (CENV SP) on report “Potential Accounting Tunneling Fraud at China Environment?”: AsianExtractor
  • Albert Edwards’ Latest Worry, The Chinese Liquidity Tourniquet: VW
  • ‘China likely to end up as a former would-be superpower’, says Goldman partner who called Japan’s demise: Bloomberg\
  • Chinese steelmakers face headwinds of slowing growth, glut in capacity: Reuters
  • China’s Stock Connect Falls Short on Bets Against Shares; Industry officials say short selling rules make it impossible to bet against stocks: WSJ
  • The Coming Chinese Crack-Up: The endgame of communist rule in China has begun, and Xi Jinping’s ruthless measures are only bringing the country closer to a breaking point: WSJ

Japan & Korea

  • Time for Japan to Cut Off Sharp: Bloomberg
  • President Kazuhiro Tsuga explains how he pulled the company back from the brink and set it on a path to profitability. Fortune


  • Reply to CFO of SGX-Listed China Environment (CENV SP) on report “Potential Accounting Tunneling Fraud at China Environment?”: AsianExtractor
  • Further rupiah slip could be ‘dangerous’; This is because many businesspeople, including those in the export-oriented industry, will see their costs skyrocket because of the high import content in their manufactured goods: JP
  • Indonesia’s Bridestory Secures Funding in a Round Led By Rocket Internet Group: JG
  • Thai temple’s lift-off triggers clash over monks and money: FT


  • Lord Rothschild Warns Investors: “Geopolitical Situation Most Dangerous Since WWII”: Zerohedge
  • Hedge funds: sheep in wolves’ clothing: AW
  • Individual Stocks vs. Index Funds: The Next Frontier; Some firms, including Wealthfront, suggest buying the individual stocks in an index to take advantage of tax-loss selling: WSJ
  • Hedge Funds Monetizing By Selling Stakes To Institutional Investors: VW
  • Why Political Dynasties Rule in America’s Democracy: JG
  • The history and future of Asian bond markets: Nation
  • Only mass default will end the world’s addiction to debt: FP
  • How banks may have rigged the Bank of England scheme built to keep them alive: Telegraph

Energy & Commodities

  • An Oil Firm That Raised Money Seven Months Ago Just Missed Its First Bond Payment: Bloomberg
  • Layoffs and empty streets as Australia’s boom towns go bust: Reuters


  • The New Tech-Stock Temptation: WSJ
  • The Apple Watch’s beautiful face is also its fatal flaw: WaPo
  • How the Apple Watch will transform the most successful store strategy in a generation: WaPo
  • At long last, Dow gets a taste for Apple: Reuters
  • Go Mobile or Bust: Google Schools Firms on the Business Benefits of Apps: JG
  • Here’s why fraudsters love Apple Pay: Fortune
  • Silicon Valley debate on self-driving cars: do you need a map?: Reuters


  • Biotech Bidding War Yields Rich Price; AbbVie to pay $21 billion for Pharmacyclics, reflecting promise of cancer drug: WSJ
  • These Investors Think There’s a Biotech Bubble That’s About to Burst: Bloomberg
  • Complexities of Eye Care Drive Strong Moats: Morningstar

Consumer & Others

  • Why America fell out of love with golf: WaPo
  • Supermarkets’ brave new world; Derided as a haven for duopolies, Australia is in fact enjoying a price war in the crucial $88 billion food and grocery industry. TheAge
  • Why Can’t Reebok Get Fit?: Bloomberg
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