Trades Rival University Degrees for Canada Labor Market

Trades Rival University Degrees for Canada Labor Market

Ellie MacRae is taking summer classes to accelerate a four-year degree in early childhood studies, even as she worries her efforts won’t pay off like her boyfriend’s electrical training.

“Undergraduate degrees don’t get you a job,” said MacRae, 21, who is in her second year at Toronto’s Ryerson University. Her boyfriend “will have an easier time finding a job than me – – there’s just a lot more opportunities in the trades.” Read more of this post

Which State Drinks The Most (And Least) Beer?

Which State Drinks The Most (And Least) Beer?

Tyler Durden on 07/04/2013 19:55 -0400

On a day when the underlying reason for celebration in the US is often washed away by a few gallons of alcohol, we thought it timely to see just which states are the biggest soaks. It is likely no surprise that Utah is the driest state but the top 4 states seem head and shoulders above the rest with North Dakota topping the list at 45.8 gallons of beer per capita per year (or an average of just over 1 pint per day – which seems very reasonable?). Only 4 states have seen consumption per capita rise in the last 5 years – Vermont (+8.34%), North Dakota (+7.5%), Maine (+3.45%) and New Hampshire (+0.34%) – while Nevada (-16.42%), Washington (-15.24%), and Florida (-15.01%) are sobering up the fastest…


China signals will cut off credit to rebalance economy

China signals will cut off credit to rebalance economy

7:21am EDT

By Koh Gui Qing and Langi Chiang

BEIJING (Reuters) – China said on Friday it would cut off credit to force consolidation in industries plagued by overcapacity as it seeks to end the economy’s dependence on extravagant investment funded by cheap debt. In a statement from the State Council, or cabinet, Beijing laid out broad plans to ensure banks support the kind of economic rebalancing China’s new leadership wants as it looks to focus more on high-end manufacturing. Read more of this post

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