Abraham Nemeth, 94, developer of Braille math code, dies

Abraham Nemeth, 94, developer of Braille math code, dies

By Matt Schudel, Sunday, October 6, 7:23 AM


Abraham Nemeth, a blind mathematician and college professor who developed a widely used Braille system that made it easier for other blind people to become proficient in mathematics and science, died Oct. 2 at his home in Southfield, Mich. He was 94. The cause was congestive heart failure, his niece, Dianne Bekritsky, said. As a college student in the 1930s, Dr. Nemeth was discouraged from studying mathematics because it was assumed that a blind person would not be able to follow the equations and calculations written on a blackboard. He majored in psychology instead, but even with a master’s degree from Columbia University he was unable to find work in his field. He took a series of jobs, including in a factory sewing pillowcases, then decided to follow the advice of his wife: “Wouldn’t you rather be an unemployed mathematician than an unemployed psychologist?” Read more of this post

How to Make Your Own Luck: Hold on to the threads across days that, when woven together, reveal the rich tapestry of what you are achieving and who you are becoming

How to Make Your Own Luck

“All creators need to be able to live in the shade of the big questions long enough for truly revolutionary ideas and insights to emerge.”


“You are what you settle for,” Janis Joplin admonished in her final interview. “You are ONLY as much as you settle for.” In Maximize Your Potential: Grow Your Expertise, Take Bold Risks & Build an Incredible Career (public library), which comes on the heels of their indispensable guide to mastering the pace of productivity and honing your creative routine, editor Jocelyn Glei and her team at Behance’s 99U pull together another package of practical wisdom from 21 celebrated creative entrepreneurs. Despite the somewhat self-helpy, SEO-skewing title, this compendium of advice is anything but contrived. Rather, it’s a no-nonsense, experience-tested, life-approved cookbook for creative intelligence, exploring everything from harnessing the power of habit to cultivating meaningful relationships that enrich your work to overcoming the fear of failure. Read more of this post

The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

Unsanitary hand sanitizer at Beijing airport can cause sepsis: report

Unsanitary hand sanitizer at Beijing airport can cause sepsis: report

Staff Reporter


Hand sanitizers provided in China’s public places can be anything but sanitary and people with cuts on their hands who use them can risk infection even leading to potentially fatal cases of sepsis, the Nanjing-based Yangtse Evening Post reports. The state-run CCTV in a recent “Is it true?” program said the hand sanitizers provided in some public places exceeded acceptable levels of bacteria by 600 times, the paper said. Mr Xia, from in Yinchuan, the capital of the northeastern Ningxia Hui autonomous region, said he recently used hand sanitizer at a local restaurant and felt an itching sensation. He immediately washed his hands with clean water for more than 10 minutes until the itching eased. Read more of this post

Specialty chemicals: Bed bugs and fracking are not the only things Ecolab has going for it

Specialty chemicals: Bed bugs and fracking are not the only things Ecolab has going for it

Oct 5th 2013 | ST PAUL |From the print edition


“WE ARE the nerds in the businesses nerds don’t usually bother with,” says Douglas Baker, the boss of Ecolab since 2004. Some companies, Ferrari for example, are household names even though most people have never tried their products. Ecolab, a specialty-chemicals firm, is the opposite, practically unknown to the millions of people who consume the fruits of its labour. Exterminating bedbugs is not a staple of Facebook chatter. Yet Ecolab’s hygiene-oriented nerds now play a crucial role in industries ranging from hotels, hospitals and water supply to fracking, a method of extracting natural gas. Many of these seem set for rapid growth. As a result, its share price has more than doubled since August 2011, adding more than $1 billion to the fortune of its biggest shareholder, Bill Gates.

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Wall Street digs in for a debt default; Traders are talking about the prospects of “dirty prices” and other default oddities

Wall Street digs in for a debt default

By Stephen Gandel, senior editor October 4, 2013: 9:49 AM ET

Traders are talking about the prospects of “dirty prices” and other default oddities.

FORTUNE — On Thursday, the Treasury Department released a report anticipating what would happen if we have a debt ceiling default. One prediction: a financial crisis that could “echo the events of 2008 or even worse.” It’s hard to see exactly how that could happen. If Treasury bonds were to plummet after a debt default, that could cause other bonds to drop in value as well, creating big losses for the banks — and perhaps putting them in jeopardy. But banks have been anticipating a jump in rates for a while. Many banks have already shown investors what would happen if rates suddenly rose three percentage points, which is a big jump. It’s not pretty, but no bank appeared to be in jeopardy. Read more of this post

When Your Financial Planner Doesn’t Tell All. Who’s watching your financial planner? They aren’t policed as closely as brokers and investment advisers are, since no government entity specializes in regulating them

Oct 4, 2013

When Your Financial Planner Doesn’t Tell All



Who’s watching your financial planner? The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards says it is. The organization, which has awarded the coveted CFP certification to nearly 69,000 financial planners, launches an investigation whenever it suspects a planner might have violated the profession’s ethical standards. Of course, most CFPs have never been disciplined by a regulator nor had a client lodge a formal complaint against them. But does the CFP Board move fast enough to punish alleged wrongdoers? Read more of this post

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