Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 5 May (Tues) – The Philosophy of Warren E. Buffett


  •  The Philosophy of Warren E. Buffett: NYT
  • Meet the father-son team making $1.3 million on YouTube; 9-year-old Evan and his dad have turned their love of toys into a seven-figure YouTube business: FastCo
  • A neuroscientist explains how being aware of your emotions can make you super-productive: BI
  • Here’s what Warren Buffett told a 7th grader who asked for his advice: BI
  • Berkshire’s Warren Buffett Shows His Teddy Bear Image Has Tough Side: NYT
  • Kick forced ranking out of the office; Ignore Jack Welch: Yahoo’s quarterly reviews show how employee ‘leagues’ cause turbulence: FT
  • Art of the Japanese company apology: It’s all in the bow: JT
  • Inside the school Silicon Valley thinks will save education: Wired
  • Restoring Humanity to Leadership: Insead

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