Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 2 May (Sat) – The Enduring Hunt for Personal Value; Spend Your Day With Berkshire Hathaway (Whether You Want to or Not): Warren Buffett’s products and services are everywhere

Berkshire Hathaway 50th Anniversary

  • Spend Your Day With Berkshire Hathaway (Whether You Want to or Not); Warren Buffett’s products and services are everywhere. Just look at what you’re doing Saturday: Bloomberg
  • Berkshire Hathaway’s meeting: Fun at fifty; The sage of Omaha celebrates half a century on top of the world: Economist
  • Woodstock of Capitalism’s odd couple: FT
  • I’ve Followed Warren Buffett For Decades And These 10 Quotes Are What I Keep Coming Back To: LinkedIn
  • What Will Berkshire Look Like Over the Next 50 Years?: Morningstar
  • Warren Buffett: ‘If You’re Looking for a Wonderful Business, It’s Hard to Beat Coca-Cola’: Coca-Cola
  • Timeless Investment Lessons From Warren Buffett’s Business Partner, Charlie Munger: Morningstar
  • Why Warren Buffett considers the deal he made with an 89-year-old woman one of the best of his career: BI


  • The Enduring Hunt for Personal Value: NYT
  • David Letterman Reflects on 33 Years in Late-Night Television: NYT
  • Self-image matters: Helping kids see themselves as readers: WaPo
  • Ancient DNA Tells a New Human Story; Armed with old bones and new DNA sequencing technology, scientists are getting a much better understanding of the prehistory of the human species: WSJ
  • The Rise and Fall of the Term ‘Third World’; Report says the phrase ‘Third World’ had its start at a 1955 conference, but the words grew out of the work of French social scientists: WSJ
  • Distaff Scientists: Is it wrong to be captivated by a great thinker’s personality, rather than the drier stuff of résumés? WSJ
  • The Half-Life of Physicists: In 1947 Erwin Schrödinger boasted of a big new result that would beat his sometime collaborator Albert Einstein. They were both wrong.: WSJ
  • Billionaire investor Peter Thiel: ‘Always aim for a monopoly. From society’s perspective, it’s complicated. But from the inside, I always want to have a monopoly.’: BI
  • Ten Golden Nuggets: SeekingWisdom
  • Addiction to Truth: David Carr, the Measure of a Person, and the Uncommon Art of Elevating the Common Record: BP
  • A Dozen Things I’ve Learned From Comedians About the Business of Life: 25iq
  • An eminent scientist posits a new theory of how life came to be; The Vital Question: Why Is Life the Way It Is? By Nick Lane: Economist

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