Bamboo Innovator Daily: 23 May (Sat) – Lessons From a Buffett Believer; Why Do We Experience Awe? Because it moves us to do things for the greater good


  • Every Man an Archimedes; Insights can seem to appear spontaneously, but fully formed. No wonder the ancients spoke of muses. WSJ
  • Why Do We Experience Awe? Because it moves us to do things for the greater good: NYT
  • 13 of the best graduation speeches of all time: BI
  • Lessons From a Buffett Believer: WSJ
  • Think different: Yancey Hai left a 21-year career in banking for power systems maker Taiwan’s Delta Electronics, and has not looked back.: BT
  • Watch Robert De Niro tell graduates about dealing with rejection: Quartz
  • Bouncing off Tharman’s trampoline: BT
  • Elon Musk didn’t like his kids’ school, so he made his own small, secretive school without grade levels: BI
  • 10 innovation lessons inspired by Homer Simpson: FP
  • Embracing Disruptive Change: Why Is it So Difficult? WSJ
  • What Google looks for in entrepreneurs when it’s thinking about acquiring a company: BI
  • How Discovery keeps innovating; CEO Adrian Gore describes how the South African company has been shaking up its industry through business-model innovation and explains what helps to catalyze new ideas. McKinsey
  • Inside “(Dis)Honesty – The Truth About Lies.”: Forbes
  • Signs That You’re Being Too Stubborn: HBR
  • Notes To The Charlie Rose 3 episode interview of Warren Buffett: RBCPA
  • Revealing Seven Personality Traits That Have Made Warren Buffett A Cheerful Billionaire: VW
  • Buffett in WSJ Op-Ed: Better Than Raising the Minimum Wage: Help Americans who need it with a major, carefully crafted expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit: WSJ
  • SEC Commissioner Stein Says Overlooking Bank Criminal Activity Will Lead To Further Criminal Activity: VW
  • A new startup thinks it can stop Wall Street cheaters by monitoring how much traders laugh: BI
  • Meet the real-life ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Instagrammer who claims he can turn your ‘pennies into millions’: BI
  • A Life-Changing Guide for Emotionally Sensitive People: TinyBuddha
  • Retelling Another Person’s Story Can Make It Your Own; Repeatedly retelling an incident can trick your brain into believing it was your own experience: WSJ
  • A great leadership reading list — without any business books on it: WaPo
  • Proof of Cheating Casts Pall Over the SAT: Barron’s
  •  Psychologist says this key skill can make people highly effective leaders: BI
  • Interview: M&A advisers Michael and Yoel Zaoui; Brothers Michael and Yoel have advised on takeovers worth $152bn in two years and changed the fate of business empires: FT
  • What’s Behind Big Science Frauds?: NYT


  • The Emotionally Sensitive Person: Finding Peace When Your Emotions Overwhelm You : Amazon
  • The Good Struggle: Responsible Leadership in an Unforgiving World: Amazon
  • Defining Moments: When Managers Must Choose Between Right and Right : Amazon
  • Leading Quietly: Amazon

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