Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 10 May (Sun) – Presidents, Mother’s Day and American Tradition


  • Presidents, Mother’s Day and American Tradition: Forbes
  • Creating grit in students; What if the secret of success is failure? Should an educator ever cause a student to feel frustated, even to fail?: JP
  • Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s Lessons Learned: Five years after his firing, the former U.S. commander in Afghanistan on modern warfare, Islamic State and applying military lessons to the business world: WSJ
  • Rodents Could Predict the Next Big Quake: bloomberg
  • How Hells Angels and criminal gangs came to control much of the Vancouver docks: NP
  • Is the Game Hive the Next Chess? The game Hive, in which players control bugs of different types, has unique tactics, but it echoes some concepts from chess: WSJ

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