Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 30 Mar (Mon) – “Light that has guided us has been extinguished”, says PM Lee in eulogy of Lee Kuan Yew; “Mr. Lee taught people how to fish and brought fish to Singapore waters”; “What people think of it, I have to leave to them. It is of no great consequence. What is of consequence is, I did my best.”

Remembering Lee Kuan Yew

  • Lee Kuan Yew: I did my best: AsiaOne
  • “Light that has guided us has been extinguished”, “He wrote us long and thoughtful letters sharing advice on how to make our marriages successful,” says PM Lee in eulogy: AsiaOne
  • “Mr. Lee taught people how to fish and brought fish to Singapore waters.” Singapore Turns Out for Lee Kuan Yew’s Funeral; Thousands line streets in tropical rain to say farewell to Singapore’s founding prime minister: WSJ
  • Malaysians yearn for a Malay version of Mr Lee: AsiaOne
  • The great American disconnect: In Silicon Valley, ‘fail harder’ is a motto. In Washington a single miscue can ruin your career: FT


  • Mental Models: The Mind’s Search Algorithm: Farnam
  • The Books That Influenced Thomas Schelling: Farnam
  • David Graeber: ‘So many people spend their working lives doing jobs they think are unnecessary’; The anarchist author, coiner of the phrase ‘We are the 99%’, talks to Stuart Jeffries about ‘bullshit jobs’, our rule-bound lives and the importance of play: Guardian
  • Tycoon Li Ka-shing Looks to Israel for Innovation: WSJ
  • To topple a dynasty: Kung Fu rebels and the cycle of history: Fightland
  • A Special Forces Officer Teaches You 5 Secrets To Overcoming Adversity: EB
  • Are you a leader, or just the boss?: FP

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