Morning Bamboo Insight: 10 Sep 2014

Morning Bamboo Insight: 10 Sep 2014


  1. Wage stagnation: The big freeze; Throughout the rich world, wages are stuck

  1. Loss-making public companies by region in America, Europe and Japan

  1. The wonky, absurd scales of (insider dealing) justice; Mathew Martoma was sentenced to nine years in prison for insider trading. And yet CEOs strategically time news releases to coincide with months in which their equity vests

  1. Dreams on hold, Brazil’s ‘new middle class’ turns on Rousseff

Asia Pacific

  1. (Korea) – Why so many Koreans are called Kim

  1. (India) – India revamps intellectual property policy in face of western anger

  1. (China) – Better companies needed for China shares to shine; many listed Chinese companies continue to be the subject of allegations of wrongdoing, accounting fraud and corporate governance issues.

  1. (HK) – The Chan family controls Hang Lung, one of the biggest and oldest property developers in Hong Kong

  1. (HK) – Hong Kong must seize the first chance to elect its own leaders; Successive governments have been working towards universal suffrage, writes C Y Leung

  1. (Australia) – Australia: Culture clash; The government seems preoccupied with policies that critics say amount to an ideological war

  1. (Japan) – Nissan building know-how at ‘global mother plant’

  1. (HK/China) – A much-hyped idea to link bourses in HK and Shenzhen is not in the pipeline, China’s securities watchdog said, saying one of its current priorities is to hammer out taxation issues for the upcoming Shanghai-HK Stock Connect

  1. (Spore/HK) – Bad news in Hong Kong is good news for Singapore

  1. (China) – Spectre of Corruption Haunts Huawei; Efforts to curb bribery in product rebate system nets 100 employees as series of corruption scandals engulf telecoms equipment giant

  1. (Taiwan) – Perng Fai-nan, governor of Taiwan’s central bank, was named one of the world’s seven best central bankers in 2014 for 10th straight year

  1. (Taiwan) – Taiwan semiconductor firms may lose talent as China pays better


  1. Marcus Aurelius’ 10 Rules For Being An Exceptional Leader

  1. The Most Frustrating Email in the World: “Please call me.”; add some details to an email to make it slightly less baffling and anxiety provoking.

  1. Over the horizon: Three issues that should preoccupy managers in the next 50 years

  1. Pardon the disruption: When firms succumb to new forms of competition, inflexible organisation is usually to blame

  1. Keeping it in the family: Patriarchs are reluctant to cede control of the companies they built

  1. Steve Jobs Was Depressed The Day After Apple Released The iPad


  1. (China/Tech) – After the float: The Chinese e-commerce firm faces growing competition

  1. Digital news: Investors are taking an interest in journalism: now that is news

  1. The Aerospace Industry Is Betting Big On 3D Printing Technology

  1. Amazon Is Under Attack Like Never Before

  1. CHART OF THE DAY: Most People Want Smartwatches To Track Their Activities

  1. Graphene developers edge towards commercial breakthrough; Stronger than steel, tougher than diamond and yet lighter than paper, graphene has all the makings of a “miracle material”.

  1. Small step for Paypal, one giant leap for magic internet money

  1. (China/Tech) – Tech Firms See Opportunity in China Stocks Link

  1. (China/Tech) – Online writing now a millionare business in China; The play to online novel series Grave Robbers’ Chronicles pocketed 28 million yuan (US$4.55 million) in ticket sales for 45 performances in Shanghai this summer alone

  1. (China/Tech) – Mobile phone gaming bubble poses risks in China

  1. (China/Tech) – Will Education Firm New Oriental Learn or Lose? Managers and even a CEO have defected from China’s biggest education company, which finds itself at a crossroads


  1. How Victoria’s Secret Will Continue To Crush The Competition

  1. The enduring appeal of mechanical watches; Smartwatches have not stopped a trend from digital to clockwork

Investing Process

  1. Research – Strategic News Releases in Equity Vesting Months


  1. End-to-end game: Commodity-trading houses are growing-and running more risks



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KB Kee is the Managing Editor of the Moat Report Asia (, a research service focused exclusively on highlighting undervalued wide-moat businesses in Asia; subscribers from North America, Europe, the Oceania and Asia include professional value investors with over $20 billion in asset under management in equities, some of the world’s biggest secretive global hedge fund giants, and savvy private individual investors who are lifelong learners in the art of value investing. KB has been rooted in the principles of value investing for over a decade as an analyst in Asian capital markets. He was head of research and fund manager at a Singapore-based value investment firm. As a member of the investment committee, he helped the firm’s Asia-focused equity funds significantly outperform the benchmark index. He was previously the portfolio manager for Asia-Pacific equities at Korea’s largest mutual fund company. KB has trained CEOs, entrepreneurs, CFOs, management executives in business strategy, value investing, macroeconomic and industry trends, and detecting accounting frauds in Singapore, HK and China. KB was a faculty (accounting) at SMU teaching accounting courses. KB is currently the Chief Investment Officer at an ASX-listed investment holdings company since September 2015, helping to manage the listed Asian equities investments in the Hidden Champions Fund. Disclaimer: This article is for discussion purposes only and does not constitute an offer, recommendation or solicitation to buy or sell any investments, securities, futures or options. All articles in the website reflect the personal opinions of the writer.

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