Bamboo Innovator Daily: 16 May (Sat) – The Upright Thinkers: The Human Journey from Living in Trees to Understanding the Cosmos; Isaac Newton stuck needlelike bodkins into his eyes to better understand changes in light and color; Antoine Lavoisier drank nothing but milk for two weeks to examine its effects on his body


  • It Is, in Fact, Rocket Science; Why do we reduce great discoveries to epiphany myths? NYT
  • Imagination as a Journey of Survival and Discovery: WSJ
  • Rather Than Fight or Flee, Take Responsibility: NYT
  • The Greatest Generation of Scientists: NYT
  • When Personal Tragedy Strikes, Downshifting at Work Doesn’t Always Help: HBR
  • A psychiatrist says this skill is the best indicator of a person’s ability to succeed: BI
  • The man who oversaw electronics design on Dyson’s first robotic vacuum cleaner came to Silicon Valley this week to deliver a blunt message: keep it simple and test relentlessly. EETimes
  • Where Would the Kardashians Be Without Kris Jenner? The mother, and manager, of reality TV’s most famous clan has created a strange new form of family business — and changed the nature of celebrity. NYT
  • CEO who raised the minimum wage at his company to $70,000 a year reveals the most important quality he looks for when hiring: BI
  • How removing fear can be your innovation trump card; WaPo
  • To Lead Effectively, You Must Handle Uncertainty: Forbes
  • Nikesh Arora: Tough player at SoftBank; Armed with $100 and two suitcases, he rose to the top of US tech. Now he is taking on Japan: FT
  • MIT lecturer explains 5 key skills that separate innovators from imitators: BI
  • 4 psychological tricks to instantly appear more competent: BI
  • Why Tesla employees fear Elon Musk, as told by one of the company’s co-founders: BI
  • In Praise of Moonshots: WSJ
  • The Future Is in the Quaking Swamps; the remarkable connection between Peter Thiel and H.D. Thoreau: IFG
  • Why the art market is about Piketty and Picasso; Paintings are of high value because of inequality: FT
  • How to Get People to Pitch In: We cooperate because it makes us look good. NYT
  • How to Understand Italy: NYT
  • Decoding the Enigma of Satoshi Nakamoto and the Birth of Bitcoin: NYT
  • Use Stress to Your Advantage: To perform under pressure, research finds that welcoming anxiety is more helpful than calming down: WSJ
  • How Homo Economicus Went Extinct: Consumers and investors don’t act rationally, but for generations economists have pretended they do.: WSJ


  • The Upright Thinkers: The Human Journey from Living in Trees to Understanding the Cosmos: Amazon
  • The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil: Amazon
  • Numbers Rule Your World: The Hidden Influence of Probabilities and Statistics on Everything You Do: Amazon
  • Mistakes Were Made (But Not by Me): Why We Justify Foolish Beliefs, Bad Decisions, and Hurtful Acts: Amazon

Investing Process

  • The Ease of Fooling the SEC’s “Edgar”: WSJ
  •  Investors in Timbercorp forestry scheme slapped with bankruptcy notices: TheAge
  • Bucket of cold water dumped on this hot investing strategy: Paper on smart-beta ETFs: No big risk-adjusted outperformance: MarketWatch
  • Value ETFs don’t really live up to their name: Globe&Mail
  • Avon hoax raises SEC filing questions; Chaos Ensued in Arb Shops Over Fishy Avon Bid; FBI Delves Into Dubious Avon Bid; FBI, SEC, U.K. officials looking into apparently bogus offer to buy beauty-products company: FT, WSJ, WSJ2
  • Time for regulators to take major look at dual class shares: FP
  • Warren Buffett Wannabes: 10 Stocks Trying To Be The Next Berkshire Hathaway: Forbes
  • Buffett’s Berkshire adds to favorites IBM, Wells Fargo; Buffett has long praised his “Big Four” stock holdings Wells Fargo, IBM, Coca-Cola and American Express, which comprise 58% of Berkshire’s equity investments. Reuters
  • Can You Use ETFs to Beat the Market?: WSJ
  • Hertz Accounting Fix Keeps CFO in Financial No-Man’s Land: WSJ
  • Speaking Out for Shareholders in Corporate Bankruptcies: NYT
  • ‘Blind Spots’: CapitalIdeas
  • Tocqueville Asset’s François Sicart: The Discovery of Ignorance: Tocqueville

AsianExtractor: Unearthing Accounting Fraud in Asia

  • Detecting Accounting Fraud in Asia (Part 4): Introducing Six New Measures: AsianExtractor
  • Sihuan (460 HK) Updates on Audit Delay: Improper accounting treatment in consolidation trick of using MRAs (Market Research Agents) to exclude hidden sales and distribution expenses to artificially boost profits: AsianExtractor
  • China Environment FY2014: Significant Deterioration in Receivables Collectability And No Provision for Impairment: AsianExtractor
  • China Environment (SES: 50U, Bloomberg: CENV SP): Auditor Emphasis of Matter raises more questions on potential accounting tunneling risk: AsianExtractor
  • Open Letter to SGX/MAS: Reply to CFO of SGX-Listed China Environment (CENV SP) on report “Potential Accounting Tunneling Fraud at China Environment?” – Address the accounting and governance concerns in an SGX/MAS announcement: AsianExtractor
  • Does Auditor Explanatory Language in Unqualified Audit Reports Indicate Increased Financial Misstatement Risk? “Emphasis of matter” language predicts restatements + China Environment’s Auditor Emphasis of Matter: AsianExtractor

Greater China

  •  Long-term care service bill clears Taiwan Legislature; An estimated 760,000 individuals with disabilities and their families are expected to benefit after a long-awaited long-term care service bill which cleared the Taiwan Legislature: WCT
  • Charged With Graft in China, Some Fugitives Are Finding Luxury in U.S.: NYT
  • China orders banks to keep lending to insolvent state projects: FT
  • China is reversing course on a major effort to tackle its hefty local government debt problem, marking a setback for a priority reform aimed at getting its financial house in order. WSJ
  • TV programs in China become more interactive to keep viewers watching: WCT
  • China Hits Panic Button; Beijing’s latest rate cut may not be enough to revive growth in the debt-laden economy. Why China’s problems are a warning to the rest of Asia.: Barron’s
  • Chinese shipyards face rig contract cancellations in the face of oil rout : SCMP
  • Hong Kong to Ban Individual Investors from ‘Dark Pool’ Trading: Ban will come into effect on December 1: WSJ
  • Netflix in Talks to Take Content to China: WSJ
  • Third Point Sells Entire $1 Billion Stake in Alibaba: WSJ
  • Chinese Rare Earth Glut Triggers A Price Collapse And Environmental Crisis: Forbes
  • Alibaba On M&A Steroids With New Series Of Deals: Forbes


  • Myntra spearheads India’s move away from desktop browsing: FT
  • So far, the Modi government has done nothing but talk: Jim Rogers; Kotak Mahindra Asset MD Nilesh Shah: It will be unfair to judge India based on headlines: Livemint1, 2

Japan & Korea

  • Startups Upend Japan’s Famous—And Famously Old-Fashioned—Fish Market: WSJ
  • Korea bubbles over with craft beer rush; Microbreweries thrive on demand for new, different tastes: KH
  • The Missing Arrow of Abenomics: PS
  • Automakers should invest in future while yen is on their side: analysts: JT
  • Share index may hit the off switch on Toshiba: JT
  • Toshiba sets up new panel to expand accounting probe which will look at the parent company and its 593 consolidated subsidiaries: Reuters


  • Tan Sri Robert Tan Hua Choon: From Casio King to King of Coincidences; Robert Tan is widely known as the Casio King because he has done well in the distribution of Casio products, particularly watches. Star


  • Have bonds reached a tipping point?: FT
  • Violent bond moves and half a trillion dollars in losses in two weeks signal tectonic shifts in global markets: FP
  • £325 for a cup of coffee – has the world gone mad? The world is getting richer – and the ones who get left behind will be those without skills: Telegraph


  • Menulog sale means millions for Russian refugee Leon Kamenev: TheAge
  • Tech and media groups draw battle lines for mobile superiority; Verizon-AOL deal and Facebook’s news tie-up reveal industry shift: FT
  • Google to Test Bubble-Shaped Self-Driving Cars in Silicon Valley: NYT
  • Can Reddit find a way to become a business without losing its soul?: Fortune
  • More media companies need to think of themselves the way Quartz does: Fortune
  •  Intelligent machines are ousting low-skilled workers now. Next they’ll start encroaching on white-collar livelihoods. WSJ
  • Monitoring Tiny Vibrations to Avert Big Problems: WSJ
  • Can Google Outsell Amazon and eBay? Company will launch buy buttons on its search-results pages in coming weeks: WSJ
  • Nielsen Explains How It’s Adapting to the Rise of Online Video: WSJ
  • Google’s self-driving cars to hit roads, with steering wheels: Reuters

Consumer & Others

  • Why Wal-Mart is testing an answer to Amazon Prime: WaPo
  • 11 McDonald’s menu items that were huge failures: BI
  • A classic childrens’ brand is reinventing itself as a hangover cure. As a result, adult consumption of the beverage has increased by more than 57% in the past five years. One in three of the brand’s consumers are now adults. BI
  • The world’s most iconic toy store FAO Schwarz is suddenly shutting down its famous toy store in midtown Manhattan. The closure will leave the 153-year-old brand without a physical store. BI
  • Canadian Tire no longer the ‘deer in headlights’ against retail giants, CEO says; U.S. competition from retailers like Wal-Mart and Home Depot proved to be stiff medicine that made Canada’s biggest housewares, sporting goods and automotive chain a whole lot stronger. FP
  • An investment firm backed by South Africa’s fourth-richest man has agreed to pay £780m for a majority stake in the UK fashion retailer New Look.: Guardian
  • The Grocery Wars: Whole Foods vs. Aldi: Forbes
  • Here’s how McDonald’s became the king of burgers: Fortune

About bambooinnovator
Kee Koon Boon (“KB”) is the co-founder and director of HERO Investment Management which provides specialized fund management and investment advisory services to the ARCHEA Asia HERO Innovators Fund (, the only Asian SMID-cap tech-focused fund in the industry. KB is an internationally featured investor rooted in the principles of value investing for over a decade as a fund manager and analyst in the Asian capital markets who started his career at a boutique hedge fund in Singapore where he was with the firm since 2002 and was also part of the core investment committee in significantly outperforming the index in the 10-year-plus-old flagship Asian fund. He was also the portfolio manager for Asia-Pacific equities at Korea’s largest mutual fund company. Prior to setting up the H.E.R.O. Innovators Fund, KB was the Chief Investment Officer & CEO of a Singapore Registered Fund Management Company (RFMC) where he is responsible for listed Asian equity investments. KB had taught accounting at the Singapore Management University (SMU) as a faculty member and also pioneered the 15-week course on Accounting Fraud in Asia as an official module at SMU. KB remains grateful and honored to be invited by Singapore’s financial regulator Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to present to their top management team about implementing a world’s first fact-based forward-looking fraud detection framework to bring about benefits for the capital markets in Singapore and for the public and investment community. KB also served the community in sharing his insights in writing articles about value investing and corporate governance in the media that include Business Times, Straits Times, Jakarta Post, Manual of Ideas, Investopedia, TedXWallStreet. He had also presented in top investment, banking and finance conferences in America, Italy, Sydney, Cape Town, HK, China. He has trained CEOs, entrepreneurs, CFOs, management executives in business strategy & business model innovation in Singapore, HK and China.

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