Bamboo Innovator Daily: 16 May (Sat) – The Upright Thinkers: The Human Journey from Living in Trees to Understanding the Cosmos; Isaac Newton stuck needlelike bodkins into his eyes to better understand changes in light and color; Antoine Lavoisier drank nothing but milk for two weeks to examine its effects on his body


  • It Is, in Fact, Rocket Science; Why do we reduce great discoveries to epiphany myths? NYT
  • Imagination as a Journey of Survival and Discovery: WSJ
  • Rather Than Fight or Flee, Take Responsibility: NYT
  • The Greatest Generation of Scientists: NYT
  • When Personal Tragedy Strikes, Downshifting at Work Doesn’t Always Help: HBR
  • A psychiatrist says this skill is the best indicator of a person’s ability to succeed: BI
  • The man who oversaw electronics design on Dyson’s first robotic vacuum cleaner came to Silicon Valley this week to deliver a blunt message: keep it simple and test relentlessly. EETimes
  • Where Would the Kardashians Be Without Kris Jenner? The mother, and manager, of reality TV’s most famous clan has created a strange new form of family business — and changed the nature of celebrity. NYT
  • CEO who raised the minimum wage at his company to $70,000 a year reveals the most important quality he looks for when hiring: BI
  • How removing fear can be your innovation trump card; WaPo
  • To Lead Effectively, You Must Handle Uncertainty: Forbes
  • Nikesh Arora: Tough player at SoftBank; Armed with $100 and two suitcases, he rose to the top of US tech. Now he is taking on Japan: FT
  • MIT lecturer explains 5 key skills that separate innovators from imitators: BI
  • 4 psychological tricks to instantly appear more competent: BI
  • Why Tesla employees fear Elon Musk, as told by one of the company’s co-founders: BI
  • In Praise of Moonshots: WSJ
  • The Future Is in the Quaking Swamps; the remarkable connection between Peter Thiel and H.D. Thoreau: IFG
  • Why the art market is about Piketty and Picasso; Paintings are of high value because of inequality: FT
  • How to Get People to Pitch In: We cooperate because it makes us look good. NYT
  • How to Understand Italy: NYT
  • Decoding the Enigma of Satoshi Nakamoto and the Birth of Bitcoin: NYT
  • Use Stress to Your Advantage: To perform under pressure, research finds that welcoming anxiety is more helpful than calming down: WSJ
  • How Homo Economicus Went Extinct: Consumers and investors don’t act rationally, but for generations economists have pretended they do.: WSJ


  • The Upright Thinkers: The Human Journey from Living in Trees to Understanding the Cosmos: Amazon
  • The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil: Amazon
  • Numbers Rule Your World: The Hidden Influence of Probabilities and Statistics on Everything You Do: Amazon
  • Mistakes Were Made (But Not by Me): Why We Justify Foolish Beliefs, Bad Decisions, and Hurtful Acts: Amazon

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