Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 2 Mar (Mon) – Vincent van Gogh on Why Never Learning How to Paint Helped Him; The Secret to Love Is Just Kindness

Berkshire Hathaway 50th Anniversary Special

  • Charlie Munger: These Four Factors Explain Why Berkshire Hathaway Has Done So Well; Charlie Munger’s Warren Buffett Tell-All: Bloomberg1, Bloomberg2
  • Buffett Embarrassed by ‘Thumb-Sucking’ on Exit of Tesco Stake: Bloomberg
  • Buffett Sets Stage for Massive Buyback, Dividends After Decade: Bloomberg
  • Buffett in the ’70s Was the King of Cool: Bloomberg
  • Life After Buffett: Understanding Succession at Berkshire: NYT
  • Berkshire Hathaway’s Willingness to Kill: ReformedBroker
  • A Dozen Things Taught by Warren Buffett in his 50th Anniversary Letter that will Benefit Ordinary Investors: 25iq
  • Warren Buffett on Heinz: Oh yeah!: Fortune
  • A Two-Man Race Is On to Succeed Buffett at Berkshire: WSJ


  • Vincent van Gogh on Why Never Learning How to Paint Helped Him: Farnam
  • The Secret to Love Is Just Kindness: Science says lasting relationships come down to-you guessed it-kindness and generosity: Atlantic
  • Why powerful people are rarely punished appropriately: Fortune
  • Ben Horowitz: The Struggle: Farnam
  • What A Rembrandt Can Teach you about Software and Programmers: Farnam
  • An Insider Explains Why the FTC Can’t Put an End to Pyramid Schemes: Bloomberg
  • Why shy teachers like shy students; Teachers prefer pupils who share their personality: WaPo
  • The evening routines of the most successful people: FastCo
  • The Wolfe Of Main Street: How An American Picker Built His Empire Out Of Trash; The host of History Channel’s hit show has turned a fascination with old stuff into a growing brand. FastCo
  • Turning pricing power into profit; Companies often overlook pricing as a driver of earnings growth, instead defaulting to cost cutting and other measures. Here are five steps to growth through pricing: McKinsey
  • Long-term corporate survivors know how to adjust, innovate: JA
  • Saudi Travel Tycoon Becomes Billionaire With Pilgrimage Packages: Bloomberg
  • Relying on others – where does the buck stop? Good governance is everyone’s responsibility in a company; reliance on others is an essential process for decision-making by the board. BT

Investing Process

  • Noble’s shock Q4 loss: Why no warning?: BT
  • Embattled education company Vocation crashes to $273m loss, audit problems flagged: SMH
  • The Genesis Of Smart Beta Investing: VW, RA

Greater China

  • China says refuses to give funds for ‘untruthful’ budget proposals: Reuters
  • New World Development names Adrian Cheng as vice-chairman; in line to succeed his father: SCMP
  • Netflix eyes entering tricky China market on its own: Reuters
  • Alibaba and JD Online take fresh approach to China food shopping: FT
  • Crackdown targets China’s ‘zombie’ firms: WCT
  • Japanese toilet seats flush away China-made rivals: WCT
  • China’s Long Food Chain Plugs In; The country’s sprawling supply chain has challenged governmental efforts to ensure quality, and so its tech giants are working to provide shoppers with useful tools. NYT
  • Macau Fortunes Go From Bad to Worse as New Year Gamblers Vanish: Bloomberg
  • China’s bursting coal bubble raises fear of stranded assets: Telegraph
  • Unattractive returns a challenge for China PPPs; Partnerships face difficulty in luring private capital to ease local governments’ debt burden: SCMP
  • China says to implement drug distribution reforms: Reuters
  • Documentary on Air Pollution Grips China: NYT


  • My govt’s only religion is ‘India first’: Modi: AsiaOne


  • Investors and brokers want Singapore Exchange stripped of regulatory powers: SCMP
  • Vietnam opens door to hard money and soft power: FT
  • Temasek Faces New Normal With Singapore Eying Its Funds: Bloomberg
  • The road to riches isn’t just paved with keys of condos: BT
  • Tupperware’s Sweet Spot Shifts to Indonesia: NYT
  • Malaysia Fund’s Debts Make Defending Ringgit Tougher: Bloomberg
  • Activist monk seeks Buddhism overhaul in Thailand over corruption fears: Reuters


  • Regulators Zero in On Audits of Related Parties; The subject of related parties continues to be a focal point of regulators and government prosecutors seeking to bring civil or criminal legal actions. CFO
  • SEC alleges that the senior managing director of Archipel Capital ran a “Ponzi-like” scheme that it says targeted people who wanted to buy pre-IPO shares of Twitter Inc. and Uber Inc: WSJ
  • Activist investors’ success owes much to wider bull run: FT
  • Sheltering Whistleblowers; The SEC is investigating any attempts by companies to muzzle would-be whistleblowers, including requiring them to forgo Dodd-Frank bounties. CFO
  • Stock markets: where have the good times gone?: FT
  • Activist Funds: From Zero To $100B Plus AUM In 20 Years: VW


  • HTC Wanders Into Virtual-Reality Gear: WSJ
  • How to Keep the Middleman Out of the Internet: II

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