Morning Bamboo Insight: 14 Sep 2014

Morning Bamboo Insight: 14 Sep 2014


  1. The corporate M&A genotype theory

  1. Scotland’s fateful choice; The case for union is overwhelming. The path of separation is a fool’s errand; How a Yes would make enemies and alienate peoples

  1. The world is saying No to Scottish separation; The Yes campaign has elected to play a cynical, bewildering and finite game of identity politics

  1. Banco Espírito Santo: Family fortunes; Bank chief Ricardo Espírito Santo Salgado faces allegations that his group engaged in a fraud

  1. How important is the financial sector to Scotland’s economy? Scotland has a long, rich history in the financial sector. Money manager Standard Life has had its headquarters in Scotland for 189 years

  1. How Aaron Klein and Riskalyze are Revolutionizing the Industry?

  1. Corruption Fighter Gooch Tackles Abusive Shell Companies

Asia Pacific

  1. (Japan) – Banking group wants access to NPA’s yakuza database

  1. (Korea/China) – Backed by LVMH, Psy producer charts course into China fashion, music

  1. (China) – As China Opens Stock Market to Foreign Investors, Bargains Await Risk Takers; Amid Dismal Performance, Country Is Granting Foreigners Direct Access to Mainland Stocks

  1. (Asia) – Asia Less Vulnerable to Taper Tantrum, But Risks Remain

  1. (Japan) – Japan is creating jobs but workers do not prosper; Casualisation of the workforce is stifling the reflationary experiment

  1. (China/Japan) – China could be the next Japan: Merrill Lynch analysts

  1. (HK/China) – SFC leads class action against ex-CITIC bosses

  1. (China) – ‘Energy Delta’ becomes victim of China’s coal price slump

  1. (China) – Will herd investors sabotage Hong Kong-Shanghai Stock Connect?

  1. (China) – High-speed rail boom in China spawns network of ghost towns

  1. (China) – China’s shift to high-end electronics takes time: HSBC


  1. Highest-paid female executive seeks immortality-digitally

  1. Steve Jobs’ office is exactly as he left it

  1. Dr M: I failed to change lazy Malays

  1. As music sales fall, sax player Kenny G turns to stockpicking

  1. In a Study, Text Messages Add Up to a Balance Sheet of Everyday Morality; A study looking at daily attitudes provided a rough idea of just what constitutes the moral content of a random day

  1. Reading ‘Harry Potter’ Makes You A Better Person, Research Shows

  1. Scientists unlock secrets of coffee DNA; Research may help produce higher-yielding disease-resistant crops

  1. Angst, acne and capitalism at commerce summer camps for teens; Joline Godfrey is the founder of Camp Start-up, which charges up to £2,500 for a 10-day residential course

  1. Intro to computer science is now the most popular course at Harvard


  1. Apple working on products no one has guessed at, says Tim Cook; Apple chief Tim Cook talks about new products, Apple TV and the legacy of Steve Jobs in US interview

  1. With a new version out and millions hooked, WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg’s unconventional model can make or break the web.

  1. (China/Tech) – For U.S. tech firms, China entices in spite of tight state control

  1. (Japan/Tech) – Convenience, points fuel spread of e-money in Japan

  1. EBay CFO: Making Acquisition Sprees Work

  1. (Tech) – For UPS, E-Commerce Brings Big Business and Big Problems; Delivery company is squeezed by free shipping, fierce competition and the power of

  1. (Tech/Japan) – Sony Edges Toward Apple-Like Ecosystem

  1. Peter Thiel Reveals The Worst Investment Decision He’s Ever Made

  1. (Tech) – Robot capable of handling unfamiliar objects unveiled

  1. (China/Tech) – Alibaba defends payments unit split-off; Investors voice concern about corporate governance

  1. (Korea/Tech) – A time for nimbleness: Alarm bells are ringing in Korea’s IT industry – an ominous reminder of Japan’s fate

  1. Smartphone wars get really brutal: Samsung is squeezed by Lenovo below and Apple in the top tier


  1. Green Monsters: The Electric Bike Wars, Who Will be the Tesla of Motorcycles? Harley-Davidson, Energica, Zero and other electric-motorcycle manufacturers are battling to become the king of these green machines.

  1. Britain’s big supermarkets rewrite their grocery lists; Food price war forces UK retailers to reconsider their offerings

  1. How the fast-fashion supply chain became drug cartels’ favorite place to launder cash

  1. (China/Consumer) – Accenture: Mid, low-income consumer market worth US$4tn in China?


  1. (India/Healthcare) – 5 Things to know about India’s Healthcare System

Vijay Ramnath Jayaraman

Investing Process

  1. Investing Process – Carson Block’s Value Investing Congress Presentation: Short


  1. (Australia/Commodities) – Asian Iron-Ore Investments in Australia Fail to Pay Off


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