Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 14 Mar (Sat) – Rags To Richest 2015: Billionaires Despite the Odds


  • 52 Ways to Tell Someone You Love and Appreciate Them: TinyBuddha
  • Rags To Richest 2015: Billionaires Despite the Odds: Forbes
  • Marvell CEO: The Tinkerer at The Top; How many CEOs in the semiconductor industry today are so possessed with their inner technology questions that they actually spend weekends looking for answers?: EE
  • The Indispensable Founding Father; Madison was patient and flexible, able to work closely with both political allies and those he strongly opposed. WSJ
  • Beware the Ides of March; On Mar. 15, 44 B.C., assassins stabbed Julius Caesar to death at the Senate. How did the conspirators manage to get 60 people involved and keep it secret? What had Caesar done to alienate so many? WSJ
  • Fourteen secrets of really persuasive people: Quartz
  • The virtue – and peril – of empathy; There is debate over whether a capacity to experience what another is feeling helps or hurts decision-making. ST
  • To innovate, hire the ‘wrong’ people: BT
  • Richard Branson shares his 10 favorite quotes about embracing change: BI
  • Martin Sorrell of WPP is one of the world’s most connected executives. But, as he turns 70, what is next for him and the advertising empire he created?: FT
  • Businesses on the mindfulness bandwagon; Companies have adopted the Buddhist discipline but can an ethical philosophy coexist with corporate culture? And does it really work?: FT
  • Math enthusiasts to mark once-in-a-century Pi Day: JT
  • Stop Distinguishing Between Execution and Strategy: HBR
  • Culture: Why It’s The Hottest Topic In Business Today: Forbes
  • 12 best-kept secrets of successful business people: Fortune

Investing Process 

  • Open Letter to SGX/MAS: Reply to CFO of SGX-Listed China Environment (CENV SP) on report “Potential Accounting Tunneling Fraud at China Environment?” – Address the accounting and governance concerns in an SGX/MAS announcement: AsianExtractor
  • The logistics of committing fraud on an industrial scale; “Think big and implement to the finest detail” was the motto of Chun Chi-wai, chairman of China Metal Recycling (CMR), once the darling of fund managers and stock commentators. SCMP
  • Why words are the new numbers: ChicagoBooth

Greater China

  • Open Letter to SGX/MAS: Reply to CFO of SGX-Listed China Environment (CENV SP) on report “Potential Accounting Tunneling Fraud at China Environment?” – Address the accounting and governance concerns in an SGX/MAS announcement: AsianExtractor
  • In China, a Building Frenzy’s Fault Lines: NYT
  • Anti-Graft Legislation Could Take Five Years to Work Out, Expert Says: Caixin
  • Novelist and former vice-governor uses real-life graft as inspiration for new book: SCMP
  • U.S. students losing interest in China as dream jobs prove elusive: Reuters
  • In China, Only Leaders Are Allowed To Battle Corruption: HuffPo
  • Traditional Chinese medicine is getting a voice at the World Health Organization: Quartz
  • PBOC Pledges to Press on With Rate Liberalization Amid Slowdown: Bloomberg
  • China is about to stop making savers subsidize wasteful state companies; Zhou Xiaochuan, just announced that the “probability is very high” that the government will lift the cap on deposit rates this year: Quartz
  • China tycoon warns on corruption purge: FT
  • China puts brakes on banks’ rate freedom: FT
  • Chinese internet: Commerce and control; Beijing wants to harness the economic potential of online services while still censoring content: FT
  • Mobile Radio Maker Hytera’s Chen Qingzhou Is China’s Latest Electronics Billionaire: Forbes
  • Apple pies and iPads sweeten China’s dreaded TV expose: Reuters
  • Beijing has a bitcoin problem on its hands: SCMP
  • Ping An unit put on disclosure ‘blacklist’; Rating agency says failed to disclose debtor information: SCMP


  • How Long Will It Take for India to Surpass China? WSJ
  • Move over Kingfisher. Indians are now thirsting after craft beer: Quartz
  • SBI rejects report of scrapping $1 bn loan pact with Adani: moneycontrol
  • MODIfying India: Star

Japan & Korea

  • End mass shareholders meetings; When meetings are held on the same day, it is difficult for minority shareholders to exercise their rights as stockholders. JA
  • Amid split, two Koreas face widening linguistic gap: JT


  • Open Letter to SGX/MAS: Reply to CFO of SGX-Listed China Environment (CENV SP) on report “Potential Accounting Tunneling Fraud at China Environment?” – Address the accounting and governance concerns in an SGX/MAS announcement: AsianExtractor
  • Blog of former Malaysian PM Mahathir ‘suspended’; last posting was on 1MDB; 1MDB probe Malaysian Auditor-General’s biggest challenge: AsiaOne1, 2
  • AEC needs financial lifeblood: Star
  • Big Data And Internet Of Things Are The Keys To Singapore’s ‘Smart Nation’ Dream: Forbes
  • Can Jakarta Get MRT Moving in Time for Asian Games in 2018?: JG


  • GM’s Stock Buyback Is Bad for America and the Company: HBR
  • Ernst & Young Settles Lehman Suits With New Jersey, California Municipalities: WSJ
  • Avolon CFO: Untangling New Lease Accounting Rules; To get around this complexity and burden, companies might try to stop doing leases and start structuring them as service contracts: WSJ
  • Michael Lewis Surprised By Reaction To Flash Boys, Says Real Story Missed; The Flash Boys story is about a small, independent minority on Wall Street who challenged a corrupted establishment on moral grounds: VW
  • Flash Boys’ Michael Lewis Warns “The Problem’s Not Just HFT, The Problem Is The Entire System”: Zerohedge
  • Norway’s oil fund joins push for proxy access in US: FT
  • The dollar almighty will create risks: FT
  • Chart of the day: Asia falls deeper in debt: SCMP

Energy & Commodities

  • Oil’s Newest Short Seller: the Department of Energy: WSJ
  • U.S. Producers Ready New Oil Wave; Even as crude plummets, energy firms are waiting to unleash more supply, capping any price gains: WSJ
  • Smaller Mining Companies Hibernate to Survive Industry Downturn; Mine operators shut down projects, cut staff to dodge bankruptcy and ride out slump in metal prices: WSJ


  • Algorithm That Tells the Boss Who Might Quit; Wal-Mart, Credit Suisse Crunch Data to See Which Workers Are Likely to Leave or Stay: WSJ
  • Going Robo: What Schwab’s Move Means for You; With giant discount brokerage Charles Schwab launching its Intelligent Portfolios service this past week, the fledgling industry of automated investment advice is going mainstream. WSJ
  • Why a Just-Smart-Enough Watch Is Better Than an Apple Watch: WSJ
  • Speculation In This Sector Will End “Very Badly,” Canada’s Warren Buffett Says: Zerohedge
  • Apple Watch low yield rate may lead to long delivery delays: WCT
  • Why the Apple Watch will put the web out to pasture once and for all: Quartz
  • This former Facebook engineer secretly built a startup that everybody’s going nuts oCloud applications – stuff like databases and servers hosted in large data centers elsewhere – are getting big and complicated, with lots of moving parts: BI

Consumer & Others

  • How Pizza Became a Growth Stock: The secret? The Domino’s CEO cites a mea culpa ad campaign, digital delivery and unlikely new markets. WSJ
  • The Keurig K-Cup is the greatest thing to happen to coffee in America: BI
  • What the rise in luxury toilet paper says about the U.S. economy: FP
  • The crazy, bitter battle over Japanese-restaurant chain Benihana: Fortune
  • VW’s key to overtaking Toyota for global auto domination; Toyota sells as many vehicles, is about 50% more profitable than VW, and shows no signs of losing its way or backing down. : Fortune

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