Evening Bamboo InsightL 14 Aug 2014

Evening Bamboo InsightL 14 Aug 2014


  1. Investors in junk bond funds face a Matrix moment; Liquidity and pricing have become disconnected from reality

  1. Small vs. Large Countries: Which Are More Successful?

  1. Traders brace for research crackdown as easy money dries up

  1. Calpers Rethinks Its Risky Investments

  1. Yield Hunters’ New Tune Echoes Financial Engineering’s Past

Asia Pacific

  1. (Msia) – Malaysia Builders Hit by Tax Amid Worst Slump Since 1998

  1. (Taiwan/China) – Taiwan and China are expected to resume negotiations on reaching a merchandise trade agreement by the end of August, amid hopes of catching up with similar progress made between the mainland and South Korea

  1. (China) – Michael Pettis On The Political Upheaval In China

  1. (Msia) – Toll hike: Johor leaders fear impact on Iskandar

  1. (China) – Food and flirting; how firms learn to live with China antitrust raids

  1. (HK) – High-End ‘Micro-Flats’ Latest Trend for Hong Kong Home Buyers

  1. (Spore) – Disclosing GIC’s returns in Singapore dollars will reveal its poor performance; Since March 2009, the US dollar fell 15%; an additional $101bn CPF, excluding tens of billions in reserves, was injected into GIC from 2008 to 2013

  1. (China) – China’s Energetic Enforcement of Antitrust Rules Alarms Foreign Firms


  1. A Guide for the Perplexed: Mapping the Meaning of Life and the Four Levels of Being

  1. Books – A Guide for the Perplexed

  1. Singapore succeeded in the early years because we had exceptionally bold leaders, who were unafraid of taking risks and learning from their mistakes as they fought against major odds to survive and prosper.

  1. Taking A Wait-And-See Approach With Disruptive Innovations

  1. Keys to Mastery; Great learners are captivated by the process of getting better; the struggle and work itself is rewarding in its own right. As they move closer to mastery, they are more fascinated by a focus on simple fundamentals

  1. Books – The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload

  1. The Common Pattern To Procrastination

  1. The Procrastination Equation: How to Stop Putting Things Off and Start Getting Stuff Done

  1. Here’s An Easy Way To Get People To Pay You More

  1. Lunch with the FT: Jefferson Hack, the co-founder of ‘alternative style bible’ Dazed & Confused who talks about his digital empire – and being inspired by Playboy

  1. 4 Strategies For Remembering Everything You Learn

  1. No optical illusion: Obama balances world crises with golf, time off

  1. 17 Small Productivity Habits

  1. Richard Feynman’s Letter on What Problems to Solve: “No problem is too small or too trivial if we can really do something about it.”

  1. The Ability To Focus And Make The Best Move When There Are No Good Moves

  1. Honda’s global strategy? Go local.

  1. Why CEOs swear by Swatches


  1. The World Of Everything-As-A-Service

  1. Arrogance Is Good: In Defense of Silicon Valley

  1. Starbucks Secret Weapon Is Machine From Sleepy Swiss Village

  1. (India/Tech) – The Great Indian Smartphone Shakeout

  1. IBM Develops a New Chip, Named TrueNorth, That Functions Like a Brain

  1. (China/Tech) – Alibaba Cleans Up ‘Gray Market’ for Some Prestigious Brands; Labels That Open Tmall Stores Get Help in Curbing Unauthorized Vendors

  1. (China/Tech) – Suit Against Alibaba Opens Window on Issue of Counterfeiting; Gucci’s Owner Said Chinese E-Commerce Firm Fostered ‘Army of Counterfeiters’

  1. Priceline’s Success Comes at a Price



  1. (Thai/Consumer) – How a third-generation young leader Rawit Hanutsaha revived the flagging fortunes of Srichand; Srichand’s turnaround owed much to Rawit’s decision to enter the modern-trade channel about five years ago


  1. (Isia/Healthcare) – Indonesia’s largest pharmaceutical firm Kalbe Farma to start producing cancer drugs

  1. The ‘bionic ear’: the couple who helped the world to hear: Ingeborg and Erwin Hochmair hope to further advance their cochlear implant credited as the first device ever to replace a sensory organ

  1. (Healthcare/Tech) – Talking healthcare tech with Humana’s CEO about the rise of big data and telemedicine and how it will impact your health care

Investing Process

  1. Capital Allocation: Evidence, Analytical Methods, and Assessment Guidance

  1. 30 Years Of Accounting Lessons: Penman, Piotroski, Beneish, And More


  1. From ‘Mr Copper’ to Lord Farmer, metals trading legend becomes British peer

  1. (China/Commodities) – Citigroup and Swiss-based trader Mercuria Energy Group are battling in a London court over payments relating to metals-backed financing arrangements in China valued at over $270 million


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KB Kee is the Managing Editor of the Moat Report Asia (, a research service focused exclusively on highlighting undervalued wide-moat businesses in Asia; subscribers from North America, Europe, the Oceania and Asia include professional value investors with over $20 billion in asset under management in equities, some of the world’s biggest secretive global hedge fund giants, and savvy private individual investors who are lifelong learners in the art of value investing. KB has been rooted in the principles of value investing for over a decade as an analyst in Asian capital markets. He was head of research and fund manager at a Singapore-based value investment firm. As a member of the investment committee, he helped the firm’s Asia-focused equity funds significantly outperform the benchmark index. He was previously the portfolio manager for Asia-Pacific equities at Korea’s largest mutual fund company. KB has trained CEOs, entrepreneurs, CFOs, management executives in business strategy, value investing, macroeconomic and industry trends, and detecting accounting frauds in Singapore, HK and China. KB was a faculty (accounting) at SMU teaching accounting courses. KB is currently the Chief Investment Officer at an ASX-listed investment holdings company since September 2015, helping to manage the listed Asian equities investments in the Hidden Champions Fund. Disclaimer: This article is for discussion purposes only and does not constitute an offer, recommendation or solicitation to buy or sell any investments, securities, futures or options. All articles in the website reflect the personal opinions of the writer.

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