For Facebook, As India Goes, So Goes the World? What Facebook’s second-largest market reveals about its international ambitions




Facebook announced earlier this year that it now has 100 million active users in India, making that market second only to the U.S. in size. It’s on pace to become the single-largest market as early as the end of 2014–and a startling 84% of Indian users access the platform entirely or mostly via mobile phone. But the company is now hearing the same rumblings about its India business that it dealt with the last couple of years back home as its users made the transition to mobile: Where’s the money? Its average revenue per Asian user is less than a sixth of that of a North American user. Read more of this post

Top Analyst at China’s Citic Securities Under Investigation; Suspected of Leaking Inside Information

Top Analyst at China’s Citic Securities Under Investigation

Suspected of Leaking Inside Information


June 20, 2014 6:19 a.m. ET

SHANGHAI—China’s securities regulator is investigating a star analyst at the country’s largest stock brokerage for allegedly leaking inside information, intensifying a campaign to strengthen oversight of a market notorious for irregularities and lax risk controls. Read more of this post

A Walk Through Alibaba’s 11 Main Shopping Site

Jun 20, 2014

A Walk Through Alibaba’s 11 Main Shopping Site


Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group’s new U.S. shopping site  is anything but Chinese.

The beta version of the site, called 11 Main, features a “Made in California” section showcasing six California-based merchants. One of the six is apparel makerFeatherweight Clothing, whose clothes, according to its website, are all made in the U.S and have been worn by celebrities like Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder. Another one is Recoverie, which sells block prints, pillow covers and blankets – all handcrafted in San Francisco according to the company. Read more of this post

Taiwan’s Night Markets Go Global

Jun 20, 2014

Taiwan’s Night Markets Go Global

Taiwan has long been known for its night markets.

According to the island’s tourism bureau, night markets attract more than 70% of foreign visitors. The popularity of these nightly bazaars even prompted the bureau to come up with an app in which players can be virtual street hawkers in the markets.

But as Taiwan becomes more globalized, so too has the selection at the night markets. Read more of this post

Alone at last: Europe’s biggest stock-exchange group becomes independent

Alone at last: Europe’s biggest stock-exchange group becomes independent

Jun 21st 2014 | PARIS | From the print edition

IT LOOKED an ambitious project when the bourses of Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels joined forces in 2000 to create a pan-European union of stock exchanges. They then acquired the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE) and Portugal’s Bolsa de Valores. After seven years of independence, Euronext disappeared into the maw of the New York Stock Exchange, which in turn was bought by IntercontinentalExchange (ICE) in November 2013. ICE has now spat out Euronext, minus LIFFE and its derivatives business. Defining its new role is almost as big a challenge as Euronext faced in the heroic days of its founding. Read more of this post

Yuawn: Buzz about the rise of China’s currency has run far ahead of sedate reality

Yuawn: Buzz about the rise of China’s currency has run far ahead of sedate reality

Jun 21st 2014 | HONG KONG | From the print edition

IF HEADLINES translated into trading volumes, the yuan would be well on its way to dominating the world’s currency markets. It once again graced front pages this week after moves to lift its status in London, the world’s biggest foreign-exchange market. This was the latest instalment of a five-year-long public-relations campaign. Since 2009, when China first declared its intention to promote the yuan internationally, a string of announcements and milestones has cast the Chinese currency as a putative rival to the dollar. Read more of this post

Counting the cost of finance: A new paper shows the industry’s take has been rising

Counting the cost of finance: A new paper shows the industry’s take has been rising

Jun 21st 2014 | From the print edition


EVERYBODY knows that the collapse of the financial system in 2008 was hugely costly for Western economies. But finance was taking a heavier toll on the economy even before Lehman Brothers went under. Read more of this post

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